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Monday, 10 October 2016 04:42

Website Updates

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New features have been added to the site to aggregate content from numerous fly fishing and fly tying sources around Northern California and Nevada.  This will allow the users to see the ten newest posts to each of the sites that are linked through the menus.  

The Fly Tying Menu now contains links to articles or posts from Fly Fish Food, Fly Tying 123, Fly Tying Reddit and Orvis.  Each of these links should display a content snippet from the latest 10 articles appearing in these sites' RSS feeds.  The snippet will display the first 200 words and will also contain a link to allow you to read more on the host site.  

The News menu now contains links to the California DFW, CalTrout, CSPA, Drake Magazine, International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF), South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL), Trout Unlimited and the Water Education Foundation. Mostof these links will also display a content snippet from the latest 10 articles appearing in these sites' RSS feeds.  The snippet will display the first 200 words and will also contain a link to allow you to read more on the host site.  CA DFW and TU are set up to display the latest posts by those organizations on Twitter.

The Trip Reports Menu now contains links to my reports, as well as posts from Alpine Fly Fishing, Andy Guibord, California Fly Fishing, Confluence Outfitters, Fish Kennedy Brothers, Fly Fish Nevada, Fly Fishing Specialties, Four Seasons Fly Fishing, Gilligan's Guide Service, Jack Trout, Jon Baiochhi, Kern River Fly Fishing, Lost Coast Outfitters, Matt Heron, Norcal Fly Guides, Northern Califonia Trout, Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing, Pyramid Lake Guides, Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters, Reno Fly Shop, RJ's Fly Trips, SC Guide Service, Sierra Fly Fisher, Steelhead on the Spey Guide Service, Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters, The Trout Spot, Tight Lines Guide Services, Trinity Fly Shop, Truckee River Fly Fishing, Wild Waters and Yosemite Fly Fishing Guide.  Each of these links will also display a content snippet from the latest 10 articles appearing in these sites' RSS feeds.  The snippet will display the first 200 words and will also contain a link to allow you to read more on the host site.  

The Tips Menu now contains links to posts from Ask About Fly Fishing, Chris Parsons, Fly Fishing Traditions and The Other Side of California.

I spent a bunch of time recently adding links to various fly tying sites, guides, informational sites, organizations, retail sites and water information sites.  These can be found sorted by category in the Links menu.  All of the sites listed above have been added in one of the categories.


Sunday, 09 October 2016 20:10


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Sunday, 09 October 2016 20:07

South Yuba River Citizens League

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Sunday, 09 October 2016 16:22

Drake Magazine

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  • What Does the River (or a Fish) Owe You?

    Featured Content Nov 21, 2018 | 14:27 pm

    What Does the River (or a Fish) Owe You? This year anglers are staring down the barrel of sacrifice. The worst run of summer steelhead headed up the Columbia River and its tributaries in generations is here.

  • Osprey Journal on the Rise

    Featured Content Nov 19, 2018 | 16:16 pm

    Osprey Journal on the Rise The Osprey journal teams with US and Canadian conservation groups to expand its wild salmon and steelhead advocacyFor more than 30 years, The Osprey journal has dug its talons into wild Pacific salmon and steelhead advocacy by promoting the best science and policies to restore and conserve native fish populations.

  • Mile-High 25 — Enter Today

    Featured Content Nov 16, 2018 | 15:39 pm

    Mile-High 25 — Enter Today Colorado's Anglers All fly shop is getting set to detonate its annual Mile-High 25 showdown — the world's premier “Catch, Photo, Release” tourney. For 2019, more than 50 teams will test skills against 25 eligible species on the fly. From muskie to wiper to bluegill to splake, last season's attendees landed 24 out of 25 targets, with the winning duo scoring a fishy royal flush of 19 species. All state waters are in play — warm or cold, as long as they're wet. And with only one weekend of fishing, strategy is key. "We're taking anglers out of their regular trout-fishing scenarios," says shop owner Chris Keeley, "It's all about exploring new waters and having fun." Registration is now open. Here's a taste of what's in store ...

  • The DrakeCast Episode #50 - Mules, Music & Monkeys: The Howler Brothers History

    Featured Content Nov 15, 2018 | 22:09 pm

    The DrakeCast Episode #50 - Mules, Music & Monkeys: The Howler Brothers History After a brief hiatus, The DrakeCast is back. This episode aims to answer one question: How did a band of fishing and surfing bums living in Virginia create an iconic Texan brand? To help tell this story we'll be assisted by musican and Howler Brothers cofounder, Andy Stepanian. Along the way, we'll also get to hear some of his music. Stick around.

  • Video Daze: Ghost of Steelhead Future

    Featured Content Nov 14, 2018 | 17:33 pm

    Video Daze: Ghost of Steelhead Future Someone wise once said, "If we can't remember our past, we're doomed to repeat it." In Sage's latest Swing Season edit, Ghost of Steelhead Future, Ashland Fly Shop's Jon Hazlett also says something genius: "Abandon the river... abandon the fish... not this river!" Catch up with Jon as he time-machines back into an Atlantic salmon past and uncovers lessons about conserving our steelhead rivers for future generations.


Saturday, 08 October 2016 13:58


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Saturday, 08 October 2016 09:58

CalTrout News

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Saturday, 08 October 2016 05:59

Water Education Foundation

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  • BREAKING NEWS: Delta tunnels won’t get green light before Gov. Brown leaves office


    State officials pulled back on their effort Friday to secure a crucial green light for the Delta tunnels project, all but ensuring that the controversial plan to re-engineer the West Coast’s largest estuary will remain in limbo after Gov. Jerry Brown leaves office.View Original Article

  • FEMA mishandled contracts for California wildfire victims, audit says


    The federal government continues to mishandle contracts with private companies during disasters such as California’s wildfires, according to a report published Thursday by the Government Accountability Office. The advance contracts are meant to ensure needed goods and services are in place when disasters strike, such as construction supplies and services, tarps, food, water, blankets, generators, cleaning and hygiene supplies, housing and lodging assistance and communication support.View Original Article

  • CA wildfires: Most sweeping forestry changes out of key bill, sources say


    A typically noncontroversial part of Congress’ must-pass farm bill has become a flash point in the aftermath of California wildfires that President Trump blamed on neglected forests, prompting House and Senate leadership to intervene in negotiations over how to regulate federally owned woodlands.View Original Article

  • Satellite images: Snow returns to the Sierra after slow start


    The snow season got off to a slow start, with the first storms not settling in until nearly Thanksgiving. Since then, accumulations have caught up and then some.View Original Article

  • Two countries, one border and their shared pollution


    Cross-border water pollution between Tijuana and South San Diego is not new, but in recent years, the problem has grown worse. The reasons are complicated: There is Tijuana’s topography, with its steep hillsides and canyons that drain towards the border; the factories that get away with illegal dumping; the city’s rapid population growth, aging wastewater infrastructure and inadequate garbage collection. In the U.S., funding cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency have prevented improvements to the Borderlands’ sewage system.View Original Article

  • CDC: 9 more people sickened, 3 additional hospitalized from E. coli-tainted romaine lettuce


    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday that 12 more people have been sickened, three of them hospitalized, in the U.S. due to the recent E. coli outbreak linked to Central Coast romaine lettuce.View Original Article

  • Friday’s Top of the Scroll: Trump rule would limit EPA’s control over water pollution


    The Trump administration is expected to put forth a proposal on Tuesday that would significantly weaken a major Obama-era regulation on clean water, according to a talking points memo from the Environmental Protection Agency that was distributed to White House allies this week.View Original Article

  • Camp Fire: Crews begin largest wildfire debris cleanup in state history


    A toxic waste removal crew Thursday sifted through the ash and rubble of a burned-out garage near the southeast edge of Paradise, shoveling asbestos-containing debris into plastic bags. … Officials say they hope to finish the operation within 9-12 months, an aggressive target that will comprise hundreds of workers and coordination between the state Department of Toxic Substances Control, United States Environmental Protection Agency and Butte County Environmental Health. Related Article: Bloomberg Environment: Hauling away California fire rubble to take a year, cost billionsView Original Articleread more

  • News Release: State Water Board launches online map showing which community water systems have lead fittings


    A new digital map that highlights which community water systems have reported the presence of lead pipes and fittings is the latest legislatively-mandated action to target the health risks of lead in drinking water and set a timetable to replace the potentially hazardous hardware. Released today, the map uses data from nearly 3,000 community water systems throughout California and places the information on an easy-to-read, color-coded document that is expected to change as testing continues statewide.PDF Attachmentread more

  • News Release: DWR Honors UCLA scientist for large storm forecasting efforts with NASA


    The Department of Water Resources (DWR) presented Dr. Bin Guan with the 2018 Climate Science Service Award for his tool that identifies atmospheric rivers in weather models. The work supports experimental forecasts of these large storms earlier than current models. … DWR staff presented the 2018 award to Dr. Guan on December 5 at a DWR/Water Education Foundation workshop in Irvine. The topic of the workshop was improving sub-seasonal to seasonal precipitation forecasting. View Original Article


Any Waders or Wading boots with HBP marked on them.

Any fly rods marked Bill Carnazo.

Horseshoe Bar Fish and Game Preserve is devastated to announce that thieves broke into our storage area where we house our equipment for the Wounded Warrior Event that is held the first week in October every year. Finding out that someone felt they needed to steal from these veterans is heart breaking. It is like stealing from a church or organization that helps the needy of our community. This break-in will set us back many years as the amount of equipment they stole exceeds $25,000. Much of the equipment has the initials HBP written on it. Only the veterans that attended our events or members of Horseshoe Bar Preserve would have equipment with the “HBP” letters printed on it.. Any other gear was most likely this equipment that was stolen during the break in this week. If you see this equipment being sold, please contact me immediately at 916-205-6073 or the sheriff’s department to report it. (Placer County Sheriff)

If you see this equipment being sold, do not say anything or accuse anyone. Make note of the time, location, description of the items and persons involved.

Please contact Tom Bartos, manager of Horseshoe Bar Preserve immediately at 916-205-6073 or you’re local police department and let them know you believe it may have been equipment stolen from Horseshoe Bar Preserve in Foresthill, CA.
Reference Police Report # 15-11343.

This equipment was used for a very good veterans program and its loss is huge!!

If you would like to help us replenish the equipment that was stolen, please contact us at , 916-205-6073 or go to our website: www.horseshoebarpreserve.com/ww where you can make a donation.

Thomas G.M. Bartos
President & Founder
Horseshoe Bar Preserve, Inc.