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  • Bong....Bong....Bong

    Northern California Trout Apr 3, 2020 | 17:10 pm

    Have you ever noticed that when you put labels on a post, Blogger automatically puts them in alphabetical order. Only took me 10 years to notice.That is the sound of me bouncing off the walls. We've been cooped up for 16 days (with the exception of going to the grocery store) and we have at least 27 more to go according to our Governor.But, so far only 2 cases in Amador County and one took off as soon as he or she found out they were positive. Way to go moron. Let's spread it around some more. We have approximately 5000 people in our county, but are spread out all over the place. Hopefully that will help contain it.Other than the complaint above, I have two more. You all know about the hip problem and it's a strain to just to put on socks. Ergo (I love that word. For those who don't know it, it is Latin for therefore) I have someone that trims my toenails. No not my wife. Unfortunately that shop is considered "non-essential" and has been shut down. Yesterday I had to trim my own toenails. Probably not something you'd care to hear about, but a[…]

  • Well, That Sucks

    Northern California Trout Mar 21, 2020 | 16:44 pm

    Well, That Sucks First let me say that all is well out here in Northern California, at least with our families.Second, Governor Gavin Newsome has put a "shelter in place" order for the entire state. The order lasts (for now) for a "couple weeks".So, with reservations on Friday and Saturday, we packed up the unused, new, Lance trailer for the maiden voyage. I had made reservations two months ago to do a "check it out" trip, close to home to find out what, if anything, isn't working in the trailer. Place needed full hookups per the recommendation of Trailer Life magazine.  The new trailerWith a prior trip check on Wednesday to make sure they were open, we headed out to the Lake Camanche to the Trout Pond camping area. Trout PondOh, before I go any further, the "shelter in place" order, what's the difference if you shelter at home or shelter in your home with wheels? I don't see any difference.OK, a 45 minute drive and we pulled up to the check in at the South Shore (where the Trout Pond is) and as we drove up I noticed the red light/green light on the building was RED. I know enough about Camanche that[…]

  • A little Genealogy Update Part 2

    Northern California Trout Feb 29, 2020 | 17:40 pm

    Let me start with the Quackenburg Church Register.Back in the old days when a person is born, married, or dies a record is kept by the town mayor or some official in that town. Once a year or so the traveling church representative would come by and record all the information in the church register being it Lutheran, Baptist, or Catholic etc.When my relatives moved from where ever they lived (haven't found that place yet, but I'm thinking Poland based on Great Uncle Herman speaking High German [a refined type of German] and Yiddish) to what is now Ukraine, the births of the 9 children of my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother were recorded in the Lutheran Church Book in Volhynia. Had this not been done, we (my cousin Dan and I) would still be looking for the original 5 children mentioned in Great Aunt Adina's letter from 1990.In looking at the GEDBAS database it also seems that Quackenburg was the Las Vegas of Poland. Seems most marriages took place there OR were just recorded there. At this point I don't even know if there was a ceremony or maybe they just jumped over a broom or something and were[…]

  • A little Genealogy Update Part 1

    Northern California Trout Feb 28, 2020 | 16:12 pm

    I don't know if you're interested in my past family, but I thought I'd throw this our here anyway.If I've mentioned this before, just keep reading. It'll get better.When I do a search for one specific relative, I check all the normal websites. Ancestry, MyHeritage, Family Search, etc. Back in mid-January I was looking for that specific person and couldn't find anything more than a date of birth. I have something like 25 different sites I can look at, but again when you find a person is from a particular country, that narrows down the places you can look.So, on January 15th I was looking and decided to just do a Google search. One can not expect results from a search that returns a million and a half hits. I gave it my best shot and started through the first couple pages. As usual, nothing. Then I came across an actual hit. It was on a website called GEDBAS. Turned out it was a genealogy website that was translating the Quackenburg Church Register. OK, doesn't mean anything to you, right? More on that tomorrow.Quackenburg is in Poland. Most of the Polish documentation was destroyed during WWI and WWII as well[…]

  • Not Much

    Northern California Trout Feb 24, 2020 | 16:55 pm

    Not Much Met Yuki out at Camanche North Shore last Friday the 21st.Didn't have any expectations and it's a good thing because we got SKUNKED. It wasn't just us, it was everybody out there.I would suspect they planted sometime around the 13th or 14th (Presidents Holiday weekend) and the fish had a full week to disperse into the lake.  That's OK though. Gave Yuki and I a chance to catch up since we hadn't fished together since OCTOBER. Holy Cat Chow Batman. Well, we're caught up now.In some of the previous posts I've mentioned the old arthritis problem. Having visited the Orthopedic Surgeon in December, he wants to replace the hip this year. Going to have to wait until at least September after camping season. Reservations are already made for next month at Camanche South Shore at the Trout Pond (full hookups) to do a trial run in the new trailer. Make sure everything works and we have everything we need before heading out.June will find us at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.July will find us at Hope Valley (as usual) fishing, camping, and kayaking.The end of August is our yearly trip to Upper Lake for four nights with the kids[…]

  • The Middle Isn't Always The Best Place

    Northern California Trout Feb 12, 2020 | 16:05 pm

    The Middle Isn't Always The Best Place Tuesday morning (that would be yesterday) found me at Lake Camanche North Shore at about 0900.There were already guys fishing out on the peninsula so I just pushed my way in. Does that sound like me? Not really, there was plenty of space.Set out two rods with rainbow Power Bait, one close in, the other out as far as I could cast.Was a beautiful, sunny, and eventually warm day. Hit almost 70. Nice and warm. Nice for fishing, bad for February. We're getting to a place where we really need rain. We're maybe 2/3 of average for the year.On my right was my good friend Rueben. He had one in the bag (he doesn't use a stringer) and in the picture below his second for the day.Here fishy, fishyGot himBy the way, here fishy fishy doesn't work except when it's hooked and right at the net. Then again I've lost a few "right at the net".To my left was this gentleman whom I don't know. When I got there, there were a couple other guys beyond him, but they had left by the time he hooked this one. It was about 3 pounds. I would have gotten pictures, but as[…]

  • The Night Chicago Died

    Northern California Trout Feb 2, 2020 | 18:29 pm

    The Night Chicago Died Ever have one of those songs that keep bouncing around in your head? It's called an ear worm.There is a song by a group called Paper Lace called "The Night Chicago Died". Been bouncing around in my head for about 6 days now.A lot of interesting information in this song. Let me take you through some of the lyrics and explain who and what.First two sentences. "Daddy was a cop on the East Side of Chicago". I didn't know Lake Michigan had cops. Actually there is no "East Side" of Chicago. North, South, and West yes, East Side nope."When the Town of Chicago Died, they talk about it still". More on this later."When a man named Al Capone tried to make that town his own". Yup he sure did."He called his gang to war with the forces of the law". He was always at odds with the forces of the law."And the sound of the battle rang through the streets of the old East Side". Nope, no streets in Lake Michigan.When confronted, Paper Lace just said, doesn't every city have an East Side? They had never been to Chicago. They were a band from England.So what was "The Night Chicago[…]

  • A Day Of Dead Batteries

    Northern California Trout Jan 24, 2020 | 23:03 pm

    A Day Of Dead Batteries It's Friday so I decided to head out to Lake Camanche and soak some Power Bait. What Friday has to do with it opposed to any other day, I have no idea. Just threw that in there.Got to the lake about 9:00 after stopping for coffee at Java Drive. Set up at the same spot I've been in for the last three trips out there and put out one rod with rainbow Power Bait and the other with Hatchery Pellet Power Bait.Then the waiting began.Took a few shots with my camera just to show I wasn't alone.To the pointReuben in the green jacketFar off fisherpeopleWith the way the last two trips went, I waited until 10:00 for the first bite. If you remember, the last two times I was out there the first bite came at exactly 10:00.When I left home my camera had 2/3 power. Figured that would be enough for the day. When I got the first bite, which was NOT exactly 10:00 (more like 9:45) it was a biggie. Was on the rainbow Power Bait.About 5 poundsGot the camera out for the "proof of catch" picture and the battery showed DEAD. Took the picture anyway and luckily[…]

  • Hello, Anybody There?

    Northern California Trout Jan 19, 2020 | 04:01 am

    Hello, Anybody There? Saturday morning at La Casa Kautz and I decided to give my wife a morning without me under foot.Got up early, loaded the truck with the necessary fishing accouterments and with the temperature at a nice freezing 32 degrees, headed for Lake Camanche.When I got to the lake it was a balmy 42 degrees, but temperature wasn't the problem. If I hadn't been familiar with the lake, would have completely missed it in the fog.Can you find the lake?Set up two rods with rainbow Power Bait and threw them out somewhere. Barely could see your hand in front of you face. OK, wasn't quite that bad at lake side or I probably would have parked my truck in the lake. Did I mention my wife calls me Mr. Exaggeration?In 42 degrees, I had my parka on, gloves, ball cap, ear muffs, yes ear muffs, and in my gloves, chemical had warmers and I still froze. To bolster my frozen body I also had a cup of coffee from Java Drive and a couple glazed donuts. And there I sat. I think there were other people out there, but I couldn't see them. Like fishing blind. Alright, I'll stop with the super fog stuff.[…]

  • If You're Going To Start Fishing 2020 This Is The Way To Do It

    Northern California Trout Jan 10, 2020 | 22:40 pm

    If You're Going To Start Fishing 2020 This Is The Way To Do It My wife had the day off work and was off to Folsom to a quilting class present she got for her birthday last month.I had the option of staying at the house and being a Haus Frau (that's German for house wife) or doing something else. What would you have done?I went fishing of course.You all know I have this arthritis problem in my back and hips, but I also have something called peripheral neuropathy. About 20 years ago my toes started to get numb. Doctor said I should wear more comfortable shoes. As time went on, the numbness spread through my feet and up my legs. Next doctor sent me to a Neurologist and he diagnosed it as peripheral neuropathy. He said about 40% of people that have it, don't know why.  It has currently stopped just below my knees. Some years later, in the hospital recovering from a heart attack I mentioned to a nurse about it and she asked questions.Back in the 80's I worked for an oil company.When I worked for that company, one of the processes we had was to remove writing on the drums with Acetone and re-stencil with what ever information needed to be[…]


  • Fishing Report March 8 2020

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Mar 8, 2020 | 16:59 pm

    March is here and so are the people and the fish. Every year anglers come from all over the country in March to chase the fish of a lifetime. The conditions this year are much drier than the past few years and there are a lot of high pressure sunny calm days. Even though this [...]

  • Fishing Report February 18 2020

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Feb 18, 2020 | 19:19 pm

    Late February at the lake and so far, so good. The spring fishing seems to be in full swing already with little or no cold weather and or precipitation soon. The water temperature is already 47 degrees which is probably a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. We could still have a cold snap and [...]

  • December 27 Fishing Report

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Dec 27, 2019 | 18:08 pm

    We have had a pretty good start to the winter fishing on Pyramid. The numbers of fish being caught are low but there are some nice sized fish being caught. The lake has been going through some changes over the last few years due to water levels and the fish stocking program. It appears the [...]

  • Fishing Report October 29th 2019

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Oct 30, 2019 | 02:47 am

    The lake is fishing pretty good for late October. Usually there is a lull in the fishing after the first couple weeks of the season until the water cools in mid November. Everything seems to be happening early this fall. The shore fishing is already picking up and should be good until we start to [...]

  • Fishing Report June 11th 2019

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Jun 12, 2019 | 04:51 am

    The lake closes for the summer at the end of June. Normally by this time of year we have forgotten about Pyramid and have moved on to other area waters. This season with all the high water on the area streams we have spent way more time on Pyramid later in the spring. WOW have [...]

  • April 22 2019

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Apr 22, 2019 | 23:42 pm

    The lake continues to produce some huge Cutthroat Trout. Like we said in our February event at the Nugget, the numbers this year would be down which has been the case almost all season. This is due to the new stocking format of more Pilot Peak strain fish and less Summit Lake strain fish. There [...]

  • Pyramid Lake February Fishing Report

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Feb 5, 2019 | 19:47 pm

    Pyramid Lake Report 2/5/19: The Lake has been fishing really well with the mild winter we are having. Lake surface temps are around 43-45*F. But look for it to slow down with the cold snap that is hitting this week and the possibility of the lake turning over when temps hits 41*F on the surface. [...]

  • Pyramid Lake Celebration Update 2-5-19

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Feb 5, 2019 | 19:12 pm

    February 15th Pyramid Lake Celebration Update Hey Folks, Rob Anderson here. I just got back from a month in Brazil to find the event in really good shape. Prizes are rolling in, we have a great guest speaker and signups are going well for both the Friday night free Celebration at the Nugget and the [...]

  • Fishing Report December 9th 2018

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Dec 10, 2018 | 05:45 am

    The recent cold weather has started to change the conditions at Pyramid. The fishing is starting to slow down for numbers but there are quite a few big fish still being caught. The colder water which is now in the mid to high 40’s has sent a lot of the fish into deeper warmer water. [...]

  • Fishing Report November 26th 2018

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Nov 26, 2018 | 15:02 pm

      Pyramid continues to put out some big fish. This time of year, is maybe the best for a chance to catch that “Fish of a Lifetime”. The fish are very “Hot” right now as well. Fish in the 5-8-pound range are probably the most aggressive and it is not uncommon to have a fish [...]


  • Red Hot Kokanee Bite at Stampede Reservoir

    Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Jul 5, 2019 | 21:31 pm

    Not many other lakes throughout California can say that 75-100 fish by late morning is the norm.  Non stop action is to be had at the beautiful gem of a reservoir nestled about 15 mins northeast of Truckee.  Currently I’m mainly fishing Stampede Reservoir due to the incredible catch ratio and the lack of heavy […]The post Red Hot Kokanee Bite at Stampede Reservoir appeared first on Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service.

  • Boca Kokanee

    Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Jul 11, 2016 | 00:13 am

    7/3/16 Boca Kokanee Clients Rohn and Willow had so much fun at Folsom 3 days ago, they wanted to go fishing again.  This time, the search was for Kokanee.  The hot bite for Boca Kokanee was kept a secret by many locals, myself included, due to the size of the lake and the fact that […]The post Boca Kokanee appeared first on Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service.

  • 6/30/16 Folsom Lake Trout

    Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Jul 1, 2016 | 23:59 pm

    6/30/16 Folsom Lake Trout A client called me the other day and said he was new to the area and wanted to learn the how to fish for Rainbow Folsom Lake Trout.  I told him that fishing is best May and June when the weather is cooler but I can at least show him the […]The post 6/30/16 Folsom Lake Trout appeared first on Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service.

  • 6/29/16 Folsom Lake Trout

    Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Jul 1, 2016 | 23:44 pm

    6/20/16 Folsom Lake Trout The Stephan family wanted a little fishing action close to home and chose Folsom Lake.  Since I had not been there in over a month, and a projected 108 degree temperature, I suggested we go up the hill to the high country where its much cooler.  They were going to be taking […]The post 6/29/16 Folsom Lake Trout appeared first on Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service.

  • 6/28/16 Kokanee

    Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Jul 1, 2016 | 15:54 pm

    Today we went to an undisclosed lake in the eastern sierra’s for some Kokanee fishing.  I say undisclosed due to its small size and no plants.  The lake is self sustaining. Clients did not wanna get up at the crack of dawn so I went out early and caught 3 nice Kokanee before they arrived.  Lost […]The post 6/28/16 Kokanee appeared first on Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service.

  • 6/18/16 Stampede Kokanee

    Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Jun 28, 2016 | 01:31 am

    Stampede Kokanee Red sky in morning, sailors take warning. I’d have to agree, with forecasted 20 plus mph winds my clients still wanted to fish. Ugh!! Gonna be a rough one today. But we ended the day with a huge tangle of everyone of our lines but had 10 Kokanee plus a nice cutthroat in […]The post 6/18/16 Stampede Kokanee appeared first on Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service.

  • 6/17/16 Stampede Kokanee

    Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Jun 28, 2016 | 01:19 am

    5/17/16 Kokanee Started off cold this morningand a tough bite.  Marked a ton of fish, they were just not in the mood to bite.  Switch up the presentation and lures a bit and started to catch fish.  Losing a bunch too.  About 9 am, the bite really turned on and we hooked numerous fish but […]The post 6/17/16 Stampede Kokanee appeared first on Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service.

  • 6.26.16 Stampede Kokanee

    Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Jun 27, 2016 | 02:52 am

    Stampede Kokanee Today I had the privilege of taking an Air Force Veteran out on a guided fishing trip for some Stampede Kokanee.  The morning started of cold with a light fog on the water and a very calm breeze.  Beautiful summer time conditions.  But it also started out slow.  It was more than an […]The post 6.26.16 Stampede Kokanee appeared first on Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service.

  • 6.25.16 Stampede Kokanee

    Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Jun 27, 2016 | 02:30 am

    Stampede Kokanee Today  I had the privilege of taking out Mark Fong, a write for the Fish Sniffer magazine, and his buddy on a guided fishing trip to Stampede Reservoir for the famed Stampede Kokanee.  I got there at 4:30 am and was surprised to see that I was not alone.  In fact 3 other boats had […]The post 6.25.16 Stampede Kokanee appeared first on Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service.

  • 6.22.16 Stampede

    Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Jun 23, 2016 | 03:37 am

    Today’s clients were 2 young children so we got a later start today at Stampede fishing for Kokanee.  There were a lot of boats on the water today but they were fairly scattered when we got there.  We started fishing the area we did well yesterday but it was pretty evident on the sonar that […]The post 6.22.16 Stampede appeared first on Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service.


  • Fly Fishing Specialties Apr 1, 2020 | 03:03 am

    Lower Sac, Upper Sac and Pit have been excellent options and where we've been spending majority of our time the past few weeks. The vast majority of our trips are being rescheduled due to the COVID-19 craziness but there is some great fishing to be had with very few folks out on the rivers. Lower Sac: Great trout fishing right now. PMD, Baetis, and March Brown hatches have been heavy the past few weeks. We've had some great windows to throw the dry fly to big sippers during some of these hatches as well. Primarily a nymph game but the these dry fly windows are an absolute blast when they happen. Weather patterns look good and fishing should remain the same. Upper Sac: Midges, Baetis and Stoneflies have been catching fish.. some very nice fish that have moved up from the lake are around along with plenty of smaller fish. Primarily a subsurface game until April/May when the big stoneflies start flying. Great walk/wade option right now. Pit: Has been fantastic. The trout haven't been discriminating much on the food they want. Stoneflies, caddis and general attractors will catch fish here right now. Great option especially with the weather beginning to warm up. Awesome place to tight-line nymph and not[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report Jan 21, 2020

    Fly Fishing Specialties Jan 22, 2020 | 00:40 am

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report Jan 21, 2020 Northern California Fly Fishing Report January 21, 2020Happy New Year everyone. We are excited for the great memories and fish to be caught in the coming year. Hope to see you on the water!Best Bets: Feather, American, Trinity amd Klamath - Steelhead, Lower Sacramento River - Trout, Sierra Foothill Lakes - Bass and trout, Pyramid Lake - CutthroatLake Almanor - TroutRating: Fair Hit or miss between storms Flows: DroppingWater Temps: 34 - 39 DegClarity:  8 to 12 ftFishing Report:  Catch rates have been good on slightly overcast days and challenging on stormy ones. Most rainbows are in the spawn now so be gentle if you get one. There are some sterile holder over planted fish that have been eating in coves mixed with wild prespawn fish. Additionally browns have been cruising targeting crawfish and smelt.  Fall season on Almanor got off to a slow start but the bite is picking up. The key has been been getting out when it isn't blowing like crazy or snowing a bunch. On days between storms the bite has been great. Rainbows have been eating small midges and other insects while the browns have good deep and are eating smelt. Expect fishing to be good in between storms all winter.[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report December 6, 2019

    Fly Fishing Specialties Dec 6, 2019 | 22:45 pm

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report December 6, 2019 And just like that Winter arrived! Recent winter storms have brought much needed rain and some fresh fish. There are some good opportunities for trout, bass and steelhead right now. We have key Holiday dates for Steelhead close to home on the Feather, trout on the Lower Sacramento Rover and you may want to leave a not so subtle hint about our gift certificates.We hope this Christmas Season you will have an opportunity to share some time with your loved ones, give back and perhaps even wet a line with those closest to you. Have a merry Christmas everyone!Best Bets: Feather, Trinity amd Klamath - Steelhead, Lower Sacramento River - Trout, Sierra Foothill Lakes - Bass and troutLake Almanor - TroutRating: Fair to Great depending on weatherFlows: Slowly droppingWater Temps: 43 - 44 DegClarity:  8 ftFishing Report:  This Fall season on Almanor got off to a slow start but the bite is picking up. The key has been been getting out when it isn't blowing like crazy or snowing a bunch. On days between storms the bite has been great. Rainbows have been eating small midges and other insects while the browns have good deep and are eating smelt. Expect fishing to be good in between[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report Nov 1, 2019

    Fly Fishing Specialties Nov 3, 2019 | 08:54 am

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report Nov 1, 2019 Fall fishing is very good throughout California for those willing to brave the wind and uncertain weather conditions. Our hearts go out to those displaced by fire and or potentially in harms way. There are plenty of great options for trout, steelhead, striper etc. that are completely unaffected by fires. Time to go fish!Your adventure awaits! PC: Chris NicolaBest bets; Putah Creek, Lower Sacramento, Pit River, McCloud River, Truckee or Yuba - Trout,  Trinity and Feather River - Steelhead, Delta, S.F. Bay Striper and Napa River - Striper, Pyramid Lake - Cutties!Lake Almanor - TroutRating: Fair and getting betterFlows: Slowly droppingWater Temps: 52 - 55 DegClarity: 6 to 15 ftAnglers willing to deal with cold temps are being rewarded on Almanor! PC Mark AntaramianFishing Report:  There were high expectations on the floating smelt bite. Strangely enough there are plenty of smelt around however fish seem to be so well fed that they are just not willing to chase them down. We got in a few days where fish seeming to be interested and then BAM the wind came in and with it cold air really put a damper things. Currently the lake is turning over and the fishing is taking off! This could[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report Sept 20, 2019

    Fly Fishing Specialties Sep 20, 2019 | 16:42 pm

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report Sept 20, 2019 Fall has arrived in Northern California and with it some of the very best fly fishing of the year!From trout and bass to striper and steelhead there is plenty of action for what ever your skills and preferences are. It's go time!!!Best bets; Putah Creek, Lower Sacramento, Upper Sacramento, Pit River, McCloud River or Truckee - Trout,  Trinity and Feather River - Steelhead, Delta, S.F. Bay Striper and Napa River - StriperLake Almanor - Trout and Smallmouth Bass Rating: Poor to Fair but improving soonFlows: NaWater Temps: 56-63 DegClarity: 8 to 12 ftFishing Report: Fishing conditions are tough right now for trout. The Hex fishing is long gone but it was a good season for sure with lots of nice browns, bows and smalleys in the net and happy guests! Things have definitely slowed after the Hex hatch ended. Best fishing has been targeting smallmouth in 15 to 20 ft of water off rocky points and rock ledges. Trout fishing has been very challenging but getting ready to change. Currently fish are swimming around deep (205 to 30 ft) cruising around gorging on tiny Daphnia Zooplankton. Since they are like a size 34 to 40 it is impossible to mimic these almost microinvertibrates. By early[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report July 12, 2019

    Fly Fishing Specialties Jul 13, 2019 | 02:19 am

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report July 12, 2019 Happy Summer everyone. From fireworks and Bar-B-Q to High Sierra trout fishing and topwater Bass fishing...this time of year sure is a blast. Lots of water is making for a great season. Get out and play everyone!Best bets; Lower Sacramento, Fall River, Pit River, McCloud River or Truckee - Trout,  Feather River - Steelehead, American River - Shad, Lake Almanor - Trout and Bass. Lake Almanor - Trout and Smallmouth Bass Rating:Great Flows: NaWater Temps: 61-67 DegClarity: 8 to 12 ftFishing Report: Fishing has been good on most days as long as wind cooperates. Now is the time to catch both trout and bass in good numbers on Almanor. The hex hatch will start to taper off soon so now is the time to go. This sought after hatch is something you don't want to miss. Best flies: Hex nymphs, Tan or gray Leaches(simulate hex nymphs emerging) Hex dries a last light.Guide Tip: Start at 25ft and work to 10ft over muddy Bottom. Channels and drops can be very productive. Throwing a seductive looking leach can elicit some hard strikes from Smallmouth as well as browns and bows. American River - Shad - Fair, Striper - Fair to Good, Steelhead - PoorRating: GoodFlows: 4,000 CFSVisibility : GoodFishing Report:  Shad are still lurking around in the[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report May 16, 2019

    Fly Fishing Specialties May 17, 2019 | 00:18 am

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report May 16, 2019 Water water everywhere...Good fishing to be had despite higher than normal flows. It is going to be a great Summer and Fall as a result. Time to get out and take advantage of all the opportunities. Best bets; Lower Sac, Pit River or McCloud, Fall River - Trout,  American and Yuba River - Shad, Lake Berryessa, Oroville and Clear Lake - Bass. Lake Almanor - Trout and Smallmouth Bass - Good to GreatRating:Good to greatFlows: NaWater Temps: 55 to 60 DegClarity: 8 to 20 ftFishing Report: It is finally warming up!! Smallmouth are on a tear!! there are lots of reds already but plenty of pre-spawn bass. Please stay away from those spawning fish. Clouser minnows and crawdad patterns have been best. The Chironomid hatch is also in full swing. Rainbows are taking them in open water. Lots of rising fish in areas where the hatch is heaviest. Best flies have been #14 to 16 Mercury Midge however just about any midge will do.Guide Tip: Look for the Rising Bows when you're looking for Trout the Pre-Spawn Bass have been Hanging near the areas there planning on Spawning. If you see Spawning Bass just go to the nearest Drop off.American River - Shad -[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report - April 12, 2019

    Fly Fishing Specialties Apr 12, 2019 | 20:29 pm

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report - April 12, 2019 Spring seems to have finally arrived here in Northern California. With it some much needed fishing time for us and our guests. Several waters are still closed however the general trout season opener is right around the corner! For now there are a few good year round trout options to go with good striper and red hot bass fishing!Best bets; Delta - Striper, Lake Berryessa, Clear Lake - Bass, Truckee - Trout, Trinity -Steelhead, Pyramid - CutthroatsAmerican River- SteelheadRating: FairFlows: 10kClarity: Gin on the rocksAnglers are surprisingly catching a fair number of steelhead.  Fresh chrome fish are still entering the system.  This is abnormal but no one is complaining about steelhead fishing in April. The fish are reacted well to swung flies.  Classic flies have been producing.  Try a Anderson’s Euphoria or a Thalken's Tiny Dancer. Shad season is just around the corner.  The end of the month the river should be full of fish.  High water years make really good shad runs.  On their tails are the stripers.  This is going to one heck of a shad/striper year in the Sacramento valley.Guide Tip: Make sure to be in a boat at 10k. There isn’t a lot of on foot access right[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report - Dec 1, 2018

    Fly Fishing Specialties Dec 6, 2018 | 20:51 pm

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report - Dec 1, 2018 Winter arrived this last week and with it some much needed rain fall and snow in the high country. This new moisture is sure to get our anadromous friends moving in our Northern California rivers. After reading the report if anything hits your hot button, give us a call at (530)242-4122 or (707)287-2939. We will be happy to help set up some productive winter fishing. Click here to see what some of our recent guests have said... Our gift certificates for guided trips make great Christmas presents. Perhaps a not so subtle hint is in order? For more info on giving and receiving the gift of fly fishing click here...We want to say thank you to those of you who fished with us this year. We are already looking forward to 2019. There is still some good fishing to be had between now and then. Wishing you all the best.Merry Christmas from our Family to yours!Best Bets: Trinity, Klamath, Upper and Lower Sac, Yuba, Feather and Pyramid Lake NVAmerican River Steelhead - Poor to Fair. Striper - Poor. Shad - Poor Water Temps - mid 50's.  Flows 1,900 at Fair Oaks. Clarity - FairStill not much to report here. Some half pounders and adult fish pushed up into the hatchery[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report Sept 28, 2018

    Fly Fishing Specialties Oct 3, 2018 | 01:37 am

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report Sept 28, 2018 Fall is already "in the air" in the Northern California high country. This signals the approach of our favorite time of year. From trout and bass to steelhead and striper. The best fishing of the year is knocking on the door. We are really looking forward to making some great memories this Fall with you. After reading the report if anything hits your hot button give us a call at (530)242-4122 or (707)287-2939. Click here to see what some of our recent guests have said...Best Bets: McCloud River, Pit River, Putah Creek, Upper and Lower Sac - Trout, Lower Yuba River - Trout, Lake Almanor - Trout and Bass, Delta and Napa River - StriperAmerican River Striper - Poor, Steelhead - Fair to Poor. Striper - Fair. Water Temps - High 50's to low 60's.  Flows fluctuating daily from1,800 to 2,200 cfs from Lake Natoma. Clarity - Good (10 to 12 ft)Still not much to report here. Some half pounder action and a few adults along with a few straggler few striper around. Our sights will be set on Steelhead going into Fall and Winter. It is nice to have this fishery in our back yards during Fall and upcoming holiday season. Steehead Nymphs: Birds Nests 10 -14,[…]


  • Truckee Area MOODS...Pre-Melt Throw-Back

    California Fly Fishing Apr 9, 2020 | 18:45 pm

    Truckee Area MOODS...Pre-Melt Throw-Back One thing about sheltering in place is that you start reminiscing about past, early-spring, pre-melt, fly fishing sessions in the Truckee region. My climatic preference is sun, sparse cloud-cover and minimal wind; mid-days. Access points are still few.When this Pandemic subsides I'm in an anxious MOOD to breathe fresh air while tramping through snow to a favored holding water, with my dry fly rod in hand (...see NOTE); looking for snouts at the surface... sipping first-brood BWO emergers and fully-developed duns. Well, OK, if I'm really anxious for the tug; I'd carry a second rod, set-up for a more consistent method that will produce "da throb of the rod".IMAGES from the past follow editorializing...NOTE: Selected excerpt from MOODS article in Sierra Fisherman, July 2014 "Moods take many forms...Head-Hunting: There are times when I've walked a river for three hours, without casting once. I did not see a single trout rise. We are entitled to being a "purist" whenever we wish.We all experience fishing moods; whether seasonally, day-to-today or spur of the moment. Each mood fits a current mind-set. Yes, moods can be fickle, prolonged, short-lived and will draw us to different types of water...these moods can overshadow what may be a[…]

  • A Modern-Day Evolution of Fly Fishing Gear

    California Fly Fishing Apr 7, 2020 | 17:57 pm

    A Modern-Day Evolution of Fly Fishing Gear A Yuba Rocket....or "1/2pounder"?Does the hackneyed "back-in-the-day" refer to pre-2000 or post 2000?Today I read a blog post by fellow angling friend/guide; Jon Baiocchi. It was a thoroughly informative post on new-age and old-day fly rods relative to their dynamics, preferred selection and  methods used. In the intro Jon recollects his early days of fly fishing with his dad and the gear they used. It reminded me of an article I'd written for the Spring 2012 issue of the now-defunct Sierra Fisherman magazine. Some of you "old-timers" will relate.  Here is the article; sprinkled with attempts at humor...sans images:A Time Perspective on Fly Fishing For those of us who have been fly fishing for a few decades, there is a point in time when we realize we are of the “older generation”. Our fly angling psyche has changed; influenced by the introduction of modern methods, concepts and gear. With the mid-90’s advent of the Internet, the learning curve for those of us very experienced or novice is now quicker and steeper. We grizzled fly anglers accept this …maybe reluctantly…and recognize that our passion has been and will continue to be a dynamic sport; although some things may remain constant in our minds.[…]

  • Truckee Area...Winter To Spring Transition

    California Fly Fishing Mar 27, 2020 | 20:02 pm

    Truckee Area...Winter To Spring Transition Let'em Breathe!AS OF MARCH 26-APRIL 30, 2020: NO GUIDING*ON THE TAHOE NATIONAL FOREST Report violators (aka Scammers) tothe Truckee Ranger District* E-note excerpt from the Truckee Ranger District on 3/26/2020:"On the Truckee Ranger District we expect that all outfitting and guiding and rec event operations are suspended until the State shelter in place order is lifted"Yes indeed we'll  take it!...sort  of a minor Miracle March. The recent snow-storms have been most welcomed.  Prior to, we were at 50% of historical average snow-pack to date; as of today it's been bumped-up to 63% of normal and at 67% water-content (was 43% on March 13th!).  Still low but an improvement. The storm-door seems to be open until the end of the month... Maybe we'll break the 70% mark.front door...end of stormDuring the first "good dump" two weeks ago I got  4' of new snow at my place at 6500'. I'm guessing there had to be a minimum of 6'-7' of new "white gold" at the higher peaks. Wonderful for the forest and fisheries...not to mention skiing. Unfortunately for the latter, whether skiing or gliding, the north Tahoe resorts  are all closed...da VIRUS thing; of which I 'm not going to dwell upon here, remaining up-beat, […]

  • Truckee Area...Late Winter

    California Fly Fishing Feb 21, 2020 | 04:27 am

    Truckee Area...Late Winter Let'em Breathe!My wish is a March Miracle (...not Miracle March!). It has been 3-4 weeks since we received any significant precipitation that deposited snow on the ground that didn't melt-off in a day or two.Back-yard forest...Normal snow amount in late February...Ain't happening!Right now, my prognosis is the fishing will start in earnest 4-5 weeks ahead of normal...assuming we don't experience my above wish. I'm thinking...hoping...we're currently experiencing a "false spring".Truckee's watershed's eight (8) monitoring sites are cumulatively measuring 60% of average snow-water content. Total seasonal precipitation is also not spectacular at 56% of historical average to date.My unscientific snow-melt calculation .60 x .56 equates to 34% of normal melt.  Yikes!! Fortunately, we've had two of three "good water" years.My preferred "early-season" flies...via "old-school" High-Sticking"There's been no dramatic change in the fly angling since my last post of 1/31/20. There are less Little Black Winter Stoneflies flitting about and a slight up-tick in sightings of its larger relative, the Skwala Stonefly. BWO's are a good choice to imitate; either on the surface; during the sparse hatch/rise activity you can encounter, or, trailing a large Stonefly nymph or Flesh Juan Worms when dead-drifting "Low & Slow"; probing the bottom on the stream...where[…]

  • Truckee Area...Winter Bugs

    California Fly Fishing Feb 4, 2020 | 19:34 pm

    Truckee Area...Winter Bugs Personally I like to fish dry flies in winter...if conditions and access permit. Locally, in the Truckee area, currently there three aquatic bugs to consider if you're looking for surface feeders. I'm intentionally not mentioning midges because they are ALWAYS present, 365 days per year. I haven't observed intense bug hatches, but the below bugs are emerging...and trout are selectively eating them at the surface or in the surface-film.Best time-frame to be at the stream has been noon to 3PM. I prefer a bit of cloud cover because there is less solar-heating to dry the adults' wings;  their wings have to be structurally sound before they  alight off the water. The longer they drift, the more susceptible they are to be eaten.NOTE: Unless specified the images are mine taken in Truckee areaLittle Black Winter Stoneflies:When they are about, you'll see them "peppering" the snow-banks; either crawling about as winged adults or as nymphs preparing to split their thoracic wing-case to emerge.  Today they were fluttering at the water's surface in slow-running runs; otherwise they are very difficult to observe in the drift. Trout, generally, ingest these diminutive insects with gentle "slurps". Thin, 6X tippets are suggested for these size 16-18[…]

  • Montana's "Wide Missouri"...a 2020 option

    California Fly Fishing Jan 1, 2020 | 22:29 pm

    Montana's "Wide Missouri"...a 2020 option                    Big Sky MontanaI again returned the Missouri River in  Montana for a few days of drift-fishing during late-summer/early fall of 2019. The guiding and bedding was provided by Wolf Creek Anglers; 2-3 miles from Holter Dam. I'll return in 2020; August 29 to September 6. Below you'll find my journal entries...roughly UNEDITED. So please enjoy the gist of the fly angling we experienced and disregard the grammar, absence of sentence structure and my obsessive dots. Generally, I'm not a compulsive "fish-counter" but I include numbers in these entries to give a perspective of the tempo and "drift" of the fly angling.9/11---Our nation's "NEVER FORGET" dayHolter Dam to Craig: We indo-fished in the rain from 9AM-1PM; not really comfy, but we were prepared with the right clothing and stayed warm. It cleared to over-cast/drizzle in the afternoon. The productive fly pattern was a #18 or 20 Black Zebra Midge (silver bead), with a  6' drop to one BB shot. We netted good-sized RainBows in the 16"-18" range; strong, deep-bodied...some with 3-4 high aerials, others with long, first runs. There was one 12" Brown and a 15"-16" Whitey. No numbers  but enough to keep[…]

  • A Truckee White Christmas

    California Fly Fishing Dec 27, 2019 | 02:43 am

    A Truckee White Christmas As the song says "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...". Except, I don't dream it, I live it. Today the winter solstice is officially here. We wish everyone a pleasant Christmas and a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year.Thus far we've had a very busy,  social holiday season with a bit more until the arrival of  2020. From here on it is snow-shoveling, blowing and pushing snow...my major winter cardio/muscle-toning exercise.Generally, the snow accumulation is minimal and manageable...On right, our front- entry...before the heavy snowsback patio decks, upper cleared , lower not...before moving BBQ under the extended/sky-light eavesthen the snowfall and pack gets serious...Such is the time when I manually clear our back-patio decks in a TIMELY fashion; if not, ice forms making for difficult clearing. I do not do the lower deck, but make sure I clear the upper-deck section to assure our windows are clear and free of snow. If not, we'll live in snow-cave since all the other windows on our 1st floor,  we're we do 95% of our living, around our 6500' elevation home are covered in snow from the sloping roofs' constantly "unloading".After a "big dump"  After my shoveling/pushing...beautiful mountain snow & sunshine!In the front drive-way we[…]

  • Tahoe-Truckee Region...Fall Journal 2019

    California Fly Fishing Nov 24, 2019 | 05:28 am

    Tahoe-Truckee Region...Fall Journal 2019 Let'em Breathe!9/29---SCOUTING:I was looking for signs of early, migrating Browns...too early.About 1330 I fished in intermittent sleet and snow....everything was damp. Regardless, for the next 1-1/2 hours I saw steadily rising, in-the-film or just below, slurping trout.I believe the heavy rain/sleet/snow prevented any emerging aquatic bug breaking through the meniscus with the heavy pelting of sleet and wet-snow....amazing that the trout could pick-out a food item.Worked a disperse pod at Papa's.. Unbeknownst to me, during about 15" of casting to the working feeders, I realized that I been fishing...fly-less!  a #18 BWO, foam-top-emerger fly I'd had attached to my 5X tippet must have popped-off on my back-cast because of my inattention to the high willows behind me....duh.It was getting nasty; so I decided to make a hasty retreat from the weather. On the way-out I observed a minimum of 1/2 dozen upper-water-column feeders at both the 610 and Richard's Pool.9/30---SCOUTING:Snowing again! Hope it melts soon and I'll have an opportunity to get my drift-boat "off the mountain"...Where? I haven't decided yet, favoring Greg's place in Auburn, so it will be in close proximity for drifting the Yuba.I'm guessing the Boca dam's re-enforcement work for the season is finished or on[…]

  • Sage Words from the Icons #18

    California Fly Fishing Oct 15, 2019 | 16:50 pm

    Sage Words from the Icons #18 Fishing a side-channel...noticed this quote on FaceBook recently:"Fishing has a dignity, a simplicity, a ruggedness and honesty...little dreamed about in this materialistic world"ZANE GREYSolid hook-up...tiny fly...in the nib

  • Truckee Angling, Last Century Throwback PART # 3

    California Fly Fishing Sep 20, 2019 | 00:56 am

    Truckee Angling, Last Century Throwback PART # 3 Let'em Breathe! Circa mid-80's Thy Rod & Staff's 8-panel brochure Inside Panel #3: LATE SEASON: LATE SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER & EARLY NOVEMBERIf fortunate, the autumn angler experiences a glorious Indian Summer with only an occasional, shot-lived thundershower. Crowds are gone, nights become brisk, and the aspens and alders turn golden. It is a special time of year. Stealth become a prime tactic.Fall...Crowds are goneSolitude is the rule at Milton. If action is slow. one  can vacate the belly-boat and start prospecting for fall spawners leaving the lake and ascending the short stretch of the Yuba River's Middle  Fork. The same regulations apply.In October, the Truckee basin lakes will produce the largest trout of the season. The migrating 6-10 pound Browns are encountered in Stampede, Boca, and Prosser impoundments. Fly-rodders are starting to get their share.JR with an inlet BrownEx-Truckeeite Stan McCleod with fall-time Truckee River RainBow 


  • Spring 2020 Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Mar 15, 2020 | 03:40 am

    Spring 2020 Fishing Report Hello Everyone,I want to first start of by saying thank you to all that attended the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show. This was my first year having at booth there, and because of you all it was an absolute success. I will definitely continue having a booth there for years to come. Also thank you to all that come to my booth, it was a pleasure meeting new faces and potential future clients and of course I can never forget those that came by that I have had the pleasure of guiding over the years. Thank you to you all.Now for the Spring ReportWell, we officially had the driest February on record and it looked like March might have been the same way until the weather we are getting right now. This rain is definitely needed and will only make the fishing better in the long run. The 2020 season has started off with a bang and with some very unusual and extremely warm temperatures. It has brought the best Skwala hatch that I have seen in years and is still going strong and with other bugs in the mix. The steelhead have finally arrived and the fishing is pretty darn[…]

  • 2020 New Years Nor Cal Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Jan 2, 2020 | 03:05 am

    2020 New Years Nor Cal Fishing Report Happy New Years Everyone,I am hoping that everyone had a great and safe New Year and a very Merry Christmas. Where did the 2019 season go? Cant believe 2020 is already here.I have always loved the new year, it brings openers on rivers in Nor Cal, new license purchases, the start of the NFL Playoffs and new years resolutions. But it also means planning for 2020 fishing adventures and there is no better time than now. With the late 2019 season rains, that were much needed, they brought new life to many of our Nor Cal rivers and Im really looking forward to late winter and early spring.Here is you 2020 Nor Cal New Years Fishing ReportTRINITYFlows: 300 Lewiston, 350 DC, 470 JC, 660 Del LomaClarity: ClearFishing: Good to GreatThe December rains really woke up the Trinity from working hard for a few fish to hooking consistent numbers under an indicator as well as swinging. The fish are not as big as usual, but what they lack in size they sure make up in pure spunk. On average, we are hooking 4-8lb fish and each one has been a firecracker. The Trinity will have steady fishing throughout the rest of winter and[…]

  • Summer Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Jul 26, 2019 | 18:14 pm

    Summer Fishing Report Hello Fellow Anglers,Hope everyone is doing well, and out enjoying some of the good to great fishing we are seeing these summer days. With shad season at its end we now time to turn our efforts towards summer steelhead, stripers and trout for the next few months till the fall season hits us with a bang. The water flows and temps are really good right now, the fishing is good to great, so what are you waiting for, time to get out, make those presentation right and get those lines tight.Speaking of shad, what a season we had this year, the busiest for me yet. For some that got to experience the Yuba for shad it was absolutely epic, for others unfortunately I was fully booked up and we couldnt get out on the water together this year, hopefully we will in 2020. My first shad trip this season was May 5th and my last June 27th, prime days were May 15th to June 15th. The best day on the water we landed 148 shad between 2 anglers while the average day was between 60-70 shad to hand for 2 anglers. The pressure from boats and anglers was very low[…]

  • 2019 New Years Report and ISE SHOW SPECIAL

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Jan 15, 2019 | 23:44 pm

    2019 New Years Report and ISE SHOW SPECIAL Happy New Years EverybodyI hope that everyone had a fun and safe New Years as well as a very Merry Christmas.With the recent Xmas and New Years rains, they have brought new life to our Nor Cal rivers and the winter fishing is something to write home about, and its only gonna get better on each and everyone of them.Before we get into the fishing report, Id like to let everyone know that I will be at the ISE Show on Thursday and Saturday, and will be hanging out at the Fly Fishing Specialties booth in Building C. If you are deciding to go, come in and say hi. Ill also be offering a show special for anyone looking to book a trip, or several at the show with me. Book at the show and receive $50 off on any full day guided trip. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.Trinity RiverFlows: 300cfs Lewiston, 400cfs Steelhead Bridge, 475 DC, 700 JCRiver Clarity: 8ft very slight greenFishing: Good to greatI have been spending a good amount of time here over the past 2 months and for good reason, the fishing is good on all fronts. The rains have[…]

  • Winter 2018 Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Nov 29, 2018 | 22:09 pm

    Winter 2018 Fishing Report Hello Fellow AnglersThis fishing report is a bit overdue, however this was my busiest fall to date, with only 6 days off between Sept 20th and Nov 20th. So I didnt have much time to get a report out to you all, and Im not a big fan of rushing my reports either . So my apologies for not getting one out sooner, but better late than never.Besides being the busiest fall to date, it was one of the better fishing seasons in the past few years as well, I hope you all were able to get out and enjoy the great fishing conditions. The water was higher than normal, colder than normal and the fish down right loved it. If you missed out this year with booking your trip with me, I highly recommend booking your fall trip now, dates are already filling up.Now that we are finally getting some well needed rain, the fishing is really starting to heat up and our winter season is just starting. If you are looking to chase some big winter chrome now's the time to either get on the water and hammerdown or booking your trip while some prime dates remain.TRINITYThe Trinity[…]

  • July Summer Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Jul 6, 2018 | 23:37 pm

    July Summer Fishing Report Hello Fellow AnglersWhile the dog days of summer are biting at our heals, the fishing in Nor Cal is as good as it gets, and will continue for months to come.Lets just get straight to the report:YubaFlows Upper Lower Yuba 1700cfsFlows Lower Lower Yuba 950cfsClarity Gin ClearFishing U.L Yuba FairFishing L.L Yuba Good to GreatAbove the WeirTrout fishing has been fair, there are fish to be had, but you are having to work for them. I have only done one trip over the past month, and while we landed some quality fish, it was slower than what I expected. The river has changed a lot, and finding where those fish are holding will be challenging. With lower flows in the future the fishing should get better, and fishing a hopper dropping should work out great. If going out now, try nymphing the deeper runs, and throw dries in the tailouts, also throwing streamers is always a great idea.Nymphs: Caddis, Stones (goldens, yellow sallys), mayfliesStreamers: Olive woolly buggers, tan soft hacklesDries: Pink Alberts, Caddis, HoppersBelow the WeirWhat a site for sore eyes this year with the new boat. Up till this year I dreaded shad fishing on the American due to[…]

  • June Fishing Report.......SHAD & STRIPERS

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report May 16, 2018 | 17:52 pm

    June Fishing Report.......SHAD & STRIPERS Hello fellow anglers,What an interesting spring, one minute the faucet wouldnt turn off, then we started to see those nice spring days, and then out of nowhere she dipped back down to late winter early spring temps. Its like our typical spring weather kept seeing its own shadow, crazy. Well now that the weather has settled, its truly time to get out and chase some fish. SHAD, STRIPER and Trout ohhhhh myyyyyy.YUBAFlows 2700cfs Upper Lower YubaFlows 2000cfs Lower Lower YubaClarity Gin ClearFishing Good to GreatThe Yuba is fishing really well right now above the weir. Plenty of fish being taken on dries, the swing and nymphing too. The caddis are definitely out and about, the fish looking up, and the eat has been very aggressive as of late. Oh and dont forget out you noses eating those hatches of mayflies, nothing cooler than that. Swinging has been a ton of fun and only getting better. If all else fails the trusty nymph stick is getting some quality fish as well, but only when needed, hahahaha. The Yuba is going to continue to fish well for the next few months, and if your looking for some quality fishing but dont want to[…]

  • Spring Fishing Report and a bit more....

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Apr 2, 2018 | 03:12 am

    Spring Fishing Report and a bit more.... Hello EveryoneFinally the weather is looking up after the crazy Miracle March we experienced, but now with this steady weather we are having the fishing has really picked up for the better. Rivers are clearing up, fish are showing up and there have been many bent rods in the air to boot. Now's the time to get out and enjoy the fishing in Nor Cal.Before I get to the report, there are a few new additions to the Nor Cal Fly Guides services that I will be providing this year and years to come. Some of you know some of you don't, so here we go. Starting July 15th I will be offering Salmon trips on the Feather for catch and keep, it wont be your normal charter trip that you see out there, still the same trips as I am doing now, but on these trips you will be able to keep the fish. Starting this Shad season I will be targeting them on different rivers, not just the American. The will include the well known Yuba River, Feather River and Lower Sac. Shad season is just around the corner, so book those trips ASAP. Lastly I will be[…]

  • January 2018 Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Jan 17, 2018 | 20:53 pm

    January 2018 Fishing Report Happy New Years Everyone,What a crazy end of 2017 with the driest December on record and then to start the 2018 season out with a bang on the American, Yuba, Feather and Trinity Rivers. With spats of rain here and there things are slowly getting better, and with more rain in the near future fishing will only get better. Personally Im really looking forward to late winter early spring.TrinityFishing: Winter steelhead fishingClarity: clearFlows: Lewiston 300, DC 400, JC 530, Del Loma 930 flows on the dropDespite the lack of rain there is still some fishing be had. The fall fish are still swimming around, and are taking a bit longer than normal to make their way to the hatchery, while this is going on, the winter fish are slowly trickling in as well. We are seeing a few more wild winter fish over the last week, which is a site for sore eyes and with more rain over the next few weeks, they will continue to be in. The fishing is tough, hooking 2-5 fish a day, but this is your typical winter steelhead fishing conditions, but if you willing to work hard you will be rewarded with a few[…]

  • Nov Fishing Report, Special Treat......and a bit more

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Nov 14, 2017 | 01:22 am

    Nov Fishing Report, Special Treat......and a bit more Hello Ladies and GentsWell its been a while since my last report, my sincerest apologies, this was by far the busiest fall I have had since I started guiding in Feb 2009. From mid August to now its been non stop guiding all throughout Nor Cal, and the fishing this fall was the best we have seen in years. What I am hoping is that most of you were able to get out on the water and enjoy the fishing as much as we did. It was one to definitely remember and I really hope to see you on the water next fall, just remember to book well in advance if you are looking to book between August and Nov, this year I had nothing available in Oct starting the beginning of Sept.As I type the rain is coming down and with that bringing more fish (winter steelhead) into the system. Fishing continues to be fair to good across the North State and with small amounts of rain in the future forecast the winter fishing is going to be pretty darn good. The ReportFeatherFishing - GoodClarity - Low flow 3ft slightly brown High flow 6ft milky clearFlows- Low flow  High flow[…]


  • Guilty as Charged

    andyguibord Feb 1, 2012 | 04:38 am

     This is a bad, wrongly focused photo of a beautiful fish. Chrome bright, fresh in – this American River Steelhead, born of hatchery. She took the fly a rod and a half length from me in one and a half … Continue reading →

  • A Welcome Stench

    andyguibord Jan 24, 2012 | 02:09 am

    I smell it long before I see it , the mush of salmon flesh rotting afloat in the river’s eddy, and hundreds more of them expired, their muscle melting onto stones. The stench curls my lip and flares the nose. … Continue reading →

  • 1/2 pounders, part 2…

    andyguibord Sep 22, 2011 | 15:41 pm

    Swinging a fly taught me the basics of fly casting. I learned how to efficiently , effortlessly  lift the line off the water without splashing. I watch a lot of beginners ripping the line from the surface. It took me … Continue reading →

  • 1/2 pounders… part one…

    andyguibord Sep 22, 2011 | 04:32 am

    Half pounders, I cut my fly fishing teeth on them. I am not talking about some greasy ground up beef paddy between two tastless buns hanging on some golden arches.What’s a half pounder? That is the very question I asked Bill … Continue reading →

  • Spoonful of thought…

    andyguibord Sep 19, 2011 | 07:14 am

    I just finished standing over the hot stove, reducing my neighbors gift of orange and yellow pear tomatoes into a concentrated sauce of evaporated juice-essence, a mingling of curry, cardamon pods, and honey bubbling with a little bit of sweet … Continue reading →

  • Surprise , surprise.

    andyguibord Sep 3, 2011 | 07:19 am

    One can never be sure what a river will offer up to you while on your quest for cold blooded fin. I have landed beer cans with crayfish claws waving in my face; once reeled in a slimy braw, T-shirts, … Continue reading →

  • Impotency

    andyguibord Sep 2, 2011 | 15:46 pm

    Lately I have  been feeling rather impudent as a  guide. The stripers have been for the most part, rather illusive for myself and my clients. The fish are there… we see them. The river gods have thrown in a fish … Continue reading →

  • Fools Gold

    andyguibord Sep 2, 2011 | 07:41 am

    September first, it is midnight. The year is flying by. I look in the mirror and see the heavy line creeping along the corners of my blue eyes. My hair is white, bleached with age and the sun like a … Continue reading →

  • August Moon

    andyguibord Aug 13, 2011 | 06:15 am

    Blame it on the full moon, but this evening , my casting Sucked! Let me back up… I just spent two weeks recouping from a lower back injury. One day I was walking tall like a normal homo sapien, King … Continue reading →

  • American River report: 7-18-11… happy birthday!

    andyguibord Jul 18, 2011 | 17:59 pm

    It is hard to beleave that the shad are still here in the upper, Lower American River in good numbers. It’s July 18, my birthday – I am 51… it is good to be alive!   Shad fishing is still … Continue reading →


  • Prime Time Spring Dates - Book Now

    RJ's Fly Trips Jan 22, 2017 | 17:12 pm

    Prime Time Spring Dates - Book NowWell it seems like it has been raining for a month now and most of our Northern California Rivers are blown out. Finally it looks like we have some dry weather coming this next week to let things calm down and get back into fishable shape. So expect things to get going again here in the next ten days or so. I know that I have had a lot of time off recently to catch up on Cast Hope and daddy duties around the house. The great news is that we don't have drought conditions anymore in California. Of course that is till next year. LOL. We definitely live in an interesting state when it comes to water.I have just opened up my spring calendar and a few of you have been asking about prime time dates for spring time fishing. So my openings and descriptions of what is to come this spring are below. Plus there is some other fun news down below if you keep reading.Check out my open dates below: March 1-4, 11, 13-18, 20, 22-25, 27-29March Saturdays - 4, 11, 18, 25April 3-8, 11-13, 15, 17, 20-22, 24-29April Saturdays - 8,[…]

  • Lots of Water

    RJ's Fly Trips Jan 17, 2017 | 18:18 pm

    Lots of Water 36,000 cfs is a lot of WATER!!!!Northern California has been dumped on with water as of recently. Hooray, no more drought! If you have been paying attention almost every river in NorCal is currently blown out. However if you really watch there are still some fishing to be had amongst all the high conditions. The Lower Sac is at 36,000 cfs and one river that you can fish when the water gets really high. As long as the water clarity is fishable then you can go out there and find some willing rainbows to eat eggs, legs, and worms. Sounds like a Denny's breakfast option if you are asking me. The Lower Sac is big and green. I fished it yesterday for a half day and had decent success fishing the soft edges of the river. Expect things to get really good once the river gets down to about 25,000 cfs. Until then there are fish to be had if you want a fun adventure.Open Dates: January 18, 20-21, 23-24, 26-27, 30-31

  • RJ's Fly Trips Jan 3, 2017 | 22:45 pm

    Phil with a  beautiful 24" Lower Sac Rainbow the week after Christmas.Hey all. It has been a long time since I have had the time to update my blog. My goal in 2017 is that I will get in the habit of doing this more often so that you guys have current updates of what is going on out there. Send me an email if you want to get out on the river soon.For anyone looking to get out I have the following days open over the next couple of weeks:January 9-14, 16, 19-21, 23-24, 26-27Lower Sac - The Sac continues to fish average for winter conditions. Most days we are hooking 20ish rainbows from Redding down to Anderson. As typical we have been catching some true slugs out of the river this winter. Winter time we might not catch as many fish as the spring or the fall but if you are into hunting for big rainbows then it doesn't really get any better. With the majority of other rivers being blown out right now the Lower Sac is a good safe place to fall back onto. Hot flies recently have been beads and small mayflies. Flies like Hogan's[…]

  • Fly Fishing Update & Openings

    RJ's Fly Trips Apr 24, 2016 | 15:52 pm

    Fly Fishing Update & Openings   Great Fishing Continues & Shad Season Soon!I hope this note finds all of you doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather we are having this weekend. With this being Earth Week I thought that it was time I send you guys an update on what is happening to the fishing in the valley. Needless to say it has been a busy month with lots of fishing on the Lower Sac and Feather Rivers. Both rivers continue to fish well. The Lower Sac is still have good days with 40-50 fish hookups being common. The Feather has lots of half pounders throughout the entire system with a few adults mixed in throughout the day. I am offering a $100 discount on half day trips for the Lower Sac on May 6 and May 27. So that is a half day trip for $275! I have shad trips planned that evening and I'm trying to fill in the mornings. Email me ASAP to score one of these dates! The Sac will continue to fish well through June. As we get into May we will start fishing the lower parts of the river near cottonwood. May and June is an awesome time of year to go fish the "Rocks"[…]

  • Egg Bite Report & Dates

    RJ's Fly Trips Oct 17, 2015 | 16:28 pm

    Egg Bite Report & Dates Egg Bite is Here!!! Egg Bite has had a decent start on the Lower Sac. The fish over there have been happy to have some salmon in the river. Most days right now on the upper river we are hooking 50+ fish. The salmon run this year has been slower to start as compared to historic averages. It seems like every couple of days we get a handful of new salmon in the runs. So this sets up well for November assuming we have the same thing keep happening. This trickle effect we are getting for the Salmon Run hopefully means it could be a great November and even early December Egg Bite. Only time will tell but I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed that we keep getting little groups of salmon for the next 6 weeks.For those of you looking for dates I still have a handful of openings in November. Also start looking at your December calendars to get in on the winter egg and alevan bite on the Lower Sac. The biggest fish of the year are caught in December and January on the Lower Sac. Also starting Thanksgiving Weekend I will once again be guiding weekends for those of you[…]

  • Incredible Spring Fishing Coming Soon!

    RJ's Fly Trips Feb 12, 2015 | 18:22 pm

    Incredible Spring Fishing Coming Soon! - Spring Fishing -Literally best fishing of the year   I hope this note finds all of you well. It is that time of year where the fishing is about to go off in Northern California. From March to mid May some of the best fishing of the year is going to be found in the North Valley. I hope you will find some time to come hang out on the water and catch some great fish and a few memories. My openings are below: Open Dates: March 1, 3, 7-15, 17, 19-20, 22-23, 27-28, 30 April 1, 3-4, 9, 14, 18-23, 25-28, 30 May 2-15   Feather River - As most of you know the Feather is really special in the spring time. This is hands down my favorite time to fish the Feather. Hot pissed off valley steelhead make this an awesome time to be on the water. If you haven't done this type of fishing then this is the year to get out there and give it a try. Mid March to early May is pretty impressive out there.Lower Sac - The spring on the Lower Sac the last 3 years has been absolutely insane. March and April has been some of the best fishing that we[…]

  • Great Start to Fall Fishing

    RJ's Fly Trips Oct 12, 2014 | 21:36 pm

    Great Start to Fall Fishing It seems like these days I'm having a hard time trying to find the space to update my blog. Between the kids, wife, guiding, and Cast Hope I don't find much time for writing anymore. Here I sit at the computer with all 3 of my girls sleeping at the same time so I thought I would give you guys an update of what I am seeing out on the water. I hope all of you are doing well and I will be seeing you around the river. Cheers and Go Chargers!Lower Sac: The Sac has been good for egg fishing lately. I wouldn't say it is great but there are lots of big fish to be caught right now. Currently most days we are hooking 40-50 fish throughout the entire river. There are a decent amount of salmon throughout the river. However fish are still eating nymphs as they look for those eggs. Currently about 25% of my fish are coming on bugs. Hot flies are eggs, tan fox poopah, and Hogans S&M.Lower Feather: The Feather is having a slower start to the season this year as compared to the last couple. There are good numbers of salmon in[…]

  • Finally - Another Post

    RJ's Fly Trips Jul 11, 2014 | 05:48 am

    Finally - Another Post Hey guys. It has been a long time since my last post. All I can say is that life has not been the same since my last post in December. We now are a family of 4 with the new addition of our second girl Ava Rose in April. She has been an absolute joy and everyone is doing great. Her mom and myself are still trying to learn how to be parents to 2 kids but we are figuring it out little by little.Now on to the fishing.Lower Sac - The Lower Sac has been having some decent fishing this summer. It really depends on what drift you are on but one can expect good to great fishing all the way throughout the entire river. The hot bugs have been pmds in the morning and caddis in the afternoon. Lower Yuba - The Yuba has had some average fishing over the last couple of weeks. However the Hopper fishing is starting. So get those 4 and 5 weights out and go throw some dry flies toward the banks. Imagine you are in Montana and try to rise some fish in the valley. A great time of year to go[…]

  • Discounted Trips on Select Dates in December

    RJ's Fly Trips Dec 11, 2013 | 18:08 pm

    Save $100 on Select DatesThe fishing this last week has been good despite the frigid weather. The good news is the weather is going to warm up the rest of the week. Early next week the weather man is calling for temps in the high 60s. It is going to be a beautiful time to be on the river. Don't miss out on probably the last warm weather of the year.Lower Sac: I have been spending the majority of my time on the Lower Sac the last couple of weeks. Fishing has been really solid on the upper drifts. We are hooking 30-40 rainbows a day on eggs and small may fly nymphs. Expect really good fishing on the Sac for the rest of December and January as we have the winter egg bite.Yuba: I spent a couple of days on the Yuba this last week and had good fishing as well. Most days we were hooking 20ish fish on eggs. The great news is that the fish quality is finally back up and we are seeing lots of 16-17" rainbows again. Gone are those days where you catch a bunch of small trout. The best part of the day[…]

  • Fall and Winter Fishing

    RJ's Fly Trips Nov 15, 2013 | 20:50 pm

    Fall and Winter Fishing Great Winter Fishing is Coming!The fishing this fall has been simply amazing. For those of you lucky enough to get in on the Lower Sac or the Feather River this October and November it didn't disappoint. This year there have been lots of big steelhead in the Lower Sacramento River System.Here is the great news....Supposedly we have a really good late fall /early winter run of salmon coming up the river. This should prolong some good trout and steelhead fishing for us way into December. For those of you that missed out on the action then there are lots of opportunities to get out in December. Lower Sac Trout & Steelhead:Things are setting up nicely for the Lower Sac this winter. December is a great time of year to escape the crowds and go hunt for some big fish. With winter salmon making their way up the system then we should see some monster trout being caught during the second egg bite. Not to mention the large amount of steelhead in the system this year should produce some chances at some big fish like the one above. Here steelie, here steelie! Come help me find the elusive 10lber. Feather River[…]


  • Summer Fly Fishing, Northern California & Southern Oregon

    Shasta Trout Jun 14, 2019 | 21:09 pm

    Summer Fly Fishing, Northern California & Southern Oregon Warm days, Cool Rivers, Wild Trout.

  • How to: Catch Southern Oregon Winter Steelhead

    Shasta Trout Mar 6, 2019 | 16:50 pm

    How to: Catch Southern Oregon Winter Steelhead   From December – April the rivers and streams of Southern Oregon see noteworthy runs of Winter Steelhead. The wide variety of river types across the region allow anglers the ability to stay in good fishing conditions in all but the worst winter storms. Most Southern Oregon Steelhead gradually make their way upstream over the […]

  • Holiday Gift Guide for the Fly Fisher

    Shasta Trout Dec 3, 2018 | 23:31 pm

    Holiday Gift Guide for the Fly Fisher Are you looking for a gift for a fly fishing friend or loved one?  We’ve got you covered with this Holiday Gift Guide for the Fly Fisher! Abel Nippers and Lanyard; anytime Brandon is on the water, this combo is around his neck.  These nippers and lanyard have lasted many a season and have many […]

  • River Update and Guides Report

    Shasta Trout Nov 14, 2018 | 16:29 pm

    River Update and Guides Report The pattern of high pressure and clear, sunny skies continues in the Shadow of Shasta and State of Jefferson. It’s making for beautiful days on the water and pleasant conditions with our area rivers including the Rogue, Klamath and Upper Sacramento offering fine fishing for our guests. The Klamath’s steelhead return is delighting fly fisherman […]

  • Rogue and Klamath River Guides Report

    Shasta Trout Nov 9, 2018 | 15:46 pm

    Rogue and Klamath River Guides Report Rogue River Fly Fishing Report Early November fly fishing been a continuation of late October conditions with high pressure, perfect blue skies and low and clear water. Steelhead a spread out thru ought the upper and middle river with more trickling in. Most days we have seen several opportunities per person in our boats with […]

  • Five Favorite Flies for Fall in Northern California

    Shasta Trout Oct 29, 2018 | 05:08 am

    Five Favorite Flies for Fall in Northern California First published in California Fly Fisher Magazine, October 2011 Choosing a fly in fall may be a more important factor than in any other season.  Gone is the greedy feast of spring and summer.  Gone is the high off colored water to help disguise your approach, sloppy cast and inaccurate patterns.  Hopefully we’ve enjoyed the […]

  • Keep em’ Wild, Keep em’ Wet

    Shasta Trout Oct 8, 2018 | 19:26 pm

    Keep em’ Wild, Keep em’ Wet What an excellent season on the Rogue River so far. This beautiful wild hen with just a touch of blush on her cheeks stayed in the net and was quickly released after a spectacular flight.

  • Hallelujah

    Shasta Trout Oct 4, 2018 | 17:39 pm

    Hallelujah It’s finally rained, after what has seemed like far to long for such a mundane fact of life like weather. The clouds reared up against the Klamath mountains and at long last, have quenched for a time the dust and ash, fire and smoke that’s plagued the State of Jefferson for months. The smell of […]

  • Fly-Only Regulations begin on the Upper Rogue River: A few tips to ensure your fish swims away.

    Shasta Trout Sep 3, 2018 | 00:23 am

    Fly-Only Regulations begin on the Upper Rogue River: A few tips to ensure your fish swims away. Signaling one of fly anglers favorite times in Southern Oregon, September 1st brings Fly-Only regulations (pg. 36) to the Upper Rogue River, Oregon. During this time period Fall Chinook and Summer Steelhead surge into the upper river where water and weather conditions are perfect for fly anglers seeking a quality and fun angling experience. This year […]

  • Rogue River Steelhead Report

    Shasta Trout Aug 23, 2018 | 20:19 pm

    Rogue River Steelhead Report Fishing is good to excellent on the Rogue River as flows have increased. The vanguard of the Fall Chinook Salmon have arrived and with the increase in water, fresh steelhead are arriving too. I expect excellent fishing for the next 3-4 months with Now thru – November 15 or so being the “peak” of the […]


  • Feel Good March

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Mar 17, 2020 | 23:02 pm

    Upper Sacramento River Report The river remains in excellent shape for winter and early spring fishing. The storm last night and this morning brought the river up to 550cfs and is currently dropping slowly. The river was getting a bit stale and clear due to the lack of rain but last night was just the […]

  • Fabulous Fantastic February

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Feb 15, 2020 | 19:48 pm

    The Upper Sacramento Report Am getting a little worrisome as far as river conditions and snowpack but have to say up to now no complaints. The river has been running oh so sweet with flows right now just north of 400cfs. February started off with very high flows but has been dropping slowly. The entire […]

  • Steelhead Season In Full Swing

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Jan 22, 2020 | 19:36 pm

    This is our favorite time of the year to be chasing chrome. January and February are THE months to be getting with it. We’re already cranking it up and getting out there from the Eel River up to the Umpqua River in southern Oregon. A major storm is just starting to begin its snow dump here in Mt. […]

  • Happy Holidays and Fishing

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Dec 26, 2019 | 19:39 pm

    Rain and snow have made for great recipes for fishing on the Klamath and Upper Sac lately. It’s winter fishing time folks! The Klamath crowds have gone and our guides have been having outstanding days on it. The upper river above I-5 is starting to get some of the bigger winter runs that we always […]

  • Winter Has Arrived

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Dec 11, 2019 | 19:12 pm

    Upper Sacramento, Klamath and Lower Sacramento River Report  The recent storms have not prevented our Wild Waters guides from getting out on our nearby rivers and finding fish. The Upper Sac has got snow on it from Ney Springs down to Shasta Lake. Access is more difficult but if you are willing to put in […]

  • Fantastic Fall Fishing!

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Nov 8, 2019 | 19:22 pm

    Our Wild Waters Fly Fishing guides have been super busy burning the miles and taking advantage of all the current opportunities that are presenting themselves. Fall is such a great opportunistic time to sample the many rivers near us. The Rogue River has had an excellent return of summer steelhead and the fall/winter fish are […]

  • Fall Season Is On!

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Oct 17, 2019 | 18:21 pm

    McCloud, Upper Sacramento, Lower Sacramento, Rogue and Klamath Rivers ReportWell kids we are right in the middle of another great Fall season here in the north state. Our guides are in full throttle mode covering the McCloud, Upper Sacramento, Lower Sacramento, Rogue and Klamath Rivers chasing and finding some awesome fishing. The McCloud River has […]

  • Moving Into Fall Season

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Sep 25, 2019 | 17:47 pm

    Upper Sacramento River and McCloud River Report Both rivers are starting to shake their lazy dog daze of summer and we are seeing the meter up ticking on fish beginning to put the chow bag on. Cooler days and nights along with some rain lately have flipped the switch for Mr. Trout. Squaw Creek runs […]

  • Summer Wrapping Up

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Aug 30, 2019 | 00:11 am

    August fishing has actually been pretty good considering it’s usually the slowest month here. Given we are still experiencing the last of the snow melt and cooler water temps it has been a good time the last few weeks on both the McCloud, Upper Sac, Lower Sac and McCloud Reservoir for clients. It looks like […]

  • Summer Fishing Has Been Excellent

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Aug 8, 2019 | 18:27 pm

    Upper Sacramento and McCloud Rivers It’s the Daze of the Dog time. July and August are always hot and the bug activity is pretty much on siesta. One nice thing though is the rivers are still experiencing runoff, not high flows but colder than usual water temps. Wet wading is optional and for some the […]



    Pyramid Lake Guides Mar 21, 2020 | 03:32 am


    Pyramid Lake Guides Mar 10, 2020 | 21:24 pm

    We are in the height of peak season on Pyramid! The fishing is great, even on bluebird days. Greg and Andy were able to hit a storm last weekend and reel in over 80 fish in just 3 days, including some Big Boys in the teens! We’ve had some dates open up in March so … Continue reading MARCH PRIME TIME →

  • 18+ LBS TO THE NET

    Pyramid Lake Guides Feb 20, 2020 | 22:21 pm

    We recently had a great trip with Billy, Clayton, Brent, and Patrick! One of their Hogs weighed in at just under 19 lbs.


    Pyramid Lake Guides Feb 10, 2020 | 19:50 pm

    The weather on the lake has been all over the place, but the good fishing has remained consistent . We will start to see some pre-spawn action with more fish in the shallows soon. Despite popular belief, the recent full moon did not seem to affect the fishing at all. It appears that storms and … Continue reading FEBRUARY FISHING →


    Pyramid Lake Guides Jan 31, 2020 | 19:54 pm

    We’ve had some nice weather almost in the 60s out at Pyramid lately, which means the fishing has been a little slow but maintains quality over quantity! Any cast can result in a big fish, but you have to put in the time….


    Pyramid Lake Guides Jan 27, 2020 | 04:27 am

    The last few years right around MLK Day the fishing has been good! We are seeing 5-10 strikes a day with nice size fish landed on an indicator. Stripping has also done well on windy days.


    Pyramid Lake Guides Jan 15, 2020 | 03:38 am

    January can be hit or miss, today was a HIT! Guide’s day off, appx 10 each, sun-up to sun-down (Nick Jackson and Ryan Dangerfield).


    Pyramid Lake Guides Dec 29, 2019 | 22:37 pm

    The cutthroat this season have been big so far! Lots of 10+ pound fish. We can’t wait to see what’s to come! January still has some open dates, last season we had a phenomenal month fishing and weather wise!


    Pyramid Lake Guides Dec 29, 2019 | 22:27 pm

    The Boise Boys landed some quality fish on their latest Pyramid trip!


    Pyramid Lake Guides Dec 6, 2019 | 18:38 pm

    Last week Gary and Jerry landed a whole bunch of hogs on the Zig Jig!  Another client, Peter has been regularly Landing them on the jig as well! The fishing is great right now, get out there.


  • Rod Selections for Trout ~ 4/5/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Apr 5, 2020 | 23:34 pm

    Rod Selections for Trout ~ 4/5/2020 I receive many emails from fly anglers most everyday on all types of topics. Many of them are questions on rod selection for different applications, or the type of water they intend to fish. I always take the time to answer such emails, and it’s not for increased business, it’s just the type of person I am – I like to help others, always have. Just that simple act alone has given me an honest reputation with the fly fishing community that I am very proud of. When my dad got me started in the early 70’s our family was just making ends meet, we didn’t have the funds to buy excessive amounts of fly fishing gear. Waders? No way, we used cut off Levi’s, and dad also glued carpet to the bottom of worn Converse All-Star high top sneakers for wading boots. We completed our outfit with machine sewn homemade fishing vests too.Our rods were Fenwick fiberglass models, the yellow ones (I don’t remember the model number). My rod was a 7 foot 5wt. My dad had the longer models in 5 and 7 weights, which is all he used while fishing for trout and steelhead, and it’s all[…]

  • The Lower Yuba River ~ Pictures & Captions ~ 4/3/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Apr 3, 2020 | 15:14 pm

    The Lower Yuba River ~ Pictures & Captions ~ 4/3/2020 On Monday March 30th, my guest Nick hooked this athlete in a very swift run on a Redding Fly Shop March Brown parachute. It was a long and fierce battle that required light pressure while fighting it on 5X tippet. Biggest fish ever landed by a guest of mine in the 10 years I have been guiding the river.December 29th marked the first day I saw a Skwala adult crawling about on the cobblestones. For the last 3 months this medium sized stoner has provided some incredible dry fly fishing. As of last Tuesday, they were still out in force. 2020 - The year of the Skwala Stonefly will never be forgotten.There is nothing like being able to approach a pod of rising fish 15 feet away while being camouflaged by the blurry water of a side current meeting the main flow. The shorter your presentation is, the more likely you'll have a successful hook set.Fellow Gold Country Fly Fishers member Dave Earl sitting side saddle on his kayak while drifting a nymph rig through the Aquarium. A new and different technique I had never seen before.With the dry and warm spell of weather in the middle of winter, caddis flies were hatching earlier than normal.[…]

  • The RS2 ~ A Tail Water Trout Favorite ~ 3/27/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Mar 28, 2020 | 17:09 pm

    The RS2 ~ A Tail Water Trout Favorite ~ 3/27/2020 ~ Rim Chung ~The RS2 pattern was developed nearly 40 years ago by Colorado angler and tier Rim Chung. The name of the fly is short for “Rim’s Semblance 2,” and it fishes well as either a midge or a mayfly emerger. The original version featured natural beaver fur dubbing and saddle hackle for the wing. Many more modern versions appeared as newer materials were available to tiers, while maintaining the profile of Chung’s original pattern. As with many great patterns that have stood the test of time, you can fish the RS2 in many different ways. It can fished on the surface, in the film, subsurface, or as a dropper off another emerger pattern. This multi functional fly kicks ass!  My first introduction to the RS2 was from Abe Chavez who owned Abe’s Motel and Fly shop in 1992 on the San Juan River in New Mexico. Having lived in Breckenridge and Alma from 1991 to 1996, The Juan was only a mere 5 hours away through beautiful country like the San Luis Valley, with spectacular views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountain range, and over Wolf Creek Pass (headwaters of the San Juan River) down through Pagosa Springs,[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ The Corona Skwala Session ~ 3/22/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Mar 23, 2020 | 21:51 pm

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ The Corona Skwala Session ~ 3/22/2020 Total escape. Spending time on the Lower Yuba River fishing, exploring, bugging, and reveling in nature. It was so needed during these dire times. I found my true self once again. Yesterday was definitely a highlight in my fly fishing experience. The best? Close, but the Yampa last December 23rdhas been the most special to me so far. I wish every guest of mine could have experienced what I felt yesterday. Words cannot describe how beautiful and fun my day was, but I’ll try…A warm sunny day greeted us as we walked for miles to keep a safe distance from others. The wind was much stronger than predicted, and oddly it had some bite to it early on. My micro thin merino wool BUFF gave me comfort. I love simple functional gear and all the good things they provide, it’s the best. The flows have come down after the last storm, and are currently running at 1,090 cubes – perfect. The water has color to it which is a good thing, with visibility right at about 5 feet. The Yuba River is a little clearer downstream near Hammon Grove Park, so expect the fish to be not so grabby. There[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ Social Distancing Edition #1 ~ 3/18/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Mar 19, 2020 | 20:43 pm

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ Social Distancing Edition #1 ~ 3/18/2020 Well, much has changed since my last report with the world wide situation of C19, and 2 feet of new snow here at the top of the ridge, 4 miles north of Nevada City. Northern California has gone from warm and dry weather, to cold and snowy, on the verge of the official spring equinox. During the big storm, high wind and snow laden conifers fell across power lines and roads, all over the foot hills. I’m still without power, and lucky my landlord, who lives next me, has a generator he periodically runs. Yesterday, I had to try to go into town for food and supplies. I was not sure if the roads were even open. While trying to exit the property, my truck got stuck three times, and each time I would shovel the vehicle free. Once I got on North Bloomfield road into town, the roads were in good shape, just wet, no ice, and a few new debris piles and trees to navigate around. I was extremely grateful. Once in town, I made the rounds and was quite surprised at how nice and polite most of the people were. I did encounter some aggressive and rude[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report~ 3/9/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Mar 9, 2020 | 17:06 pm

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report~ 3/9/2020 Fishing still remains to be good on the Lower Yuba River, and spring has sprung with more wildflowers out, and new birds returning to the region. The cliff swallows are back, and I saw my first Osprey yesterday circling above the river looking for a vulnerable rainbow to snatch up. Songbirds and warblers are making an appearance as well. I love watching the birds and how they interact with the current conditions for food sources, like the hermit thrush patiently waiting on the cobblestones next to the bank anticipating a Skwala snack. They’re not dumb.It was nice to see some light and steady rain grace the land this past weekend, just enough to keep the dust down and recharge the green colors of the foothills. We had nearly a half inch of precipitation fall in Nevada City for the last 48 hours. Not nearly enough, but we’ll take. The flows out of Englebright dam remain stable, and Deer creek barely bumped up during the storm so no new color was added to the system. Currently the combined flows are running between 970 and 980 cubes. From Yuba Water Agency’s website “Current snow survey data and long-range forecasts indicate dry conditions. For[…]

  • Dry Fly Workshop ~ Yuba River ~ 3/14/20

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Mar 5, 2020 | 03:42 am

    Dry Fly Workshop ~ Yuba River ~ 3/14/20 Dry fly tactics and presentations is the most rewarding way to catch large educated trout, seeing the take happen in real time is the epitome of fly fishing. The Yuba River is the perfect classroom to hone your skills and your ability to match the hatch for challenging trout and steelhead. You will learn much from this most informative workshop that you can apply all over the west, and on technical fisheries. This is an intermediate class for anglers who want to heighten their skills to the next level.We'll go over the best equipment for fishing dry flies, rigging leaders for technical waters to mountain creeks, flies, presentations from searching to the reach cast, tips & tricks, and a very informative handout. Cost is $150, limited to 4 anglers (3 booked, 1 spot open). Shoot me an email if you want in

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show ~ Upcoming Presentations ~ 2/28/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Feb 28, 2020 | 14:52 pm

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show ~ Upcoming Presentations ~ 2/28/2020 Wow, what a busy couple of weeks it has been. I’m sorry for the delay in making this post but business has been out of control, and I’m still not even close to being caught up yet. It's been the best winter guiding season in 24 years and I'm so grateful, thanks for all the support. First off, let’s talk about our weather and the dry spell of the extremely warm temperatures we’ve been experiencing. It’s Spring in February. On the Yuba River there are lupine and poppies blooming, and the Pipevine swallowtail butterfly is out. All signs of Spring. We have a chance of precipitation through the weekend, then warming back up again, and the models suggest a pattern change starting the second week of March where a trough may set up off the California coast. That could change as well. You just never know with California weather in this era of late, gone are the days of my youth growing up in Paradise with massive amounts of rain and snow from October to May.Last week, Cat Toy and I floated the river with Brian Clemens of Nor Cal Fly Guides on a guided trip and did really well. As[…]

  • Mid Season Yuba River Skwala Hatch ~ Upping Your Game

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Feb 11, 2020 | 00:38 am

    Mid Season Yuba River Skwala Hatch ~ Upping Your Game No rain and conditions look rather bleak for precipitation in the future. At the moment, I could care less. What we are experiencing right now on the Yuba River is why I moved to Nevada City from part time in 2008, to full time in 2011. A mix of mild and sunny days with colder periods, lower flows, good hatches with two sizes of PMDs, the Skwalas, Brown Duns, Epeorus mayflies (pinkies), BWOs, and midges. Nothing better than drought conditions on the Lower Yuba River. It's been a real pleasure sharing the Yuba River experience with great fly clubs like Tr-Valley Fly Fishers, High Sierra Flycasters in the past few weeks, and many individual anglers who participated in workshops and regular guide trips. Stalking individual trout off the bank and hunting heads on the Yuba is the most rewarding game you can play while fly fishing in Northern California during the winter. It's so good... I never want it to end.The river has been very busy with anglers, and I still see folks racing around trying to out do one another and get the spot. It's quite the opposite action that one really needs to do...Slow down, cast less, observe[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 2/5/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Feb 6, 2020 | 02:10 am

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 2/5/2020 It’s been pretty good on the Lower Yuba River, but the air temperatures greatly affect Skwala activity, and also the mayfly hatches. The last two days with the extremely cold north wind really hampered the dry fly fishing. In fact last Monday was the coldest day I can remember on the Yuba River. That north wind cuts right through you and it’s enough to give one an ear ache for days (I’m there right now). Here is an example of how the air temperature and wind chill affect Skwala activity. On Saturday the first of February, I was hosting group #2 from Tri Valley Fly Fishers at Hammon Grove. That day we saw dozens of stoneflies in the willows, on the rocks, and in the drift. We saw many blow ups from the trout eating them as well. This past Monday, I saw one Skwala out, with only a few rise forms. Where do they go? They simply hide out under the cobbles and wait for another day that is warmer. For the mayflies, it’s a different story. They have a 24 hour life cycle, where as a stonefly can live for a month or longer. Cold wind can affect[…]