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Jon Baiocchi's Trip Reports

  • Fly Fishing, Being Thankful, and Gratitude ~ 11/28/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Nov 28, 2019 | 22:05 pm

    Fly Fishing, Being Thankful, and Gratitude ~ 11/28/2019 This won't be the typical blog post of a fishing report, a fly pattern, or notes from a trip from me today. Gonna be freestyle, something that I'm very familiar with. I'm taking a suggestion from long time native Northern Californian fly angler/guide/artist Hogan Brown and just share something totally different, AND my special friend from Arvada, Co who has the most inspiring posts on social media platforms - The Cat! Today I write about thoughts of the past, present and the future. Just random flashes of thoughts, the ones that keep me up at night, or wake me up in the morning - The good ones. Like, do you realize I get to fish with Hogan this spring on a scheduled payed trip to Lake Oroville for bass, a lake I lived right up the hill from growing up in Paradise. My dad was a master on that lake, and I was lucky enough to have him take me fishing there when I was very young. Funny thing is, back then, there were no bass. We fished for rainbows, browns, and Cohos. Lime Saddle Marina, the arms of the North Fork and West Branch Feather, Goat Ranch, Parish Cove,[…]

  • Stillwaters of the Northern Sierra Seminar ~ 12/7/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Nov 20, 2019 | 15:26 pm

    Stillwaters of the Northern Sierra Seminar ~ 12/7/2019 Looking for more knowledge on the classic stillwaters of the Northern Sierra? Look no further as Delta Fly Fishers will be having a seminar on Lake Davis, Eagle Lake, and Frenchman Lake on 12/7/2019. I'm humbled and honored to be chosen to lead this informative seminar on these special stillwaters that have greatly effected my life and outlook on fly fishing. My main focus these days is to share the knowledge so other fly anglers can experience the same joy that was past down to me by my own father, and the iconic stillwater master Jay Fair. You'll gain a more thorough understanding through my PowerPoint presentations that are a collection of my decades long experiences fishing and guiding these lakes. This event will take place at St. Paul's Lutheran church in Lodi, Ca and it will be an all day event with many different activities. I will be presenting two programs "Lake Davis & Frenchmans Lake", and also "Fly Fishing Eagle Lake" with topics like flies, rigging, leader formulas, access areas, the best fishing locations, best times of year, hatches, mapping, and the current state of each body of water! I'll also lead some tying classes where we will[…]

  • Baiocchi's Troutfitters 2020 Workshop, Clinic, and Tour Schedule

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Nov 19, 2019 | 13:19 pm

    Baiocchi's Troutfitters 2020 Workshop, Clinic, and Tour Schedule Listed below is the tentative schedule for special instructional events like workshops, clinics, and tours in 2020. I will be adding more dates as we get into the prime time of the season, that's often the case as the response from eager participants is often overwhelming. Each event is geared towards a detailed technique, hatch, or body of water where the main goal is to see anglers progress in their skill set, and to gain knowledge. From dry fly techniques, the skwala hatch, streamer tactics, high water, tight lining, creeks of the Lost Sierra, to Native Sons Tours with the Da Dean of guides Frank Pisciotta, you can be assured you will be receiving the very best from our decades of fly fishing on our Native Northern California waters and beyond with our hosted trips.For specific details for each event and to sign up, go to my "news" page on my website HERE. We are looking forward to sharing the knowledge with you and promoting healthy fly fishing! Baiocchi's Troutfitters 2020 Special Events Calendar1/11- Dry Fly Workshop, Yuba River.1/25 - Lost Coast Outfitters Dry Fly Workshop, Yuba River.2/12 - Skwala Workshop, Yuba River.2/15 - Lost Coast Outfitters Skwala Workshop, Yuba River.2/27[…]

  • Busman's Holiday ~ Trinity River 2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Nov 10, 2019 | 12:38 pm

    Busman's Holiday ~ Trinity River 2019 Busman's Holiday: A vacation or form of recreation that involves doing the same thing that one does at work. Except on this trip I was the guest for two days of guided fishing on the Trinity River. Joined by my long time buddy @shogun_of_denver, we had the odds stacked against us. Bright warm sunny weather, low clear flows, and not many fish in the system due to the tribe opening up the weir downstream a month late (politics). None of these factors could deter my annual trip to such a beautiful classic Northern California watershed, besides we're chasing steelhead, the unicorn of freshwater fish. On Day 1 we floated the lower river, a little more water down there, but still pretty much bone dog flows. Fishing pressure was extremely light and there were very few steelhead to be seen. We boated some Halfers and Tweeners, and a few adults came unbuttoned. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, not a puff of wind either. Warm in the sunshine, and in the shade, much cooler. On Day 2 we floated the upper river launching from Indian Creek Lodge (best place to stay and eat in the area) and were into fish right away. It seemed[…]

  • So Cal Fly Fishing Presentation Tour ~ November 12th - 21st, 2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Nov 1, 2019 | 15:46 pm

    So Cal Fly Fishing Presentation Tour ~ November 12th - 21st, 2019 I will appearing in the Southern California area November 12th to the 21st for the "7 Club" Presentation tour. My program will be "Mastering the Dry Fly ~ A Visual Experience". I'm honored and humbled to be invited down again as my last tour in So Cal was in 2015, which was a lot of fun sharing the knowledge! The dry fly program was created for numerous fly clubs looking for a more technical program on fishing the dry fly. “Mastering the Dry Fly” entails a brief history of the dry fly and those anglers who were involved from the beginning, simple to complex presentations, understanding rise forms, approaching water structure, tips & tricks, and my favorite patterns for eager to educated trout. Beautiful images and new detailed animated slides provide the audience with clear and concise information for future endeavors on the water while dry fly fishing. This will be a program you do not want to miss!Here is the schedule below. Please click on the links for meeting locations, times, and all the details. I hope see my So Cal followers there!- 11/12, Conejo Valley Fly Fishers- 11/13, Fly Fishers of Orange County- 11/14, Pasadena Casting Club- 11/18, Golden State[…]

  • Lake Davis ~ 10/30/2019 ~ Last Report of the Season

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Oct 30, 2019 | 14:51 pm

    Lake Davis ~ 10/30/2019 ~ Last Report of the Season Brutal conditions. Wind so cold from the North East, it cuts right though you. We've been covering a lot of water as the fish are somewhat scattered to a degree. With the North/East direction of the wind you have to change tactics and hug the east shore, and find the calmer coves in the North end of the lake. At least the sun is out generating some warmth. Its been so gnarly out, but when you're hooking fish, it's all good. This morning's temp is 13, it will be slow to warm, and the east wind is supposed to blow again, ready to suck the life out of us. Yet we'll be out there, driven by the passion of the toad. Hardy conditions for sure.So move around a lot, find fish, and stay there for a little while, then move again. A RIO Versi Tip with a sink rate of 1.5 (yeah, the clear one) off a floating line has been best. Fish the big flies, Jay Fair stripping flies in rust in the morning, burnt orange in the afternoon. Water temps are 48 degrees, and they will dropping quickly from here on out. Slower to medium strip now, with[…]

  • Lake Davis Observations ~ 10/27/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Oct 27, 2019 | 14:52 pm

    Lake Davis Observations ~ 10/27/2019 Beautiful Autumn weather blanketing Lake Davis in the last week, another Indian summer with flashes of small weather systems in the last month and a half. It’s just how our climate is these days and surly not the same world I remember growing up in Paradise. Back then we’d get rain and snow from late September through May, and a whole lot of it. We had t-shirt weather on Friday in the afternoon. It’s been too nice to be honest. We need a good storm to let these fish know that winter will take hold soon and they will be living under an icy tomb for 5 months. They tend to feed more during such desperate times. Catch rates have slowed down from the previous week. The big mega pods I found in the extreme north end and took advantage of have dispersed – Fish are scattered once again. We saw this in early October as well. You’ll find them in all types of water too, shallow shoreline, mid depth with heavy weeds, and in 25 feet with a featureless bottom structure. No matter the depth the trout are hugging the top water column. 50 degrees is the current water temp and[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/21/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Oct 21, 2019 | 14:22 pm

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/21/2019 I traveled back down to the Lower Yuba River from the Northern Sierra for a few trips, and just as expected, the river is fishing really well. Saturday’s weather was cold in the morning with a stiff east wind, but there was an ample amount of cloud cover, and with it, all sorts of adult aquatics out. Sunday was super nice and warm with bright conditions, not the best trout weather but that didn’t matter at all – Those silver bullets were chowing down all day long. Fishing pressure has been heavy at times, and you may have to go off the beaten path or wait an angler out if you care to fish a particular spot at the more easy access areas. There have been no new redds where I’ve been guiding on the river, yet I still see salmon migrating upstream through the riffles at various times during the day. The water is very clear and the flows from Englebright reservoir have been right around 1,350 cubes. The rainbows are podded up and where you find one, you’ll find five of them. From "Da Dean" of guides Frank Pisciotta, "When the fishing is slow, move fast, and when the[…]

  • Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/18/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Oct 19, 2019 | 02:52 am

    Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/18/2019 Fall colors are peaking at Lake Davis, and so is the fishing. The key to having a really good day right now is locating fish and staying put. I keep saying that but you don’t leave fish to find fish. On the other hand major pods of rainbows can move a good distance from day to day. Fellow guide Ed Dillard told me he found a large pod of rainbows near Catfish Cove towards the dam, and a few days later they were gone, but then found them on the east shore south of Lighting Tree. If you’re not catching, move along to another location. I’ve been taking my guests to Lightning Tree, Long Point, Bluff Cove, Fairview Point, and especially the Freeman Creek arm – Where ever the fish roam…and you can bet I’ll find ‘em.  Water temps dipped a degree from my last report as yesterday I recorded a 52 on the surface. Days have been seasonably warm for the most part but there have also been some big wind events. Factor that situation with the lake turning over a week and a half ago, and the coots ripping up weeds, and you’ll notice there is a lot[…]

  • Lake Davis / Middle Fork Feather River Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/13/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Oct 14, 2019 | 12:35 pm

    Lake Davis / Middle Fork Feather River Fly Fishing Report ~ 10/13/2019 If you’re a fly angler, October is the best month of the year for good fishing in the Northern Sierra, as well as across Nor Cal. Fall colors, and the seasons changing guard are a stark reminder that another year has flown past. It’s been a great one while fishing/guiding on the water, and there are still plenty more good trips to be had. Nights have been cold, enough for me to make adjustments on where I’m camping out like up on a hill instead of down by the river or the lake. Cold air sinks to the bottom of any basin, so keep that in mind as well as if your camp will get early morning sunlight. The low air temps will increase a little bit in the upcoming days and during the daytime the highs will be mild with near 70 degree autumn weather, with a noticeable shorter length of daylight from sunrise to sunset. October is just plain special, I just wish it were stretched out over a three month period.Lake Davis – Fishing has been great, the best it’s been in a long time but still you got to put some work in and locate the[…]


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