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Northern California Trout

  • Oh Look !

    Northern California Trout Nov 9, 2019 | 16:38 pm

    Oh Look ! Lance: A steel-tipped spear carried by mounted knights or light cavalryLance Travel Trailer Model 229511-8-2019If you want to see all the goodies inside, go here:https://www.lancecamper.com/travel-trailers/2295/gallery/No, we didn't get as decadent as adding the fireplace. Besides it's only electric.When you get to the site, be sure to click on the 360 button and let it show you around.Fishing next Thursday. They've started planting Lake Camanche, but don't expect much.Stay tuned.

  • Soon A Replacement

    Northern California Trout Nov 6, 2019 | 15:43 pm

    This is a hint: A steel-tipped spear carried by mounted knights or light cavalryCome back Friday afternoon for pictures and an explanation. Stay tuned. 

  • The Garden Is Toast

    Northern California Trout Oct 30, 2019 | 15:03 pm

    The Garden Is Toast We've come to the end of the growing season. Three mornings of frost and the "Out of control" garden is gone.JulyQuite a difference between July and yesterday morning. 10/29/2019What's left went into the green recycle bin and the 6 or so Winter Squash are finishing their ripening cycle on the counter in the kitchen. The Freedom Express is officially gone and insurance payment has been made. Now all we have to do is find one we like as well as we did the Freedom Express since they don't make that model any more and buying a used one is out of the question. Won't camp in someone else's dirt. Downcountry lakes should be cold enough to plant soon, so maybe fishing shortly. As I get older, I have less desire to fish in the freezing cold than I used to, which explains why I've not be fishing upcountry. Lake Tahoe, which is lower than most of the upcountry lakes, was 12 degrees this morning. So stay tuned. Won't e long before I have a "real" fishing post.  Happy Halloween everyone. 

  • The End Of An Era

    Northern California Trout Oct 24, 2019 | 14:47 pm

    The End Of An Era Well, it's been two weeks since the Freedom Express was stolen. The insurance company has now considered it gone and has started the settlement process.GoneIn talking to the claims processor, apparently a stolen travel trailer is not an unusual thing. When they comment that they are "extremely familiar with the settlement process", it pretty much says it all.I had one occurrence last Thursday that kind of settled this whole stolen thing in my mind. I was coming home from a birthday breakfast with my son (it was the big 50) and I noticed a trailer sitting on a piece of ground, right next to the highway that looked to be still attached to the truck in front of it. The trailer was completely covered (to the ground) with a gray tarp. You could not see any part of the trailer. I immediately went around the corner from my house to the Highway Patrol office and asked them to investigate since they were the ones to write the stolen report. The first question asked: Was it on private property. I assumed it was. They couldn't do anything because they can't just access private property without at least something telling them it was my,[…]

  • And Then it Was Gone

    Northern California Trout Oct 10, 2019 | 15:05 pm

    And Then it Was Gone Tuesday Night, Midnight and Pacific Gas & Electric with a "Weather Event (their phrase for high winds)" coming, they shut off the electricity to 800,000 people in Northern California.Wednesday morning was a bit of a challenge. No electricity, no electric coffee pot. So there I am pouring hot water (we have a gas stove that works without electric. You know the old match to the burner trick) over the coffee grounds to get some ersatz coffee.Then I had an epiphany (seems I get these quite often). Why not get the camping coffee pot out of the trailer. It works on the stove top just like an electric one and makes good coffee.Around 9ish I drove over the RV lot where I store the trailer, when not in use, and for some reason my space was empty. Then I noticed (I am very observant) that the Winter tire covers, blocks that the leveling jacks go on, and the wheel chocks were strewn for about 50 feet up the aisle in front of where the trailer is usually parked.Between myself and the gentleman who is in charge of the RV lot we estimated that sometime after midnight (when PG&E shut off the[…]

  • Aaaah, the Secret Lake

    Northern California Trout Oct 8, 2019 | 16:53 pm

    Aaaah, the Secret Lake You know the Secret Lake (the one that everybody knows about). Yuki and I had visions of Brown Trout, cool mountain air, and floating crickets at the inlet.We were set. Purchased 30 large. Sounds kind of gangsterist, 30 Large.We left La Casa Kautz at a little after 0900. Stopped for donuts and coffee in Pine Grove and we were on our way up Highway 88.The Secret Lake, Fall, Spawning Browns. I was giddy with anticipation.Turned right on Tiger Creek Road, got in about 2 miles and THE ROAD WAS CLOSED. WHAT???Who would do such a thing to two fishermen with great expectations?The local energy company (Pacific Gas & Electric) has been on a campaign to (finally) remove dead trees and anything that could cause a power line failure, which in turn could cause a catastrophic fire like the one last year that erased the town of Paradise, California or any of the many others that burned hundreds of thousands of acres.So, when will the road be open? The gentleman we talked to said not until the end of the year. By then it'll be butt deep in snow at the Secret Lake. He suggested we could fish Lake Tahoe (funny[…]

  • A Genealogy Post

    Northern California Trout Sep 26, 2019 | 15:03 pm

    A Genealogy Post A while back I had an epiphany. My genealogy partner and cousin Dan back in Wisconsin and I have been racking our brains (small as they are) trying to find a connection between our family (He's descended from my Great-Uncle Christoph) and the family I created from several DNA matches on Ancestry.com.When we backtrack our family it comes to a screeching halt at Great-Grandfather Gottlieb and Great-Grandmother Auguste Louise Albrecht.  The old guy in the front row on the left is Great-Grandfather Gottlieb.So here's what the epiphany was. If we can't make a connection by going backwards from our family, maybe I can make a connection coming forward from the DNA family and maybe stumble across our great-Grandfather that way.Now, you have to remember these old German families, for the most part, had 12 kids in the family and their families had 12 kids and their family had 12 kids etc.So I've come to the conclusion that we're related to every Kautz/Kaus/Couts (that's a whole nuther story) ever born with the exception of the Kautzes at Ironstone Winery in Murphys. Either that or I just haven't connected them yet.I'm still researching all the families and have a current Excel Spreadsheet and[…]

  • Let Me Try This Again

    Northern California Trout Sep 25, 2019 | 19:04 pm

    For those of you that have read the last two posts that I deleted, I apologize. I attempted to make those a story, if you will, but in my opinion failed miserably.Here's the facts:We have a leader in the White House that's a racist, misogynist, a bigot, a liar, a prefabricator, and so many other things.We have a congress that has been sitting on their asses and doing nothing about the person in the White House until yesterday. Unfortunately too little, to late.I just hope that when our "leader" is done playing Kissyface with Kim Jong Un who is never going to give up his weapons, that Kim doesn't start lobbing them into California. That would definitely ruin my day. And I hope that when he's done playing Kissyface with Vladmit Putin so he can put one of his "Towers" in Moscow, that we still have an ally or two left in the world because as of now, we don't have any.My last hope is that in January 21, 2021 that there is someone else being sworn in. That is if I'm still alive then.That said, this is the end of politics on NCT.Stay tuned. 

  • The Future Of Northern California Trout

    Northern California Trout Sep 22, 2019 | 17:05 pm

    The Future Of Northern California Trout You will all be pleased that Northern California Trout will be around for at least another two years.BUT, there's always a but, some of the format is going to change. It will still be about fishing for the most part, but I'm adding a few different items to talk about.In the next week I'll be changing my description. I'll be adding what the focus of the blog will be and what I'll be writing about.In deciding whether or not to keep NCT, one of the thoughts I had was to start a political blog over on Blogspot. Naw, there are hundreds of them out there, BUT (there it is again) I have an opinion that I've been keeping to myself and the more and more I see what is going on in this country, the more and more I get agitated.I'm going to say some things that some of you might not like. I'm not doing it to start a pissing contest because according to the First Amendment of the Constitution,Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of[…]

  • The Out Of Control Garden

    Northern California Trout Sep 18, 2019 | 17:32 pm

    Bill Trussell asked if I could share some pictures of tomatoes in the cage.Last year we planted 11 tomato plants. We supplied the whole neighborhood with tomatoes and froze a bunch. From those frozen ones, my wife made Tomato Jam this year.This will give you some idea of what it looks like:Tomato JamIt's not jam you would put on toast for breakfast, but on a hamburger or scrambled eggs. WOW. Nothing can top it.I made 4 boxes out of 2x12 Redwood boards and some wire cages to hold the plants up. Those wire things you get at Lowe's don't even come close to hold up these plants. In the back left box, on the left is Cupcake Squash. Next to it is Poblano peppers and on the right is Jalapeno peppers. Left in the front is Winter Squash. Right side back (that you can't see) is Roma tomatoes and Japanese Eggplant. Front right has 3 tomato plants (you keeping track? that's 4 tomato plants). Yellow, Beefsteak, and Chocolate Sprinkles (a cherry tomato).The beginning June 19thThen we'll move along to July 10th.July 10th. By then we were into squash, tomatoes, and peppers.Cupcake Squash same day 7/10Interesting squash. Cut it in half, dig out[…]


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