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Confluence Outfitters

  • Lower Sac: Big Water & Lots Of fish!

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Apr 23, 2017 | 00:00 am

    The flows were raised to 30,000 cfs last Monday and have held steady all week.  I did some scouting with fellow Confluence Outfitter guides Mike Wright and Peter Santley on Friday, and we managed to hook into some very nice fish.  I guided a 3-boat trip this weekend with some very good clients.  It seemed someone was always hooked-up all the time both days.  I don't think anyone hooked a fish smaller than 16 inches, and there were several double hook-ups both days!  They seem to be more interested in egg patterns, but they're starting to eat nymphs.  As long as the flows don't increase, fishing should only get better as the visiblity increases.  Go fish!

  • Pacific Northwest: They don't call it a rainforest for nothin!

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Apr 10, 2017 | 00:00 am

    This winter has been more challenging than usual for die hard Pacific Northwest steelheaders.  Every time the rivers dropped into shape, you had a quick window before another mega storm would hit.  If your timing was good, you had water you were able to stand in an enjoy the whole process and surrounding environment, maybe even swing up a chrome winter fish of a lifetime.  Or, you were in a wet tent, camper, motel or cabin drinking and playing cards waiting for the rivers to drop...which is still better than sitting in trafffic in my opinion.  The winter game isn't for everyone, thank goodness.  This upcoming week looks more of the same, Inquire about future availability for the Olympic Peninsula, we have a few more weeks here if the weather and fish are both going in the right direction.

  • Lower Sac: Great Day!

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Apr 10, 2017 | 00:00 am

    I had the pleasure of guiding Dennis and George on the Lower Sac today.  The weather was ideal and the fish were super grabby!  The clarity seems to be getting better and I'm starting to see a lot more bugs every day.  Just as the conditions were starting to return to normal, we have another storm system headed our way this week - and the Bureau of Reclamation is raising the flows to 20,000 cfs on Wednesday.

  • Lower Sac: Little More Color

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Apr 9, 2017 | 00:00 am

    With all the rain we received on Thursday and Friday, the river colored-up a bit.  After finishing my yardwork, we went out for a half-day float this afternoon and the river fished better than expected.  Dava hooked several really nice fish with an indicator rig, and I had a couple grabs swinging flies.  And this was after the 20+ boat Project Healing Water armada had already fished in front of of us.  I'm starting to see more bugs and take that as a good sign.  I expect the fishing to start ramping up very soon.  There's nothing like fishing the Sac in the spring!

  • Lower Sac: Spring Fishing

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Apr 2, 2017 | 00:00 am

     Andrew, Peter, and I had the opportunity to guide a great group of guys!  My guys had a very productive day - landing several really nice fish!  It seemed like at least one of the guys in the group would be hooked up at any given time.  They're all headed to Eagle Canyon and the chance to hook some REALLY big fish. 

  • Lower Sac: Improving Conditions

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Apr 1, 2017 | 00:00 am

    I guided Allen and Jordan on a beautiful spring day.  The color and visibility seems to be improving every day.  They both hooked into several really nice fish and missed a lot of grabs.  The river is definitely getting there.  Conditions will continue to improve in the coming weeks, so now is the time to book your spring fishing trip!

  • Lower Sac: Getting There!

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Mar 30, 2017 | 00:00 am

    I went out and scouted the Sac again today.  The river is starting to transition from brown to green, but the visibility is still pretty limited.  We hooked six fish, all in the 16+ inch range on a combination of rubberlegs and egg patterns.  I had to really think outside the box to find where the fish are holding.  The extended forecast is showing at least another seven days of dry weather.  With that, conditions should continue to improve in the coming weeks, and it appears the upper portion (above the Hwy-44 Bridge) of the river will not be closing on April 1st!

  • Eagle Canyon: No Title

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Mar 30, 2017 | 00:00 am

    Report by one of our regular guests Dave:"High winds made parts of the day tougher but we had a fairly consistent bite throughout the day. About half way through action on stripped flies slowed but the fish got grabby when we switched to nymphs under indicators.  We all caught fish and landed about 25 fish between the 3 of us with a couple in the 28” range. The fish looked at fought well with plenty of LDR's too. This was my third trip this year  and was my best in the 2017 season." 

  • Eagle Canyon: No Title

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Mar 29, 2017 | 00:00 am

    It's getting buggy at Eagle Canyon!  I stopped by for an hour this afternoon and the mayflies were really coming off.  A lot of fish were rising in both ponds.  I saw a few big fish in some very skinny water hunting for hatching mayflies.  There were a lot of baetis and callibaetis, plus a few terrestrials.  Not sure if they were termites or flying ants, but they were big and I'm sure the fish were eating a few.This is the best time of year to catch a huge Eagle Canyon rainbow on a dry fly.  I like to sight-fish in the shallows with a parachute adams and a small nymph dropper just about 10 inches below. 

  • Pacific Northwest: No Title

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Mar 27, 2017 | 00:00 am

    Had a great weekend with Anthony and Tom. The weather and conditions cooperated and we were able to fish the Sol Duc, Hoh and Bohachiel. We hooked into a couple and landed a nice one.


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