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Lost Coast Outfitters

  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Jan 17, 2019 | 17:00 pm

    Truckee River Fly Fishing Report Matt Koles reports on 1.17.19Good solid week on the Truckee River.Temps were much warmer and trouts seemed to respond to the warmer water temps. Still cold in the mornings, expect that for January, but things have warmed up into the 50’s in Reno, 40’s in Truckee, most afternoons. Those warm afternoons get the fish moving. We will have rain and snow this week.Still doing a lot of streamer fishing down on the Nevada side. Remember, I still have my Winter Float Special, get on it, ain’t gonna last much longer. Been doing some fishing around here too with the warmer weather. Really good solid fishing for January.Trouts like the slow water this time of year, or water moving about a slow walking pace. They like midges, baetis, worms, and eggs. If you’re streamer fishing, they like them pulled slow and jigged. Look for risers on the warm afternoons.I’ll post this week about a clinic next month.Also, I’ll be back at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show after a long hiatus doing a presentation on the The Lower Truckee River in Nevada.

  • Winter Coastal Steelhead Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Jan 17, 2019 | 16:57 pm

    Winter Coastal Steelhead Fly Fishing Report Chuck Volckhausen reports on 1.17.19The coastal fishing has been tough all in all. A good day is one fish and a great day is anything more than that.  I’m gonna pass on a quote from a friend. “I have had some of my most productive days of steelhead fishing in brutally cold conditions.  But of course, much more frequently, it is scratching one or two out with creativity, non-convention or sheer persistence that makes the memory.  Little victories are important!Once this storm passes we’ll be in season full throttle.  I hope to see you out there! Chuck V. 530.859.3474877.934.7466

  • Lower Yuba Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Jan 17, 2019 | 16:54 pm

    Lower Yuba Fly Fishing Report Jon Baiocchi reports on 1.17.19What a storm! The wind is howling outside here in Nevada City and those conifers are flexing back and forth way too much. There has already been periods of heavy rains on Tuesday night, and as we head into the Wednesday evening we are bracing for the second wave. Up until this storm the Lower Yuba River was fishing pretty damn good. The good news is the Skwala stones are beginning to hatch and I caught my first Skwala eater last Sunday in the foam lines below a major riffle. My guest on Monday raised 4 on the Unit Skwala, and a couple more on the Pinkie mayfly. The fish will start to key in on Skwalas in the weeks ahead and head for the side water where the largest percentage of Skwalas are found from noon to 4pm. Look for the hatch to peak near the third week of February, and don’t forget the Skwala stone lives for a about a month or longer, unlike a 24-hour mayfly life cycle. Not as many trout rising as a few weeks ago and it seems the mayfly hatches are waning, or maybe in between broods for now.[…]

  • California Delta Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Jan 17, 2019 | 16:51 pm

    California Delta Fly Fishing Report Capt. Hogan Brown reports on 1.17.19Delta Winter fishing was strong thru December and early January.  I have not been able to fish the last week and I am sure everything has changed due to our last heavy storm.  I know there is some clear water to be found but the water level is up at least a couple of feet.  I will be fishing next week and will report what I find.  I am sure good fishing will follow as the water recedes and clears.

  • Feather River Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Jan 17, 2019 | 16:49 pm

    Capt. Hogan Brown reports on 1.17.19Feather River through town – The feather river through the town of Oroville above the highway 70 bridge opened up Jan 1 and from what I hear is fishing really well. The fall steelhead run on the feather was as good as we have seen and the upper stretches above the highway 20 bridge seem to be pretty full with fish. Good friends have been getting out and hooking multiple fish each session. Beads, caddis pupa, and mayfly nymphs have been best. March will be here before we know it and Spring Swing time will be here so do not fret.

  • Lake Oroville Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Jan 17, 2019 | 16:46 pm

    Capt. Hogan Brown reports on 1.17.19Lake Oroville Spotted Bass Fishing – Recent rains has really gotten the tributaries going and with inflowing water the spots really move to these influxes. Water temps are now down into the winter temps area and fish will be slowing way down, making the Float and Fly method the best. Float and fly fishing through Apirl can be deadly on our foothill lakes and we get some true world record spotted bass on our foothill bass lakes. As we reach the months of Jan-March when many of our reservoirs fill and our rivers blow out these foothill bass lakes fish great with a fly rod.

  • Lower Sacramento Striper Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Jan 17, 2019 | 16:44 pm

    Capt. Hogan Brown reports on 1.17.19Lower Sac Striper Fishing has been realistic the last few days…River is in good enough shape to fish though clarity and water temps are an issue. Adjust flies and types of flies with clarity, fish slow, and there are big fish to be caught. I have not gotten out between that last two storms but may get out after the next one. Air temps are really cold as well so fishing during the warmest part of the day is a must. Jan and February we can start to see some unseasonably warm days – especially in Feb – and this can really get the fish going.

  • Lower Yuba Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Jan 17, 2019 | 16:42 pm

    Capt. Hogan Brown reports on 1.17.19Lower Yuba River  Spent Saturday guiding the lower yuba river. Flows were around 1100cfs, Deer Creek had dropped below 100cfs and clarity as we fished down the river went from about 2-3feet to gin clear … so river is clearing if not cleared from the last big bush of water down deer creek. We spent the whole day getting out and swinging flies on “trout spey” rods and my FAVORITE switch rod the 11’ 4wt glass Echo Rod. I have yet to get any of the new “Trout Spey” rods from echo but I am sure they will be solid as well. Also looking at getting one of the T3h 4wts or L2h 5wts for winter swung fly season on the Yuba and spring steelhead season on the Feather.Most fish on the Yuba came on spun egg yarn head - olive over white streamers about 2” long swung on heavy sinking leaders in the more off color water and then switch it up to patterns with out the egg yarn head. I am sure a stonefly nymph or something in that vein would work as well as while my client was fishing I was turning over[…]

  • Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Jan 17, 2019 | 16:38 pm

    Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report Jim Stimson reports on 1.17.19Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing ReportToday is a good day to tie up some flies. The weather outside is foul, very wet and stormy. This is a good storm that will produce some nice runoff in the Spring. Hopefully, the mountains will receive several feet. I cannot wait to see the Sierra when the clouds part. This should make for interesting driving conditions out on the Upper Owens. As always, be careful driving around out there, most of the roads are passable with a high clearance vehicle, but this too will change after this storm system moves through the region. Err on the side of caution. The main north-south road is firm even when there are standing puddles, however, the lateral roads can be bottomless quicksand and mud. Use caution and common sense.East WalkerThe flows are currently at about 25 cfs. This is pretty bony water and will continue at these levels throughout the winter. Personally, I am going to wait until the irrigation district bumps up the flows again before I fish in the North County. That said, expect the trout to be more lethargic and hanging out in the deeper pools and runs. They are[…]

  • Northern California Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Jan 16, 2019 | 10:00 am

    Northern California Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Report Anthony Carruesco reports on 1.16.18We’re in the heart of Winter Steelhead season in Northern California. The past few weeks have dealt us a couple of good windows to get after these fish. As many of you should know going into these pursuits; these fish don’t often come easy. Even when you happen to time the conditions just right, it ain’t a sure thing. Winter Steelhead fishing requires a strong effort and thick skin. Prepare to be humbled by the rivers and fish that swim through them. You’re playing a game that has the odds stacked against you. Our guide staff can help expedite the learning curve for you and enhance your odds of shaking hands with a wild, elusive Steelhead this Winter. The unpredictable nature of this game is what makes your success that much sweeter.