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Saturday, 08 July 2017 13:51

Chromie Buzzer

Written by

This winter I am focusing on filling my fly boxes for the upcoming season. One of the patterns I have been working on recently is the Chromie Buzzer Chironomid pattern It is a very effective early season Chironomid fly that I use quite frequently. Enjoy.

Saturday, 08 July 2017 13:50

Callibaetis Spinner

Written by

The Callibaetis Spinner Mayfly imitation is a go to pattern during the spinner fall on many of our local lakes in Central Oregon.

Saturday, 08 July 2017 13:49

Lions Mane Damsel

Written by

The Lion's Mane Damsel is a great fly for the damsel hatch in our Central Oregon Lakes.

Saturday, 08 July 2017 13:47

Callibaetis Cripple

Written by

The Sunriver Anglers Fly Tying Corner features a Cripple Callibaetis this month, modeled after a Quigly Cripple. I have updated this pattern to use a Biot for the abdomen and a mix of dubbing with UV fibers blended into a pale olive dubbing.

Saturday, 08 July 2017 13:46

Biot CDC Caddis - Grannom

Written by

The Sunriver Anglers Fly Tying Corner for this month features a great CDC Biot Mother's Day Caddis pattern. With the prolific Grannom hatches coming in a few months, now is a good time to fill your box with this pattern.

Saturday, 08 July 2017 13:44

UV Sparkle Soft Hackle

Written by

The Sunriver Anglers Fly Tying Corner features a UV Sparkle Soft Hackle this month. It is an excellent pattern to imitate emerging Callibaetis, Pale Morning Duns and of the mayflies. I also especially like this pattern for the Crooked River to imitate the Aquatic Sow Bug. Give this pattern a try. It catches fish!

Saturday, 08 July 2017 13:43

Callibaetis Biot Nymph

Written by

The Sunriver Anglers Fly Tying Corner this month features a Callibaetis Biot Nymph pattern. This is an excellent pattern for imitating Callibaetis during mid-summer hatches of this prolific mayfly. Phil Fischer is a member of the Whiting Farms Pro Team and has tied flies since he was a young boy learning to fly fish. This video teaches a lot of subtle techniques that will really help improve your fly tying.

Saturday, 08 April 2017 09:31

Royal Trude

Written by

This month's Sunriver Anglers Fly Tying Corner features a Royal Trude pattern. This pattern is over a century old and has stood the test of time. It imitates nothing specific in nature, but is an excellent imitation for many things, like large terrestrials; beetles and hoppers. Give it a try!

Saturday, 08 April 2017 09:30

Goddard Caddis

Written by

The Sunriver Anglers Fly Tying Corner features a Goddard Caddis this month. This fly imitates a traveling sedge, and is an important fly to have in you box for those times when this hatch occurs. It is responsible for my largest ever trout on a dry fly, a 27 inch rainbow landed from one of our local Central Oregon Lakes. Tie a few of these flies for your own box.

Thursday, 12 January 2017 18:26

Blonde Macaw Loopwing

Written by

The Sunriver Angler's Fly Tying Corner for this month features a Blonde Macaw Loopwing. This is a classic dry fly inspired by Andre Puyans. Give this pattern a try in your own vice.

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