I fished Heenan Lake with my friend Gary on Sunday 9-14-14.  We got on the water around 3:00 PM hoping to catch the evening bite.

There were two other anglers fishing near the boat ramp.  One of them tied into a fish right as we got onto the water.  I thought that was a good sign and was hopeful that since we pretty much ahd the lake to ourselves we would have a good evening of fishing.

We worked our way over to to inlet near the hatchery and tried fishing near the weed beds with not much luck.  Gary had one bump.  I kicked my way back over to the west side of the lake trolling a turquoise bugger behind me on a sinking line.  I had a bump but missed the fish on my way across.  

I started back toward the ramp because it was getting close to 6:00 and we had agreed that we would get off the water by 6:30 and head back to town in search of dinner.  

At 6:05 I had a nice hit and managed to land a Lahontan Cutthroat just over 20".

heenan lake lahontan cutthroat 091414 1 small

As soon as I got my line back in the water and started kicking again I got another hit and landed a fish very close to same size as the first one.

Three hours of fishing, 10 minutes of catching, sore legs for two days afterwards.