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Lost Coast Outfitters

  • Trinity River Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 23, 2017 | 21:02 pm

    Trinity River Fly Fishing Report Lost Coast Outfitters reports on 3.23.17Steelhead season is winding down everywhere but on the Trinity the beat goes on. It hasn’t been the best season for sure, but there are still a few steelies and the odd brown around to bend your rod.Flows are quite high, but what else is new? Stick to the upper river from the fly-only water down to Douglas City area. Despite the high water, the river is still much clearer than the Yuba, Lower Sac or just about anything else. That bodes well for fish seeing your offerings. Think stoneflies, copper johns, glo bugs and the like. If you’re swinging, sink-tips and smaller intruder type patterns are the flavor of the day.

  • Coastal Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 23, 2017 | 20:54 pm

    Coastal Fly Fishing Report Lost Coast Outfitters reports on 3.23.17The coast dropped in nicely this weekend and the LCO crew got after it before (and during) the monsoons came. After a disappointing steelhead season, this was our last hope to get some steel before the end of the season and this time we did it right. Ben, our resident artist and Atlantic Salmon fly tier popped his steelhead cherry with a couple nice fish and became addicted to the two-hander. Brett and Oscar managed to stick a couple fish on the swing as well, making for quite a successful weekend. Most everything coastal blew out on Monday with the latest storm, and as we close in on the end of the season the bigger, dirtier systems, i.e.-the Eel, Mad, Russian, etc. may not come back in before the end of the month (but you never know. Keep glued to the flow graphs). If you need to get your last snap-t’s of the season watch the graphs for smaller systems like the Gualala Garcia, Navarro or your favorite North Coast secret. These smaller waters are already dropping into shape and you should have a another shot before the 31st if you can drop everything and jump in the[…]

  • Yuba River Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 23, 2017 | 19:58 pm

    Jon Baiocchi reports on 3.23.17Brian Clemens from Nor Cal Fly Guides invited me to float the Lower Yuba River with him last Sunday to see the changes from the past high water events, and to wet a line. As far as we know, this was the first drift for 2017, and one for the books. We put in at the usual spot below the Hwy. 20 Bridge on the south side of the river, it seems to be easier now, and just needs more traffic to pack down the cobblestones. The flows were big at 4,265 cubes, and the water clarity was between 12 to 18 inches. The rapids below the bridge are pretty big right now, and were really fun. We anchored the boat in the first straight away below the rapids, and the first characteristic change we noticed is how much wider the river was. Areas that had a flat, or a gradual slope to the river, are now a vertical face that often was over head high. Also there is so much new sand everywhere, especially among the cobblestones on dry land. We swung it up with no grabs, and promptly drifted on. As we approached what I call[…]

  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 23, 2017 | 19:45 pm

    Truckee River Fly Fishing Report Matt “Gilligan” Koles reports on 3.23.17Big, high flows and big fish.Flows are up over 3,500 here in the Hirsch. Big pumping flows. Surprisingly the fishing is pretty good. Hard to believe, but if you can find some soft water you should find some fish.Water is pumping out if everything. All the lakes and res’s are dumping their water, creeks are high and fast, and just water coming out of everywhere. Water should come down a little bit this week with the colder temps.We’ve been getting into them. Mainly on the nymph rig. Stones, crays, worms, eggs. The big water flies. Tight line nymphing, and under the bobber. The streamer deal has slowed down a bit for me. Water is pretty cold, and they just haven’t wanted to chase their food. Trouts are off guard in these high flows. They are eating everything that floats in front of them, getting big and fat.Some weather this week again. I’m sure we’ll see some more snow this spring. Kinda nice how warm the weather has been the last few weeks.

  • Sacramento Valley Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 23, 2017 | 19:43 pm

    Sacramento Valley Fly Fishing Report Hogan Brown reports on 3.23.17Lower Sacramento Trout Fishing – Flows coming out of Keswick are 8410cfs and steady. This is a GREAT flow and more than fishable. If anything a bit on the lower side. That said, the clarity is the issue. Lake Shasta is muddy and therefore the river is muddy coming out of the dam. I know there are people getting out and catching a few fish but nothing that I have heard resembling good or even fair fishing. I have heard ambitious thoughts that the river may become fishable by the end of March and more conservative ideas of the end of April… Either way it is a ways off. There is clearer water coming into the lake via the branches but it is going to take a while for the sediment to settle and/or the clean water to push out the dirty. Either way I think the fishing will slowly improve as the clarity slowly improves. I also think some of the middle floats will be the first to fish as clean water coming in from tributaries will “dilute” the flow and have a positive affect on the clarity.Lower Sacramento River Striper/Shad/Bass/Carp Fishing…River Conditions: River is[…]

  • Delta Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 23, 2017 | 19:34 pm

    Delta Fly Fishing Report Steve Santucci reports on 3.23.17Delta fishing is heating up. The fish are getting very aggressive and will eat just about anything that you throw at them. I am hoping this last storm will not muddy up the water. April should be very good for both quality and quantity.San Luis Reservoir is also fishing very well. Starting to get good numbers of fish. They are liking smaller flies with lighter sinking lines. The T-ll is working best.  www.stevesantucciguideservice.com

  • Delta Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 23, 2017 | 19:32 pm

    Delta Fly Fishing Report Capt. Bryce Tedford reports on 3.23.17The fishing has been steadily improving out on the Delta this week but we will have to see what the current rains do to the clarity in a week or so. Currently, the bite has been improving & we are seeing more fish in the 4-6# range which is a lot of fun! Clarity in the main Delta has greatly improved to 3-6’ & we are seeing water temperatures above 60 degrees throughout the Delta. My guests have been fishing chartreuse/white clouser minnows in the 4-6" range & rattle flies seem to help me when the clarity is off. Most of the fish I caught this week were in the central Delta in 5-15’ of water & 10’ is what I targeted the most with type 6 sinking lines. We seem to be in a classic spring weather system of one day rain & the next sunny, if you can find a day out there with decent weather & lower winds then get out & enjoy the Delta as its beautiful this time of yr & the potential is always there for some great fish! Captain Bryce

  • Southern Oregon Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 23, 2017 | 19:26 pm

    Jim Andras reports on 3.23.17About ready to pull the plug on what has been an extremely limited winter steelhead season on the upper Rogue. Flows continued to go in the wrong direction last week and today finally look stable. Unfortunately, too much flow continues to push through the dam and, with all the snow in the mountains above Lost Creek Reservoir, I cannot imagine any major change will occur soon. On the bright side, the tributary creeks look really good and I imagine them full of spawning, wild steelhead with plenty of cold water this spring and summer to help out the juveniles. Will be heading over to the Williamson River June through August for lake run rainbows and then back on the Rogue September 1.  Hope to see you in S. Oregon soon.Jim and Rachel Andras / Andras Outfitters Email:  www.andrasoutfitters.com  / 800 488 5794 Jim 530 722 7992 Rachel 530.227.4837

  • Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 23, 2017 | 19:22 pm

    Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report Jim Stimson reports on 3.23.17With most of our local streams blowing out, I am heading north to Pyramid Lake this weekend for a change of scenery. I am looking forward to meeting up with some friends, casting for cuttys, and camping on the beach of an ancient lake.Lower Owens RiverThe flows are above 700 cfs and have been for several weeks. The river is spilling its banks and there are sections between Chalk Bluff Road and the river that are wetlands and marshes. It is a muddy, goopy, mess. If you are going to wade, exercise extreme caution. With enough weight you can cast into the quiet water along the edges and perhaps raise a fish.Upper Owens RiverThe flows read about 80 cfs but these are taken well above the Hot Creek confluences, so the actual data is a little higher. The river system below the confluence can be muddy, off color, and full of debris if you wander out there just after a wet storm. It usually takes a couple of days for the river to clear up (as long as another storm does not roll in). The fish in the Upper Owens are porkulent rainbows that have come[…]

  • Coastal Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 16, 2017 | 19:54 pm

    Coastal Fly Fishing Report Lost Coast Outfitters reports on 3.16.17The coastal rivers are green right now and the season is over at the end of the month.GO GET SOME!The dry conditions are resulting in the only week-long window of fishing on the coast all season. A day here and day there is all we’ve had so far, and with March 31st approaching it’s time to go. We’ve heard good reports this week from the SF Eel and smaller rivers like the Gualala and Garcia. The Smith is clear and putting out some big chromers too.Next week, the storms are supposed to return and the rivers will be brown again, maybe for the rest of the season. Check out this NOAA forecast graph for the SF Eel.That spike on Tuesday is the end of steelhead green. So, bail on work. Call out sick, call out dead. Just pack your marabous, sink-tips and two-hander and hit the 101.