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North Fork Mokelumne Trip Report 4-27-14

I took Katy the Wonder Dog out for her first fishing adventure today.  I decided that I would take her to one of my favorite local spots, the NF Mokelumne below Tiger Creek Afterbay.    I got in some casting practice to help knock off the cobwebs on my bad casting.

Katy had a blast running around throught he bushes exploring.  Why did I call her Katy the Wonder Dog?  Every time I turned around I was wondering where she had taken off to.  Luckily for me the dam halts upstream progress and it was easier to figure out where she was.

I managed to hook one little rainbow on an EC Caddis, had it on briefly before losing it, before the fishing cooled off.  I was concentrating so hard on where my casts were falling and how the fly was drifting that I did not notice that Katy the Wonder Dog had come out to see what I was doing.  I guess I should call her the Wonder Dog because I was wondering why I wasn't having any luck.  I turned and looked upstream and this is what I found...

She was intently watching me fish the run and pacing back ad forth on top of this rock.


20140427 115416-small

I decided that the fishing would have to wait and I took her farther upstream to fish above the afterbay.  There were a few of the local residents that ran us off...

20140427 120208-small

Unfortunately there were too many dogs up there above the afterbay for me to get any fishing done in between wondering where Katy went, so we headed home.