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Nor Cal Fly Guides

  • Febuary 2017 Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Feb 9, 2017 | 19:41 pm

    Febuary 2017 Fishing Report Hello fellow anglers,This year has been a crazy wet mess so I hope all of you have stayed safe and dry while mother nature shows us her fury. With this wet season, most of you know it has left almost all of Northern California blown out and to high to fish. With more coming down, it doesn't look like the Sac Valley will clear up anytime soon. However, there has been a glimmer of hope, which I will talk about shortly. I will have to say, I am super excited and really looking forward to our spring to fall fishing with all the snow we have in the mountains. What this awesome snow pack means is a longer spring as well as a great summer and fall fishing with lots of cold water for the fish to thrive and for us to play. Even though things do not look so great right now, come late spring, summer and fall, its going to be great. So hang in there. If you are looking to get out now...........here ya go...............Fishing Report:Well this one is pretty easy, all rivers are blown and unfishable except for one.........Trinity River:The Trinity has been the saving grace[…]

  • Dec/Jan Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Dec 19, 2016 | 22:01 pm

    Dec/Jan Fishing Report Happy Holidays Everyone,Well as most of you know, we have received a ton of rain over the past week or two and it has done some good things as well as some not so good things to the our rivers, lakes and streams. The good: The reservoirs are filling up nicely, the snow pack is looking pretty good, and with more water flowing down the rivers, the winter fishing is looking to be pretty good after the beginning of the year.The not so good:As of right now, most of the Sac Valley Rivers are blown out, but don't worry, in a few short weeks, they will be back to fishing level as well as fishing clarity.Here is your local fishing reportTrinity River:Clarity: Good to getting perfectFlows:Lewiston - 300cfs steadyBucktail - 500cfs and droppingDouglas City - 775cfs and droppingJunction City - 1600cfs and droppingWow, the past few weeks on the Trinity have been extremely good to Nor Cal Fly Guides clients. While others have been working hard to find fish, we have consistently hooked a half a dozen adults on a daily basis, with my last 2 days up there hooking 16 adults and landing 8 of them, this being right after the[…]

  • Fall Fishing Report and a bit more

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Oct 6, 2016 | 00:41 am

    Fall Fishing Report and a bit more Hey FolksA real quick info update, if you are looking to email me please use the following email address: is the new email address for Nor Cal Fly Guides and I look forward to hearing from you.On to the fishing report:Well, over the past few weeks, the fishing in Nor Cal has really turned on. The salmon are showing up in good numbers, some are starting to spawn and you know what that means, its "EGG BITE TIME". With cooler temps to come, the fishing will only get better, which is hard to believe as the fishing is pretty darn good right now.Feather RiverRating: Good to GreatFlow: 800cfs in Low FlowTemp: mid 50'sClarity: ClearThe Feather has really turned on in the past week, and that's mainly due to the large push of salmon over the past few weeks. With many redds being built, and even a few salmon paired up and more salmon showing up, its only going to get better. We are seeing some quality steelhead spread throughout the Low Flow Section, and the majority of them are taking an egg imitation. While the "egg bite" isn't on fire yet, they are eating the egg on a regular basis, give it another week and the fish will be egg[…]

  • June Nor Cal Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Jun 9, 2016 | 23:41 pm

    June Nor Cal Fishing Report Happy June Everyone,Wow, where has this year gone, April was EPIC, May was here and gone with some more great fishing, now we are in June and the fishing is really good too. I know I say this a lot, but you should really be out on the water and enjoying some great fishing.Here is your Local June Fishing Report:Feather:Man when things started to look dim, the Feather comes back and shines like it always does, and it continues to give us some really nice days on the water. If you want to get into some late spring and early summer run steelhead, well look no further than the Feather. We are seeing good numbers of half pounders up to 18" as well as a good handful of adults up to 26". Hooking 10 to 12 fish a day is the daily scene, and not hard to do, and if you are not careful you can hook many many more. Just recently we had a day where we hooked 20+ fish, can you say sign me up. Dont know how much longer this will last, but with the low flow at 1700cfs and running cold, salmon showing up daily, and[…]

  • May 2016 Fishing Report and a bit more

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report May 5, 2016 | 23:35 pm

    May 2016 Fishing Report and a bit more Hello Fellow Anglers,Boy, April was one crazy month, the fishing on the Lower Sac was and still is absolutely EPIC, the Feather had some great fishing at the beginning of the month, then when the word got out, the fishing tightened up a bit, but that's fishing pressure for you. With rain still coming down every now and then, and the snow pack still needing to melt, May as well as June and even the late summer months are going to be great.                                                                                                         Lower Sac:Even though its a bit of a drive, it is well worth it. I have been spending a good amount of time on this river because the fishing is almost to good to believe. Hooking 25 to 35 fish a day is the norm, with fish ranging from 16 to 26". Nymphing with rubberlegs, caddis, pmds and other mayfly patters has been the main game, but if[…]

  • March/April 2016 Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Mar 11, 2016 | 21:19 pm

    March/April 2016 Fishing Report Hello Everyone,This is the first time doing a blog, so bare with me while I get things up and running. Well it looks like the weather has finally come in, mainly the rain and the snow, but some wind as well, and it has been dumping a bunch all throughout Nor Cal. The reservoirs are filling up fast, and things are really looking up for this years water/fishing season. The tough part with all of this is the ever fluctuating river flows, river clarity and over all fishing conditions. It hasnt given us a big number of fishing days this year, but when it has been time to get out and fish, the fishing has been good. With these rains, comes the fish, really looking forward to April, May, June and the remaining season.American:Currently flowing at 15k , and with more rain in the forecast, I think its only going to get higher. Folsom is over 60% full, and with that, what ever flows in must flow out. A law that was created over 30 years ago is still in place, and once Folsom reaches 60% during winter months, the flood gates open up to help with flood control. Right now[…]