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Northern California Trout

  • The Guy With The Kite

    Northern California Trout Apr 18, 2017 | 00:44 am

    The Guy With The Kite I stood on the walk and watched this guy fly the kite for about a half an hour. I don't think I've ever seen anyone this good.He took the kite up and down, around in circles, and straight up and straight down, but when he dipped the right wing into the wave, then brought it back up, absolutely amazing.That about the best I can describe it.

  • Half Moon Bay State Beach

    Northern California Trout Apr 16, 2017 | 23:48 pm

    Half Moon Bay State Beach Arrived at the campground at about 1:00 pm on Thursday. It rained off and on all the way down, but held off long enough for us to get set up.Space 33 Took a couple quick shots around the campground so you could see what the place looked like. If you want to see the campground set up, go to Reserve America.com and type in Half Moon Bay SB. It shows you the whole place.Directly acrossAcross and to the leftDown the road to the rightand to the leftKeep in mind that even though it's sunshine and blue skies, the wind was blowing like crazy. Just look at the trees in the back of the picture.I walked by this field of Ice Plant. Ice Plant was all over the place and if you could find a little spot that didn't have any wind, you could even smell them.Ice PlantThe wind was blowing directly off the water at 15 to 20. It caused a lot of BIG waves. I contemplated fishing, but if you were a fish, would you be this close to shore? You'd get the crap beat out of you.Down the shore to the rightDown the shore to the leftThat was Thursday,[…]

  • It's All About The Timeline

    Northern California Trout Apr 2, 2017 | 17:15 pm

    It's All About The Timeline I don't know about you, but when TV stations have beat a story to DEATH, they have to do something to keep it going, so they do a "timeline".You, as a watcher of "what ever station you watch" (with the exception of Yuki who doesn't own a TV) know of what I speak.So I thought, since I fished once again at North Shore Camanche yesterday I'd just do a timeline of what occurred and beat it to death. By the way, if you hadn't noticed, I have my computer back, better than ever. The wife re-installed Windows 10 and I only lost one thing. That was the total wins on a Solitaire game called Adelaide. I wanted to get to 1000 wins with no losses, but it tanked at 990 wins with no losses. Guess I'll just have to start over.On to fishing:8:00 am arrived at the lake. 8:10 am had two rods in the water, one with rainbow Power Bait and the other with orange Power Eggs.8:15 am sucked down my cup of Starbucks Pike Place coffee. 8:45 am reeled in the rod with the orange Power Eggs. 8:50 am started casting Kastmasters on my little Okuma with 2# line. 9:15 am threw[…]

  • A Mark Update

    Northern California Trout Mar 30, 2017 | 17:25 pm

    Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I'm having some computer problems.Remember a while back I mentioned that I've been engrossed in this whole Genealogy thing? Well, I ran into a small problem a couple days ago.Seems my computer decided to dump all my research. That would be a 29 tab Excel spreadsheet I've been amassing for the last three months.Needless to say I came close to using a hammer on this computer BECAUSE that was all it dumped.It could have looked like thisSo now I'm in the process of rebuilding all my backup. My wife is also re-installing Windows 10 because my computer is just plain screwed up. I have no idea what that will bring. Fortunately we have all out files on an external drive so I should be OK. Don't want to lose my score on a Solitaire game called Adelaide. I'm currently at 976 wins with zero, none, 0 loses. That would really piss me off.So, never fear, I am going fishing. It looks like Saturday because it was raining again this morning and then the wind (from the North which is usually high) is supposed to start blowing this afternoon and all day tomorrow[…]

  • Ever Feel Left Out ??

    Northern California Trout Mar 24, 2017 | 14:26 pm

    Ever Feel Left Out ?? Yesterday morning I did the neighborly thing. I picked up my next door neighbor after having minor surgery and gave him a ride home because his wife doesn't drive.I got him at 8:15 am, home at 8:20 am (the surgery center was just around the corner) and was out to North Shore Lake Camanche by 9:00 am.My friend Rubin was there and already had one in the cooler. I set up next to him with two rods of rainbow Power Bait (he caught his on chartreuse) and drank my Starbucks coffee. Made sure I didn't drop it this time. Then around 10:00 Rubin caught his second one. Remember now, I'm fishing right next to him. Rubin's secondThen he caught his third. I'm still sitting right next to him. Rubin's thirdWhile all this is happening, the two guys that were out here last time I fished North Shore were behind us pulling them in one after the other.I tried adding garlic and sweet corn to the Power Bait, I tried silver, pink, green/silver, Firetiger, and even gold Kastmasters. I even tried Crappie Jigs. WHAT THE HELL !!!Not a bite. At Noon I went home.Now, a little info on the Crappie Jig.[…]

  • It Was Not About The Fishing

    Northern California Trout Mar 14, 2017 | 21:46 pm

    It Was Not About The Fishing My first 30 years of employment were spent in warehousing. That would have been 18 to 48 years old. Young enough to think I was bulletproof and/or indestructible.Now that I'm old, I'm finding out what the payment is for that period of my life. Part of that payment is little, if any, back muscles. But before I get into the explanation of the title of this post, I wanted to show you what it looked like at La Casa Kautz on Sunday the 5th.Some hail, some corn snow. Across the streetBy the way, they finally sold the house on the left. Be vacant since Nancy passed away on December 24, 2015. Down to the left.Our back yard. Note no pine needles. Front view.During one of the recent storms and I can't remember which one because they seem to all run together, our fence blew down. Took out one full section including the post and demolished the gate.Now, this is for all you folks out there that don't know how to build a fence. The post on the side of the gate was a fairly new post. That means someone recently (in the last 17 years. the house was build in[…]

  • Fishing Was So Exciting I Forgot To Post

    Northern California Trout Mar 2, 2017 | 16:03 pm

    Fishing Was So Exciting I Forgot To Post Yuki and I decided to run out to New Melones Reservoir on Monday. First we tried the Highway 49 bridge. A little contrast in water amounts. 2/18/2015TuesdayI first fished the road. It was only about a foot deep out as far as I could cast so we moved out to a point. The water was deeper, but there weren't any fish to be found. Then the wind picked up and blowing across that cold water into our face, it became miserable to fish. Since Tuttletown was close we decided to go over there.   Tuttletown bottom launch ramp 2/18/2015The road to the bottom launch ramp was blocked off probably because some idiot would drive down there and run his car/truck into the lake. We parked at the middle ramp, but the hike down to water would have way too hard for a couple of Geezers. Lower launch ramp is down there somewhereSo we went to the Mexican Restaurant and had lunch.We're going to try Middle Bar Bridge the next time. The Mokelumne River has slowed down considerably.Stay tuned.

  • Genealogy And Other Family Stuff

    Northern California Trout Feb 27, 2017 | 16:27 pm

    My wife decided that I needed a hobby other than fishing. This was caused by the constant rain and a good case of the "shack nasties" I tried wood burning, but just couldn't get into it. So for Christmas she gave me a 6 month subscription to Ancestry.com.The last 10 years of my working life, finding people was what I did, so Genealogy was a natural choice. I also picked up MyHeritage.com and Family Search.org.Those of you familiar with the LDS (Morman's) Church know that Genealogy is a BIG part of what they do. I'm sure Emily (aka River Damsel) can relate to Genealogy. Did I mention that my Grandmother's name was Emily?Anyway, after all that, I've had my nose buried in my computer since. I've also made contact with a cousin I haven't seen since her mother passed away in 1961. I also found out I have a cousin that is a published author (just like Moi).But it's not just that. After collecting any and all paperwork from the previously mentioned Cousin and what paperwork was all the family papers my sister had when she died, I've come up with so much information it's almost taken on a life[…]

  • Why Have A Camera When You Have A Blog Photographer

    Northern California Trout Feb 25, 2017 | 04:44 am

    Why Have A Camera When You Have A Blog Photographer Since the wife was home today after working a gazillion hours yesterday, I got up early, and headed out to the lake at 7:15. When I left the house it was 27 degrees. When I arrived at the lake it was 37 degrees. Amazing what a couple hundred feet in elevation will do for the temperature. I'll just let you look at the pictures.CalmCalmThe next 15 pictures is why I don't need a camera as long as I have a Yuki. 2 lb. 7 oz. footballAnd after all that, I missed the first one. It hit, jumped three times and I almost got it to shore when the hook came out. It was on a silver Kastmaster. The only hit on any Kastmaster today.The other two (one was 2 pounds 2 ounces and the other was 2 pounds 7 ounces) came on rainbow Power Bait. Smaller one was a hold over because it had Copepod slime on it and the bigger one was probably stocked yesterday.Yuki got one bite on white Power Eggs but missed it. In the last photo, you can see a green grassy area in the water. Last Wednesday I was sitting below that spot. Water was[…]

  • Pulling Weeds..............Going Fishing

    Northern California Trout Feb 22, 2017 | 22:11 pm

    Woke up this morning and it wasn't raining. I didn't know what to do with myself.I could go out in the back yard and pull weeds. OR, I could run out to the lake and soak some Power Eggs. What a concept!!!!!So I got out the:You know what this is. The side with fishing was definitely the one in my favor. So when the wife left for work, I left for the lake.I got there and the lake was FULL. I haven't seen it this full ever. Even back when, we refer to it as the "Yuki incident" it wasn't this full. Take a look.3/25/2013 The "Yuki incident"TodayNorth Shore launch rampThere was one other gentleman from Elk Grove fishing on the point. He got one bite on chartreuse Power Bait just before I got there, but missed it.I put out one rod with white Power Eggs and one with rainbow Power Bait and took enough time to finish my coffee. Once done I reeled in the Power Bait rod and started throwing a silver Kastmaster. I'm not sure if it was the first or the second cast, but I got a hit, a jump, and then it was gone.Fish 2[…]