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Convict Creek and Afternoon Exploring Trip Report

After visiting the Troutfitter and gaining some local intel, Cindy and I headed over to Convict Creek East of Highway 395 for a bit of afternoon exploring.

We parked the truck and started bushwhacking our way down to the creek.  We found a nice marshy side channel to muck our way through on the way to the creek.  Once we found the creek we headed downstream intending to fish our way back up.  I found several willing little Brown Trout along the way.  A few hours of exploring will pay large dividends on the next trip.  

  1. Next time I will park all the way down at the end of the road to minimize the walking.  
  2. I will also bring a shorter rod on the next trip.  I am noticing that working a 9' 5 weight is not working so well in the brush along these small creeks.  Next time I wll bring the 7.5' 4 weight with me for easier access in these tight little areas.

Finally an open stretch!

This was the one open stretch that I found.  I got one fish to rise in here.

Since we forgot to pack any drinking water, or the filter pump along with us we decided to cut the exploring short and head back to the truck.  We drove back out to Benton Crossing Road and headed over to Hot Creek.  We managed to find the parking area after only one wrong turn.

Hot Springs at Hot Creek

We walked down exploring the canyon and Cindy managed to grab this beautiful picture on the way down.  I forgot my camera int he truck and I was busy snapping pictures on my phone.  I need to see if those pictures came out.  While walking along Hot Creek we saw a huge pod of fish chasing each other.  Me without my rod, of course.  Anyway, next time I will go armed.  

After a brief stop at the Hot Creek Interpretive display, we headed to Whiskey Creek for Happy Hour!