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Monday, 10 October 2016 04:42

Website Updates

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New features have been added to the site to aggregate content from numerous fly fishing and fly tying sources around Northern California and Nevada.  This will allow the users to see the ten newest posts to each of the sites that are linked through the menus.  

The Fly Tying Menu now contains links to articles or posts from Fly Fish Food, Fly Tying 123, Fly Tying Reddit and Orvis.  Each of these links should display a content snippet from the latest 10 articles appearing in these sites' RSS feeds.  The snippet will display the first 200 words and will also contain a link to allow you to read more on the host site.  

The News menu now contains links to the California DFW, CalTrout, CSPA, Drake Magazine, International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF), South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL), Trout Unlimited and the Water Education Foundation. Mostof these links will also display a content snippet from the latest 10 articles appearing in these sites' RSS feeds.  The snippet will display the first 200 words and will also contain a link to allow you to read more on the host site.  CA DFW and TU are set up to display the latest posts by those organizations on Twitter.

The Trip Reports Menu now contains links to my reports, as well as posts from Alpine Fly Fishing, Andy Guibord, California Fly Fishing, Confluence Outfitters, Fish Kennedy Brothers, Fly Fish Nevada, Fly Fishing Specialties, Four Seasons Fly Fishing, Gilligan's Guide Service, Jack Trout, Jon Baiochhi, Kern River Fly Fishing, Lost Coast Outfitters, Matt Heron, Norcal Fly Guides, Northern Califonia Trout, Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing, Pyramid Lake Guides, Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters, Reno Fly Shop, RJ's Fly Trips, SC Guide Service, Sierra Fly Fisher, Steelhead on the Spey Guide Service, Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters, The Trout Spot, Tight Lines Guide Services, Trinity Fly Shop, Truckee River Fly Fishing, Wild Waters and Yosemite Fly Fishing Guide.  Each of these links will also display a content snippet from the latest 10 articles appearing in these sites' RSS feeds.  The snippet will display the first 200 words and will also contain a link to allow you to read more on the host site.  

The Tips Menu now contains links to posts from Ask About Fly Fishing, Chris Parsons, Fly Fishing Traditions and The Other Side of California.

I spent a bunch of time recently adding links to various fly tying sites, guides, informational sites, organizations, retail sites and water information sites.  These can be found sorted by category in the Links menu.  All of the sites listed above have been added in one of the categories.


Sunday, 09 October 2016 20:10


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Sunday, 09 October 2016 20:07

South Yuba River Citizens League

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Sunday, 09 October 2016 16:22

Drake Magazine

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  • Video Daze: Perfect Your Forward Cast

    Featured Content Dec 12, 2017 | 14:07 pm

    Video Daze: Perfect Your Forward Cast Even if you've been flyfishing for many years, it's good to occasionally go back and re-visit the basics--both for our own imperfect casting, and for your ability to articulate it to friends who may be asking for advice. If videos like this were available 20 or 30 years ago, maybe many of us would never have picked up our bad habits to begin with.

  • The DrakeCast Episode #23 - Musky with a Y

    Featured Content Dec 11, 2017 | 14:17 pm

    The DrakeCast Episode #23 - Musky with a Y A few weeks ago I found myself in a boat with fishing guide Stephen Wisner. Before we even shoved off, he reached into the cooler and sternly told me, "These fish are the working man's trophy; this is the fish that your grandpa fished for. There's no fancy-pants beer allowed while fishing for these fish. Hamm's is a high percentage beer. If the bottle has some sort of thing that talks about the hop rating, save that for trout fishing." At nine in the morning, Steve took a sip and announced that it was time to go musky fishing. 

  • Texas Trouts

    Featured Content Dec 8, 2017 | 01:52 am

    Texas Trouts Texans tend to claim that things are bigger in the Lone Star State. That claim seems to hold true when it comes to trout. Starting in November of each year, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department begin dumping some 300,000+ rainbow trout into waters around the state as part of their annual Winter Trout Stocking Program. Most of these fish range between seven and twelve inches, but this year, the Guadalupe River is receiving some true trophy fish.

  • Bonefish, Best Practices

    Featured Content Dec 7, 2017 | 15:44 pm

    Bonefish, Best Practices Did you know that a bonefish's chance of living to inhale another Borski slider or EP shrimp decreases by as much as sixfold when it's been overly fondled or gill-fingered by an angler? True story, says the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, which hopes to increase fish survival odds with its latest series of Bahamas-based educational vids. Join BTT Initiative Manager Justin Lewis, here on the flats of Grand-Bahama, as he demonstrates some textbook tips for better bonefish handling.

  • Utah's Monument Problem

    Featured Content Dec 5, 2017 | 11:09 am

    Utah's Monument Problem A public-lands debate at your doorstepIN THE SPRING OF 1996, President Bill Clinton created the 1.8-million-acre Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, encircling a swath of twisted canyon country in southern Utah. Using the Antiquities Act, he sidestepped Congress—as 16 presidents have done, creating 157 national monuments—and delivered the proclamation in a ceremony on the rim of the Grand Canyon.


Saturday, 08 October 2016 13:58


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  • New name, new logo, new website, new blog

    FlyFishersInternational Jul 8, 2017 | 06:13 am

    Many things are still evolving as we move through our new branding.  One of these changes is the blog.  We now have a totally different style blog that is within the website.  To find the blog use this link http://flyfishersinternational.org/Resources/Publications/Blog/tabid/761/Default.aspx.  Should this fail go to the website and click Resources then Publications then Blog.

  • BC Flyfishers “simply tie” with guide flies

    FlyFishersInternational Apr 10, 2017 | 17:25 pm

    BC Flyfishers “simply tie” with guide flies BCFF Broome County, NYThe BC Flyfishers (BCFF) chapter of IFFF just completed another innovative fly tying class. But unlike the previous two classes the chapter has offered, this one focused on very simple flies. Fly tying, after all, doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or arduous and time-consuming. And contrary to what some might think, the best flies are simple in design and less than perfectly imitative. These flies are often termed “guide flies”. Why, you may ask?Frank Sawyer’s Killer Bug is an example of an extremely simple fly that was designed to catch greyling in English streams. The BCFF Guide Fly Tying class included a U.S. version of this fly, called the Utah Killer Bug.In order to be effective, guides must be efficient. The rigs they tie for clients must work, and the flies used must catch fish for all clients, even for those with little to no fly fishing experience. While a guide can’t promise fish, repeated trips with poor results will mean less referrals and less income. As is said with any kind of business; no margin – no mission. So guide flies make for quick, inexpensive ties that catch fish. And the BC Flyfishers last tying class focused exclusively on these fly fishing marvels.The Guide Flies fly tying class consisted of four weekly tying “chapters”, each taught by different tiers: John Trainor (BCFF board member and local angler), Tim Barrett (BCFF board member and NY State Guide), Joe Cambridge (Local angler and author), and Kevin Gilroy (Local angler and commercial tier). The classes ranged from a refresher on tying basics to tying simple nymphs, wets, streamers, and a few more involved dry flies. In addition to the lead fly tiers for each class, up to seven helpers – BCFF members with fly tying experience – were on hand[…]

  • IFFF in London

    FlyFishersInternational Apr 9, 2017 | 07:12 am

    IFFF in London An IFFF team of 19 strong, including 10 MCI's and 5 THCI's, ran a booth, provided free instruction all day and put on 15 demonstrations at the inaugural London Fly Fishing Fair ("LFFF") on March 10-11, 2017.  The team, whose members travelled from as far as Scotland and Switzerland, was also assisted by some trusted colleagues from GAIA and AAPGAI.  The IFFF team also made presentations on becoming a certified instructor in the LFFF talks area and answered many questions from members of the public about casting, the instructor program, fishing and tackle.  The LFFF is the brainchild of the visionary father and son team of entrepreneurs John and Fergus Kelley.  It is the only major UK fly fishing fair to be held in Western Europe's largest city.The IFFF demonstrations at the Fair were:Power - Brian McGlashanRoll Casting - Bryan MartinTip Path-On the Straight and Narrow - Phil Ratcliffe Two Handin' it - Ally Bremner, Phil Ratcliffe, Chris Hague Saltwater Casting - Chris Hague, Sekhar Bahadur Single Handed Spey Casting - Christopher Rownes Switch Rods - Christopher Rownes When the Wind Blows - Paul BrownOn Sunday March 12, the day after the Fair, the team held an IFFF Instructors' Day at Sportfish in Reading, England, about a 45 minute drive west of London.  Around 30 people attended.The day started with 5 short workshops and then the participants fortified themselves with bacon sandwiches expertly grilled by Rob Doyle, APGAI before open casting and mentoring sessions in the afternoon.The workshops were:Presenting with Impact - Phil RatcliffeDistance Casting - James Evans and Tracy Thomas, British Fly Casting Club Skagit Casting - Alun Rees The Five Essentials Over Time - Sekhar Bahadur Who Am I? A Two Handed Game of Charades - Ally Bremner(Picture captions left to right or up to down.) Photographs by Paul[…]

  • Welcome New Affiliate Clubs

    FlyFishersInternational Mar 16, 2017 | 08:31 am

    Welcome to these new affiliate clubs that have joined over the past several months.  Fidalgo Fly Fishers           Anacortes           WA http://www.fidalgoflyfishers.com/Wenatchee Valley Fly Fishers     Wenatchee        WA http://www.wenatcheeflyfishers.comDelaware Valley Fly Fishers         North Wales       PAhttp://www.delawarevalleyflyfishers.org www.facebook.com/delaware.fishersKisatchie Fly Fishers       Boyce    LAhttp://www.kisatchiefly.org

  • Public Lands Position Statement

    FlyFishersInternational Mar 2, 2017 | 06:55 am

    International Federation of Fly Fishers Policy on Public Lands and Waters of the United StatesAndPosition StatementInternational Federation of Fly Fishers is a global organization dedicated to the support, enhancement and protection of the recreational opportunities and enjoyment of fishing with the artificial fly.  We do this through teaching all aspects of fly fishing and most importantly through our advocacy, demonstration and voice for conservation of our natural resources.   Clearly, conservation of fishes and their habitats is fundamental to our opportunities and those of our children to fly fish.  Those habitats largely are the connected waters of the United States, the streams, lakes, rivers and estuaries that must remain clean, healthy and functional.  Just as important are the health and wellbeing of the watersheds that recharge, nourish and protect the function of our wetlands. These habitats collectively reside by ownership, law and public policy as public resources and lands.  Many are managed and protected by state or federal agencies or environmental law on the public behalf, while others are protected by private interests or environmental organizations in perpetuity as conservation easements.  Regardless of ownership or legal designation, they collectively are much more valuable than simply as wetlands, watersheds and fish habitat.  These are the habitats of a vast array of wildlife, plant and insect species, including those that may be threatened or endangered with extinction across our country.  What must not be forgotten is that these very landscapes of minerals, waters and plants are essential to our own quality of life as human habitat.  These are the landscapes that grow the plant communities that produce the clean air we breathe and process carbon dioxide into oxygen.  The wetlands that clean and recharge our sources of fresh water are necessary to our lives.  There is no question that these lands must be[…]

  • Weekend Sport Fish Cruise in Sweden

    FlyFishersInternational Feb 9, 2017 | 08:08 am

    Weekend Sport Fish Cruise in Sweden Weekend Sport Fish Cruise in Sweden shared by Thomas Berggren.Last weekend February 4th - Thomas Berggren (IFFF MCI and Two-Handed CI) represented the IFFF on the Sport fish cruise. He shares some great photos of the event.Please don’t forget to mark your calendars for :  The Swedish Sportfish Fair is as you know 17-19 Marchhttp://www.easyfairs.com/…/medverkande-foeret…/stand/656190/ 

  • Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association's Annual Show

    FlyFishersInternational Feb 8, 2017 | 13:07 pm

    Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association's Annual Show Make plans to attend the Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association's Annual Show in Iowa City, Iowa on February 17-19, 2017 at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center.  We will be talking paddling Iowa's rivers to get fish with Orlan Love and other regional presenters. On Saturday and Sunday, enjoy our two main speakers (Lori-Ann Murphy and Fishy Fullum), other regional presenters, an Iowa DNR visit, fly fishing and tying vendors, fly tying demos, silent auctions, and some great bucket raffles! Bring friends and family or meet new angling friends at this year's show. All are welcome. As always, proceeds go to benefit conservation and outdoor education efforts. More athttp://www.facebook.com/fly.fishing.iowa/ andhttp://hawkeyeflyfishing.com/

  • The Rogue Goblin

    FlyFishersInternational Dec 17, 2016 | 09:13 am

    The Rogue Goblin MY MEMORIES OF BOB ROBERTSBy Ed Morphis I was never in Bob’s tying class, but he gave me individual instruction in his workshop. When I had questions about tying his flies, he insisted I come to his home where he taught me how to tie a Vernille Caddis Fly that is a killer (I think he called it the Extended Body Caddis), and his patented Roberts’ Rogue Hopper (which is marketed by Umpqua Feather Merchants). He was very generous with his time, knowledge and energies. I was fortunate to take his rod wrapping class and help with it the next year (which means I got to experience the class again without paying for it). I am enriched because I knew him. He was a more valuable person than he realized.Bob Roberts was a prime mover in developing the Southern Oregon Fly Fishers club, and determining the nature of it. He saw to getting world class presenters for the programs. He also served it in various capacities, both official and informal. He had, for many years, served the fly fishing community with guiding, providing materials; tying flies, building rods, etc. I have been attempting to build the history of Bob’s steelhead fly, the “Rogue Goblin,” which he developed. Because Bob was always humble and low key about his accomplishments, I have been unable to retrieve much history from the memory of others about the fly. The only facts I have, come from John Shewey, Steelhead Flies, pp. 75 and 204; a column by Dick Adams in the Newsletter of the Southern Oregon Fly Fishers, May 2002 with a Spey version of the fly, with no attribution; and two different versions of the fly from estates of deceased members of the club (these only in my memory, as they were auctioned off, but[…]

  • Livingston, Montana

    FlyFishersInternational Dec 13, 2016 | 08:43 am

    Livingston, Montana Livingston Montana was the gathering place as fly fishers around the world descended on the city in early August 2016 to take part in the International Fly Fishing Fair.  The week-long event brought some of the best fly fishers in the sport together to share their skills and learn new ones.  A group representing Fishing Vision LTD attended and filmed portions of the event so that others in Japan and around the world could learn about the many activities of the International Federation of Fly Fishers.  Credit for the production include FISHING VISION Co.,LTD, www.fishingvision.tv , President Ryo Arisawa, Executive Director Junya Miyaji and 3 other production staff members. Click to watch the trailer." https://fishingvision.tv/video/event/2016-international-federation-fly-fishing-fair.phpLivingston will once again be the host of the International Fly Fishing Fair.  It will be held August 1-5, 2017. 

  • Good Bye to 2016, Hello to 2017

    FlyFishersInternational Dec 7, 2016 | 09:57 am

    Good Bye to 2016, Hello to 2017 Hello to 2017Closing out a calendar year usually brings up sooner or later these two thoughts for me.  Income tax must be paid and I hate the process.  I feel very liberated once it is over.  Thought number two is that I didn’t fish enough and I should make a plan to fish more in the coming year.  This is an annual process that never seems to change.Lets move on to our current daily business.  Today the water is too high and the temps are so cold that fishing won’t work for me.  I loose my fishing courage when my fingers begin to look like cherry popsicles.  So now what do I do?  I could tie some flies but some other things could possibly be more time sensitive.  Here is what I came up with for consideration.·      Renew or join the IFFF·      Renew or join your local club·      Renew your fishing licenses·      Renew your Park Passes·      Inspect and replenish your fishing gear·      Consider a donation to the non-profits that do conservation work·      Reassess your fishing and conservation values·      Ask your local club to display their IFFF affiliation on their website homepage along with a link·      If you use Instagram, use these hashtags, #fedflyfishers #ifffmember #catchandreleaseThese are just some of my ideas.  I would love to hear yours.  Down at the bottom of each posted article is a place to post a comment. Tom Collett, your IFFF bloggerSteelhead catch and release


Saturday, 08 October 2016 09:58

CalTrout News

Written by

Saturday, 08 October 2016 05:59

Water Education Foundation

Written by

  • IID will address ‘legitimate’ conflict-of-interest issues, lawyer says


    An Imperial Irrigation District attorney said there have been “legitimate issues” surrounding California’s conflict-of-interest law at the public utility, and that he’ll make recommendations to the board of directors “to correct any problems that we have.”View Original Article

  • Planning Commission approves Tsakopoulos’ proposal to develop wetlands


    The Sacramento County Planning Commission voted Monday to allow developer Angelo K. Tsakopoulos to develop open space in Sacramento County’s Vineyard area that many residents believed would remain a protected wetland preserve. The proposal must still be approved by the county Board of Supervisors.View Original Article

  • Scotts Valley’s Glenwood trails coming next year


    After 14 years, the wait is nearly over for mountain biking and walking trails at the Glenwood Open Space Preserve. Last week, the City Council approved the long-term management plan, a document that required scrutiny by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.View Original Article

  • News Release: Alaska’s Joe Balash confirmed as assistant secretary for land and minerals management


    Today [Dec. 7] , the U.S. Senate confirmed President Donald J. Trump’s nominee, Joe Balash, to serve as the Department of the Interior’s Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management. A native of North Pole, Alaska, living in Washington D.C., Balash brings more than 19 years of experience in land and natural resource management. … The Assistant Secretary heads the Department of the Interior’s management of all federal lands and waters, and their associated mineral and non-mineral resources, as well as the appropriate regulation of surface coal mining.View Original Articleread more

  • Winds, terrain and fuel: Why the Thomas fire has been difficult to contain


    The scene from this month’s Thomas fire is all too familiar in the Los Padres National Forest, where jagged ridges and steep canyons of chaparral have been tinder for some of the state’s biggest wildfires. … As of Monday, federal, state and local fire agencies had spent more than $38 million battling the Thomas, which was 20% contained and had destroyed more than 600 homes, most of them in the Ventura area.View Original Article

  • Water Education Foundation hires veteran journalist to lead online news effort


    The Water Education Foundation has hired veteran journalist Douglas E. Beeman as its news & publications director as it prepares to move more of its journalism online, announced Jennifer Bowles, the Foundation’s executive director Starting in 2018, the Foundation’s premiere water resources magazine, Western Water, will join the world of online media where it will increase the pace of its coverage and expand its reach via social media. … “Western Water has been the go-to source for coverage of water news since 1977,” Bowles said.View Original Article

  • California losing 2 million trees a month as drought-related plague drags on


    California’s forests are seeing a continued die-off of trees even a year after last year’s heavy rains ended the state’s crippling drought. The U.S. Forest Service announced Monday that 27 million trees died over the past 13 months after five dry years left them severely dehydrated and vulnerable to bark beetle attack.View Original Article

  • Brokaw Ranch sustains major damage in Thomas Fire


    Brokaw Ranch, one of the Bay Area’s best-loved avocado purveyors and a constant presence on the area’s restaurant menus, has sustained major damage in the Thomas Fire.View Original Article

  • Lake Tahoe weather: No snow in forecast


    Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada will continue to see dry conditions for the next week, and possibly longer, according to the National Weather Service. Sunshine and clear skies are in the forecast for the Tahoe Basin through the week.View Original Article

  • Why the Great Salt Lake is shrinking


    Research shows that the world’s saline lakes are at risk, among them Utah’s Great Salt Lake, which is fueling controversy over a proposal to build new dams on its largest tributary.View Original Article


Any Waders or Wading boots with HBP marked on them.

Any fly rods marked Bill Carnazo.

Horseshoe Bar Fish and Game Preserve is devastated to announce that thieves broke into our storage area where we house our equipment for the Wounded Warrior Event that is held the first week in October every year. Finding out that someone felt they needed to steal from these veterans is heart breaking. It is like stealing from a church or organization that helps the needy of our community. This break-in will set us back many years as the amount of equipment they stole exceeds $25,000. Much of the equipment has the initials HBP written on it. Only the veterans that attended our events or members of Horseshoe Bar Preserve would have equipment with the “HBP” letters printed on it.. Any other gear was most likely this equipment that was stolen during the break in this week. If you see this equipment being sold, please contact me immediately at 916-205-6073 or the sheriff’s department to report it. (Placer County Sheriff)

If you see this equipment being sold, do not say anything or accuse anyone. Make note of the time, location, description of the items and persons involved.

Please contact Tom Bartos, manager of Horseshoe Bar Preserve immediately at 916-205-6073 or you’re local police department and let them know you believe it may have been equipment stolen from Horseshoe Bar Preserve in Foresthill, CA.
Reference Police Report # 15-11343.

This equipment was used for a very good veterans program and its loss is huge!!

If you would like to help us replenish the equipment that was stolen, please contact us at , 916-205-6073 or go to our website: www.horseshoebarpreserve.com/ww where you can make a donation.

Thomas G.M. Bartos
President & Founder
Horseshoe Bar Preserve, Inc.