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Mokelumne River Trip Report 2-22-10

Craig Martini and I floated the Lower Mokelumne with Bill Heger on Monday February 22, 2010.  It was a beautiful day and the fish were vary willing.

We lost track of the number of fish that we caught, let's just say it was probably well over 50 fish landed between the two of us.  The hatchery at Camanche had turned out a lot of 8-10" juvenile steelhead, and it was all we could do to hook something larger between the little guys grabbing our flies.  We caught them swinging buggers on sink-tips, we caught them nymphing on red Copper Johns as well as blue Copper Johns.  They were spread out from the launch point to the takeout at Mackville, and probably lower.  I managed to land a few fish between 12-15" amongst the juveniles and I lost one large fish that was much bigger.  I never got a real good look at him, but he was definitely heavier than anything else I hooked.

We were on the water about 10:00 AM and fished until 5:30PM.  A very enjoyable day.

Here are a few pictures:


Craig (rear) and Bill.


Dustin with a hatchery dink.