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Lost Coast Outfitters

  • Upper Sac Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Oct 19, 2017 | 15:36 pm

    Upper Sac Fly Fishing Report Brian “Bucko” Theriot report on 10.19.2017Fall Fly Fishing on the Upper Sac has been good and the October caddis are out dancing in the thickest numbers I have ever seen. The leaves are changing to fall colors and the crowds are way less than the McCloud river, so come enjoy the beauty this river offers in the Fall with less crowds and good fishing. I was on the McCloud on Tuesday and Ah Di Na campground was full and so was the Conservency parking lot. I have been doing dry dropper rigs on the upper sac as well as indicator. You can find fish slamming the big dry October caddis patterns in the evening and throughout the day, but it has been getting more grabs in the evenings. But just because the October caddis are out doesn’t mean you should throw October caddis imitations. I have been doing really well on rubber legs and small mayfly patterns.

  • Bay Striper Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Oct 19, 2017 | 15:23 pm

    Bay Striper Report Capt Greg Holland Reports on 10.19.2017When I thought the fishing couldn’t get any better, it did. We have average days of 50 plus bass for 2 rods for the last week or so and larger stripers are now being caught. On Wednesday we settles into a quite little cove and had 2 fish around 6 pounds grab baby Pole Dancers on top mid day!  Had the Galvan boys onboard and they had a blast, the kid is a better caster then his dad…Red Rock, Marin Islands, Paradise area all hold bass.

  • Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Reports

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Oct 19, 2017 | 15:20 pm

    John Fochetti Reports on 10.19.2017Just spoke with John Fochetti and said folks are catching some biggens on Chub patterns on the strip and balanced leaches under an indo. 

  • Trinity River & Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Oct 19, 2017 | 15:11 pm

    Trinity River & Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report Dave Neal Report reports on 10.19.17Lower Sac is been a lot of fun this week. Not many salmon at all so not much of an egg bite. Bugs are the ticket and knowing what the fish want is your ticket to ride. Bwo on the cloudy days and small caddis have been staples for me. Today we have overcast skies and the fish are grabby!Quick Trinity report. There are fish around but with the lower flows at 300cfs it is BONEY. FBe careful in the hard boats. Many hazards exist this season exacerbated by the low flows. When in doubt get out and scout it! Lots of fast water sweepers and trees hanging over the river. Fishing has been pretty decent and should continue to improve. The salmon are running a bit late this season. Yesterday we saw a lot of newer redds and fish just beginning to cut redds through the day. Many areas that salmon were spawning in last week have been vacated since the flow drop from 450 to 300cfs. Its a shame they can’t keep the water a little higher for a few more weeks. 300 is a trickle. Seems that the salmon are spawning later each[…]

  • Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Oct 19, 2017 | 14:49 pm

    Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report Jim Stimson reports on 10.19.2017I will try not to BS anyone, I honestly have no clue what is going on with the local trout streams. I have heard second and third hand that the Upper Owens has cleared and fishing has improved. I can see from my house (with binoculars) that boats are anchored at the north end of Crowley Lake, meaning the fish are moving into the Upper Owens river system. I have heard streamers down at the mouth have been working well.For the last couple of weeks I have been out of State fishing on the Upper Madison, Firehole, Henry’s Fork, Yellowstone, Bighorn, and the Beaverhead. I cannot choose a favorite. They were all good. See photo below from the Bighorn.Use caution if you are driving at night. The deer are flushing out of the backcountry in droves, the migration is happening.Let’s be careful out there….East WalkerThe river has dropped to about 150 cfs. The river is very fishy now. With the river dropping and trout on the move, try the upper section of the Miracle Mile. The pocket water is very productive with caddis worms, brown Fox pupae, stoneflies, damselfly nymphs, Copper Johns, Prince Nymphs, and red[…]

  • Lower Sacramento and Yuba Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Oct 19, 2017 | 14:37 pm

    Capt Hogan Brown Reports on 10.19.17Lower Sac River Striper Fishing remains fair to good among changing conditions. The water temp and air temps are changing greatly. Water temps have dropped down into the mid to high 50s and night time air temp lows are dipping into the the low 50s high 40s with day time highs of the high 80s…So BIG swings in air temp and conditions throughout the day. Fish have been podding up more so covering water and being patient through areas that don’t hold fish to find those that do is key. Some of the biggest fish of the season are coming out to feed with the fall weather and some true trophies have been caught by some of the anglers throwing conventional gear and big glide baits and such. Personally I have seen multiple 45-50lbs fish over the last few weeks landed by some of my friends that throw gear. Really speacial fish. Fishing should remain in “Fall conditions” really until the river blows out with the first big storm.Lower Yuba River - Got a few days on the Lower Yuba River as well over the last few weeks. Flows are pretty stable and I would[…]

  • Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Oct 19, 2017 | 14:26 pm

    Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report AC Fly Fishing Reports on 10.19.2017Lower Sac - Fishing remains good to great. Not many salmon spawning so the “egg drop” aint really a thing yet.. that’s OK because the bug game has been strong. Oh yea, and the river has been pretty vacant of boats lately too.. We see some of the heaviest fish of the year during October, November and December. Find a day to get in one of our boats and we’ll show you a few.

  • Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Oct 19, 2017 | 14:22 pm

    Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report Cory Godell Reports on 10.19.2017Steelhead fishing on the Deschutes remains goods and should remain so right on through November. Don’t be fooled, just because we don’t have as many steelhead kicking around this season as prior years, doesn’t mean fishing is no good. Due to the lower numbers of fish, the amount of people fishing for them are next to none. Getting to fish the majority of all the prime spots increases your odds of catching these elusive fish. We have just over a month left of our season.Don’t forget that the upper 36 miles of the Deschutes closes for trout at the end of the month.Tight LinesCoryDeschutes River Anglers

  • Delta Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Oct 19, 2017 | 14:19 pm

    Delta Fly Fishing Report Steve Santucci reports on 10.19.2017The fish are in good numbers in all areas of the Delta.  Stripers are hitting four inch Clouser Minnows.  We are using Rio T-14 custom cut lines and the Rio intermediate type three for most of our fishing.  We have some great weather coming for the next couple of weeks.  Hope you can make it out and enjoy the fall run.  

  • North Fork Yuba and Frenchman’s Lake Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Oct 19, 2017 | 14:12 pm

    North Fork Yuba and Frenchman’s Lake Fly Fishing Report Jon Baiocchi Reports on 10.17.2017Frenchman’s Lake Fishing ReportFrenchman’s Lake – Much better weather in the last week with glassy conditions has allowed for some incredible sight fishing opportunities. There are much more fish in the northern part of the lake and it seems much of the population is ganged up there. Most of the trout are in the upper water column with many of them right on the bank in skinny water, you’ll also find the rainbows in deeper open water rising in the middle of the day. Areas with flats and weeds are the most productive when fishing the shoreline. Water temps are 52 to 54. Light hatches of blood midges, a much smaller creamy midge, and a few callibaetis are out. Shorter leaders and heavier tippets will work now as the trout are on the fall grab, their greed in fattening up for winter is their downfall, and an advantage for fly anglers looking for a bent rod. Big buggers and wiggle tails in fiery brown and rust, sheep creek specials, Hare’s Ears, and Flashback Pheasant tails have been the most productive. Mornings have been really cold, but as of late the days are nice and warm if[…]