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  • The RS2 ~ A Tail Water Trout Favorite ~ 3/27/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Mar 28, 2020 | 17:09 pm

    The RS2 ~ A Tail Water Trout Favorite ~ 3/27/2020 ~ Rim Chung ~The RS2 pattern was developed nearly 40 years ago by Colorado angler and tier Rim Chung. The name of the fly is short for “Rim’s Semblance 2,” and it fishes well as either a midge or a mayfly emerger. The original version featured natural beaver fur dubbing and saddle hackle for the wing. Many more modern versions appeared as newer materials were available to tiers, while maintaining the profile of Chung’s original pattern. As with many great patterns that have stood the test of time, you can fish the RS2 in many different ways. It can fished on the surface, in the film, subsurface, or as a dropper off another emerger pattern. This multi functional fly kicks ass!  My first introduction to the RS2 was from Abe Chavez who owned Abe’s Motel and Fly shop in 1992 on the San Juan River in New Mexico. Having lived in Breckenridge and Alma from 1991 to 1996, The Juan was only a mere 5 hours away through beautiful country like the San Luis Valley, with spectacular views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountain range, and over Wolf Creek Pass (headwaters of the San Juan River) down through Pagosa Springs,[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ The Corona Skwala Session ~ 3/22/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Mar 23, 2020 | 21:51 pm

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ The Corona Skwala Session ~ 3/22/2020 Total escape. Spending time on the Lower Yuba River fishing, exploring, bugging, and reveling in nature. It was so needed during these dire times. I found my true self once again. Yesterday was definitely a highlight in my fly fishing experience. The best? Close, but the Yampa last December 23rdhas been the most special to me so far. I wish every guest of mine could have experienced what I felt yesterday. Words cannot describe how beautiful and fun my day was, but I’ll try…A warm sunny day greeted us as we walked for miles to keep a safe distance from others. The wind was much stronger than predicted, and oddly it had some bite to it early on. My micro thin merino wool BUFF gave me comfort. I love simple functional gear and all the good things they provide, it’s the best. The flows have come down after the last storm, and are currently running at 1,090 cubes – perfect. The water has color to it which is a good thing, with visibility right at about 5 feet. The Yuba River is a little clearer downstream near Hammon Grove Park, so expect the fish to be not so grabby. There[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ Social Distancing Edition #1 ~ 3/18/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Mar 19, 2020 | 20:43 pm

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ Social Distancing Edition #1 ~ 3/18/2020 Well, much has changed since my last report with the world wide situation of C19, and 2 feet of new snow here at the top of the ridge, 4 miles north of Nevada City. Northern California has gone from warm and dry weather, to cold and snowy, on the verge of the official spring equinox. During the big storm, high wind and snow laden conifers fell across power lines and roads, all over the foot hills. I’m still without power, and lucky my landlord, who lives next me, has a generator he periodically runs. Yesterday, I had to try to go into town for food and supplies. I was not sure if the roads were even open. While trying to exit the property, my truck got stuck three times, and each time I would shovel the vehicle free. Once I got on North Bloomfield road into town, the roads were in good shape, just wet, no ice, and a few new debris piles and trees to navigate around. I was extremely grateful. Once in town, I made the rounds and was quite surprised at how nice and polite most of the people were. I did encounter some aggressive and rude[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report~ 3/9/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Mar 9, 2020 | 17:06 pm

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report~ 3/9/2020 Fishing still remains to be good on the Lower Yuba River, and spring has sprung with more wildflowers out, and new birds returning to the region. The cliff swallows are back, and I saw my first Osprey yesterday circling above the river looking for a vulnerable rainbow to snatch up. Songbirds and warblers are making an appearance as well. I love watching the birds and how they interact with the current conditions for food sources, like the hermit thrush patiently waiting on the cobblestones next to the bank anticipating a Skwala snack. They’re not dumb.It was nice to see some light and steady rain grace the land this past weekend, just enough to keep the dust down and recharge the green colors of the foothills. We had nearly a half inch of precipitation fall in Nevada City for the last 48 hours. Not nearly enough, but we’ll take. The flows out of Englebright dam remain stable, and Deer creek barely bumped up during the storm so no new color was added to the system. Currently the combined flows are running between 970 and 980 cubes. From Yuba Water Agency’s website “Current snow survey data and long-range forecasts indicate dry conditions. For[…]

  • Dry Fly Workshop ~ Yuba River ~ 3/14/20

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Mar 5, 2020 | 03:42 am

    Dry Fly Workshop ~ Yuba River ~ 3/14/20 Dry fly tactics and presentations is the most rewarding way to catch large educated trout, seeing the take happen in real time is the epitome of fly fishing. The Yuba River is the perfect classroom to hone your skills and your ability to match the hatch for challenging trout and steelhead. You will learn much from this most informative workshop that you can apply all over the west, and on technical fisheries. This is an intermediate class for anglers who want to heighten their skills to the next level.We'll go over the best equipment for fishing dry flies, rigging leaders for technical waters to mountain creeks, flies, presentations from searching to the reach cast, tips & tricks, and a very informative handout. Cost is $150, limited to 4 anglers (3 booked, 1 spot open). Shoot me an email if you want in

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show ~ Upcoming Presentations ~ 2/28/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Feb 28, 2020 | 14:52 pm

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show ~ Upcoming Presentations ~ 2/28/2020 Wow, what a busy couple of weeks it has been. I’m sorry for the delay in making this post but business has been out of control, and I’m still not even close to being caught up yet. It's been the best winter guiding season in 24 years and I'm so grateful, thanks for all the support. First off, let’s talk about our weather and the dry spell of the extremely warm temperatures we’ve been experiencing. It’s Spring in February. On the Yuba River there are lupine and poppies blooming, and the Pipevine swallowtail butterfly is out. All signs of Spring. We have a chance of precipitation through the weekend, then warming back up again, and the models suggest a pattern change starting the second week of March where a trough may set up off the California coast. That could change as well. You just never know with California weather in this era of late, gone are the days of my youth growing up in Paradise with massive amounts of rain and snow from October to May.Last week, Cat Toy and I floated the river with Brian Clemens of Nor Cal Fly Guides on a guided trip and did really well. As[…]

  • Mid Season Yuba River Skwala Hatch ~ Upping Your Game

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Feb 11, 2020 | 00:38 am

    Mid Season Yuba River Skwala Hatch ~ Upping Your Game No rain and conditions look rather bleak for precipitation in the future. At the moment, I could care less. What we are experiencing right now on the Yuba River is why I moved to Nevada City from part time in 2008, to full time in 2011. A mix of mild and sunny days with colder periods, lower flows, good hatches with two sizes of PMDs, the Skwalas, Brown Duns, Epeorus mayflies (pinkies), BWOs, and midges. Nothing better than drought conditions on the Lower Yuba River. It's been a real pleasure sharing the Yuba River experience with great fly clubs like Tr-Valley Fly Fishers, High Sierra Flycasters in the past few weeks, and many individual anglers who participated in workshops and regular guide trips. Stalking individual trout off the bank and hunting heads on the Yuba is the most rewarding game you can play while fly fishing in Northern California during the winter. It's so good... I never want it to end.The river has been very busy with anglers, and I still see folks racing around trying to out do one another and get the spot. It's quite the opposite action that one really needs to do...Slow down, cast less, observe[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 2/5/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Feb 6, 2020 | 02:10 am

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 2/5/2020 It’s been pretty good on the Lower Yuba River, but the air temperatures greatly affect Skwala activity, and also the mayfly hatches. The last two days with the extremely cold north wind really hampered the dry fly fishing. In fact last Monday was the coldest day I can remember on the Yuba River. That north wind cuts right through you and it’s enough to give one an ear ache for days (I’m there right now). Here is an example of how the air temperature and wind chill affect Skwala activity. On Saturday the first of February, I was hosting group #2 from Tri Valley Fly Fishers at Hammon Grove. That day we saw dozens of stoneflies in the willows, on the rocks, and in the drift. We saw many blow ups from the trout eating them as well. This past Monday, I saw one Skwala out, with only a few rise forms. Where do they go? They simply hide out under the cobbles and wait for another day that is warmer. For the mayflies, it’s a different story. They have a 24 hour life cycle, where as a stonefly can live for a month or longer. Cold wind can affect[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Update

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jan 30, 2020 | 13:22 pm

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Update Conditions on the Lower Yuba River remain the same as the previous weeks except the trout are fully engaged on the Skwala stonefly, and actively looking for them in the drift. Fishing pressure remains to be moderate, and as expected, heavier on the weekends, but there is always plenty of room to find your own section of water too. The flows came up a tad during the last storm reaching 1,650 cfs. Nothing major at all and just a good little micro flush to disperse food items for the trout. Currently the flows at the Parks Bar Bridge are running at 1,236 cubes, and the water is clear. It's all about the afternoons right now, when the bugs are most active and you can ditch the nymph rig. First you'll see the BWOs and PMDs hatch around 12 to 1pm. Some days the actual hatch will last longer than others. I typically go out rigged with a BWO loop wing parachute to 5x before making adjustments as to what the real time conditions dictate. Every day is a bit different. On a few occasions in the last week, I have seen two different PMDs out. The fist is a more yellowish verity[…]

  • Skwala Stonefly Tips ~ Tying, Techniques, and Presentations

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jan 27, 2020 | 04:26 am

    Skwala Stonefly Tips ~ Tying, Techniques, and Presentations Fishing the Skwala stonefly hatch on the Lower Yuba River is a highlight in my life, and I look forward to it every winter. Over rated? Yes. Mysterious? To some degree. Red hot fishing? It can be. There are so many factors involved with fishing and understanding this hatch that I thought it was prudent for another post to explain what I have learned in the past couple of decades. When it comes to tying a Skwala pattern, or buying one at a fly shop, there are some considerations to take into account. The fly should sit flush in the water just like the natural, be of the right size and color, and also be durable. The Unit Skwala pictured above is really hard to find commercially. I do not sell them publicly, though I do tie a few hundred of them every winter for my guide trips, clinics, and workshops. Over the years I have refined this pattern to my specs based on its performance, and the reaction from the trout. Differences like only using a half bullet head because the natural bug has color underneath its head, not dark hair. Or using a sighter on top of the wing like EP's Trigger[…]


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