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  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/21/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Oct 21, 2019 | 14:22 pm

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/21/2019 I traveled back down to the Lower Yuba River from the Northern Sierra for a few trips, and just as expected, the river is fishing really well. Saturday’s weather was cold in the morning with a stiff east wind, but there was an ample amount of cloud cover, and with it, all sorts of adult aquatics out. Sunday was super nice and warm with bright conditions, not the best trout weather but that didn’t matter at all – Those silver bullets were chowing down all day long. Fishing pressure has been heavy at times, and you may have to go off the beaten path or wait an angler out if you care to fish a particular spot at the more easy access areas. There have been no new redds where I’ve been guiding on the river, yet I still see salmon migrating upstream through the riffles at various times during the day. The water is very clear and the flows from Englebright reservoir have been right around 1,350 cubes. The rainbows are podded up and where you find one, you’ll find five of them. From "Da Dean" of guides Frank Pisciotta, "When the fishing is slow, move fast, and when the[…]

  • Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/18/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Oct 19, 2019 | 02:52 am

    Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/18/2019 Fall colors are peaking at Lake Davis, and so is the fishing. The key to having a really good day right now is locating fish and staying put. I keep saying that but you don’t leave fish to find fish. On the other hand major pods of rainbows can move a good distance from day to day. Fellow guide Ed Dillard told me he found a large pod of rainbows near Catfish Cove towards the dam, and a few days later they were gone, but then found them on the east shore south of Lighting Tree. If you’re not catching, move along to another location. I’ve been taking my guests to Lightning Tree, Long Point, Bluff Cove, Fairview Point, and especially the Freeman Creek arm – Where ever the fish roam…and you can bet I’ll find ‘em.  Water temps dipped a degree from my last report as yesterday I recorded a 52 on the surface. Days have been seasonably warm for the most part but there have also been some big wind events. Factor that situation with the lake turning over a week and a half ago, and the coots ripping up weeds, and you’ll notice there is a lot[…]

  • Lake Davis / Middle Fork Feather River Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/13/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Oct 14, 2019 | 12:35 pm

    Lake Davis / Middle Fork Feather River Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/13/2019 If you’re a fly angler, October is the best month of the year for good fishing in the Northern Sierra, as well as across Nor Cal. Fall colors, and the seasons changing guard are a stark reminder that another year has flown past. It’s been a great one while fishing/guiding on the water, and there are still plenty more good trips to be had. Nights have been cold, enough for me to make adjustments on where I’m camping out like up on a hill instead of down by the river or the lake. Cold air sinks to the bottom of any basin, so keep that in mind as well as if your camp will get early morning sunlight. The low air temps will increase a little bit in the upcoming days and during the daytime the highs will be mild with near 70 degree autumn weather, with a noticeable shorter length of daylight from sunrise to sunset. October is just plain special, I just wish it were stretched out over a three month period.Lake Davis – Fishing has been great, the best it’s been in a long time but still you got to put some work in and locate the[…]

  • Middle Fork Feather River Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/9/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Oct 10, 2019 | 01:33 am

    Middle Fork Feather River Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/9/2019 Peak fishing is occurring on the Middle Fork Feather River, and complete solitude can be found if one ventures off the main path. Fall colors are a little late in the watershed, but overall the autumn glow in the Northern Sierra has been a checkerboard of early and peak colors depending on your location. Last week has been warm in the afternoons, yet a little chilly in the mornings. You're going to want to fish during the warmest part of the day from 11am to 4pm. There is a big difference between a shady section of the river, and one with full sun. Choose wisely. Water temps are starting out near 50 degrees in the morning and the action is slow, yet catch rates pick up as the water warms to the mid 50'sThe BWO spinner fall is occurring later due to the colder air temps, look for dimples in back eddies and slack side water next to the main current. Sparse hatches of BWO duns, smaller caddis, and a few October caddis are in the air with some of the caddis ovipositing during the day. Dry/dropper rigs are a fun way to fish and very effective, but Nor Cal Tight[…]

  • Yuba River Fly Fishing Report~ 9/30/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Sep 30, 2019 | 14:53 pm

    Yuba River Fly Fishing Report~ 9/30/2019 It’s been since the first week of February since I’ve guided/fished on the Lower Yuba River. Remember how it started pouring rain back then and never let up until late May. There were some pretty big flows during that deluge as well, enough to move around the cobblestones and gravel, and once again change the runs and riffles ever so slightly. That’s the Yuba River, always changing. The flows are bouncing around between 1,165 and 1,130 cubes which are very good for both walk and wade anglers, and drifters. Fishing pressure overall is light between the Highway 20 bridge and Sycamore Ranch. Remember the water upstream of the bridge is closed until December 1st to protect spawning salmon and give them a “no pressure” environment. Speaking of the salmon, I saw very few redds, and the ones I did see had no occupants around. I’ve seen this before where salmon begin to build a redd only to abandon it and keep moving upstream to construct another. We’ll see new redds on daily basis, but I think we will see a major drop in salmon returns this year, and the next upcoming four years. Why? First off, we’ll see low returns from[…]

  • Middle Fork Feather River Fly Fishing Report ~ 9/27/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Sep 27, 2019 | 23:20 pm

    Middle Fork Feather River Fly Fishing Report ~ 9/27/2019 Autumn on the Wild & Scenic Middle Fork Feather River has arrived. It’s the second season, and with it brings hungry trout wanting to bulk up for the long winter. I love this time of year on the MFFR. Solitude abounds with hardly a soul to be seen, let alone any footprints. Talk about a remote experience, and the fishing? On fire! When your guest lands 3 dozen fish for a half-day session it becomes a fantastic memory that will remain deeply ingrained forever. Yeah, it was that good. Water levels are low, which actually bodes well as it concentrates the fish in the deeper pools, slots, and riffles. We found many trout in riffles about 2 feet in depth with a faster flow. Water temperatures were 57 to 59 degrees, which are perfect for this river. There is a very profuse BWO spinner fall in mid morning, I’m talking clouds of them. Spinner falls usually occur when air temperatures are between 57 and 67 degrees. There were a few rising fish in back eddies near the main current taking advantage of spent ovipositors, but most wanted their food item sub surface. We ran two rods yesterday. A dry/dropper rig[…]

  • Lake Davis Fly Fishing Update ~ 9/27/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Sep 27, 2019 | 14:22 pm

    Lake Davis Fly Fishing Update ~ 9/27/2019 It seems the fishing at Lake Davis is getting back to near what it once was in the past. It’s been at least 5 years or more since fly anglers have had catch rates this good. It all comes down to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife planting more fish of catchable size. There were 3 plants of trout in late May and June including Eagle Lake Rainbows, and Brown trout, both sterile and fertile. Last Monday another plant of 4,000 trout, one pound per fish, Louisiana strain rainbows entered the lake.Also planted was 2,000 pounds of Eagle lake Rainbows. More fish in the lake makes a big difference and not just for the fishing, but for the local economy and businesses that rely on such.  Current water temperatures are at 58 degrees and holding, we will see another good drop on the thermometer as a cold snap will take hold over the weekend with a chance for snow. Fishing pressure is extremely light and Lake Davis is pretty much a ghost town. 10 years ago or more, the Honker Cove boat ramp parking lot would be full, this past week there were only 2 to 6 vehicles with[…]

  • Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report ~ 9/21/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Sep 22, 2019 | 00:25 am

    Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report ~ 9/21/2019 It's so awesome to be back on water at Lake Davis. When you're away from something you love for a period of time you kind of forget just how beautiful it can be. After a thick blanket of fog burned off in the morning, sunshine and blue skies returned once again. What makes this lake so special to me is just how gorgeous the landscape is, and the bird life. Lots of game birds, namely Mallard ducks were huddled down in secluded coves. The coot are back, and the California gulls and white pelicans were stationed in their usual spots on the shoreline. Western grebes and pie billed grebes trolled the surface for food and dived underwater for pumkinseed and bass minnows. It's definitely fall as flocks of Sand Hill cranes were migrating overhead for the greater Central Valley, and willows, cottonwood, and aspen trees showed signs of the beginning of autumn colors. So impressive.What a difference a few cold storms can do for Lake Davis as water temperatures have dropped considerably in the last week. The current surface water temps are 59 in the morning rising to 61 in the afternoon. With below freezing temperatures at night they will[…]

  • North Fork Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 9/13/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Sep 14, 2019 | 14:07 pm

    North Fork Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 9/13/2019 Back to work, and to be honest I was pretty excited to be back on the water, though Colorado love is still deeply on my mind. The canyon is pretty much a ghost town now, the hustle and bustle of tourist and a busy hwy 49 is done. Now more than ever, complete solitude can be found. When I have the right guests who are in shape, I can take them to the more remote sections that receive very little fishing pressure, so I a bit surprised to see the fishing was so good on Beat #16 for this time of year. Water temps recorded mid day in the upper watershed were at 57 degrees and rose to near 60 in the late afternoon. There were a lot of midges in the air with the occasional mayfly. The bigger size caddis are mostly gone but plenty of smaller ones in a size 18. The middle of the day will be the best time to be on the water and the rainbows will start looking up more frequently just before noon time. Ant patterns have lost their luster with the trout, hoppers too. larger size yellow and orange Stimis with beaded bright[…]

  • Colorado Fly Fishing Vacation ~ 9/8/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Sep 9, 2019 | 03:24 am

    Colorado Fly Fishing Vacation ~ 9/8/2019 Up until this trip it had been 14 years since I took an extended vacation to fish on my own time. 14 years of grinding out guide trips and sharing the wisdom of some 40 years plus of fly fishing knowledge. I guess you could say it was long overdue. My last trip was in 2005, a yearly pilgrimage that my dad and I use to make to Montana since 1995, where we would spend 40 days at our base camp located near West Fork on the banks of the Madison River. This trip was going to be extra special as I would visit friends I have not seen in decades, and revisit my old stomping grounds from canyon water to meandering meadows. I will say that overall the fishing (or catching) is so much easier in both Colorado and Montana than in California, mostly due to in my opinion to more trout per mile, and obviously better fisheries management. My drive out was pretty straight forward and I banged out 12 hours of scenic driving across Nevada, slept for 4 hours at a rest stop near the Utah/Colorado border, then continued on for 4 more hours until I reached[…]


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