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Confluence Outfitters

  • Lower Sac: Lower Sac Spey

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Aug 16, 2017 | 19:00 pm

    I had the opportunity to take my jet boat out today with my very good client Dick.  Instead of fishing an indicator rig, he wanted to use his two-handed rod to swing for trout.  Other than the two salmon boats we saw this morning, we had the river to ourselves and were able to methodically fish some great runs.  We wet waded all day, so we were very comforatable as the temps reached 107 this afternoon.  The fish weren't super grabby, but Dick had some bumps and landed a nice Lower Sac rainbow on the swing!  Booking a Lower Sac Spey trip is a great way to spend the day on the river and refamiliarize yourself with your two-handed rod!  Fall is just around the corner - and so is steelhead season! 

  • Fall River: No Title

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Aug 9, 2017 | 19:00 pm

    Here is a report from our guest Steve who fished Fall River with guide Art Teter on Thursday:"My wife and and I had a great day on the Fall River...  all that a 72 year old Veteran could ask for.Art Teter was a very good / helpful and friendly guide. We caught lots of smaller fish and one 23"+ rainbow."Great fish, Steve! 

  • Lower Sac: No Title

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Aug 3, 2017 | 19:00 pm

    The good news is there didn't seem to be as many boats out today compared to Tuesday and Wednesday and the fish were much grabbier for us today.We had consistent hook-ups all day and both landed some really quality fish!We're in store for a slight cooling trend and the really hot weather will be ending soon and the egg bite will be here before we know! 

  • Lower Sac: No Title

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Aug 1, 2017 | 19:00 pm

    I was looking forward to fishing Greg and Drew on the newly reopened upper section - but it didn't fish as well as it had the past two years.  Typically, more fish are hooked above the Hwy-44 Bridge than below, but we actully hooked more below Hwy-44.  Greg and Drew landed some very nice fish and hooked several others, but I was disapointed.  The river was crowded, and I expect that to last for another week or two.  I'm not really sure why the fish are so tight-lipped - but I'm looking forward to giving it another try on Friday! 

  • McCloud River: Beating the Heat....sort of.

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Jul 31, 2017 | 19:00 pm

    Hed the pleasure of trying to beat this heat with client Len from Ohio.  We spent a morning and some of the afternoon on the Upper McCloud.  Although the temps finally did reach triple digits, the canyon and water of the McCloud made for an enjoyable day.  We spent our day throwing dry/dropper rigs.  Len hooked into some nice Upper Mac Rainbows on the dry fly and then did battle with a few smaller fish on the nymph as well.  Good times!

  • Lower Sac: Re-Opener

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Jul 31, 2017 | 19:00 pm

    Today was the big "Re-Opener" on the Lower Sac, when the top 5 miles of river from Keswick Dam to the Highway 44 Bridge re-opens.  There is now an annual closure from April 1 to July 31 to protect spawning winter-run Chinook salmon on this short stretch of water.  The fish in this stretch are some of the biggest in the river and they usually get pretty fat and forget some of their wily habits during this break in fishing pressure. I'm not sure what happened today, but the fishing was not very impressive.  There wasn't really a noticeable difference above or below Highway 44.  Fishing was about average at best, plus there were about 50 boats on the water.  Flows came up 500cfs last night, and that might have put the fish off a little.  We're going to give it another shot tomorrow and I expect fishing to be better.  We did hook some quality fish today, including one huge one that we couldn't land. 

  • Lower Sac: Kid was a Stud!

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Jul 27, 2017 | 19:00 pm

    Fun day on the Lower Sac with Nate and his dad.   Nate was 8.   Nate was great.    He could barely see over the bow of the boat but he fished almost a complete day, learned to cast a 7 weight, mend, set the hook and strip in his first trout on a fly rod under some relatively slow fishing conditions.   His dad was teaching him, "an attitude of gratitude" and it was awesome to watch.  The heat on the river isn't too bad and nobody is fishing the lower Sac right now out of Redding.   This father, son duo with the right combo of attitude and nobody on the river had an awesome day!  

  • Lower Sac: Good and Hot!

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Jul 27, 2017 | 19:00 pm

    I had the pleasure of guiding Ted and his son-in-law Tommy today.  Yes, it was pretty hot - but the fishing was pretty good too!  The fish were pretty grabby during the morning - both had lots of hook-ups and both landed some really quality fish!  The fish seemed to be a bit more tight-lipped during the afternoon, but both worked hard and were rewarded by hooking into some really nice fish - too bad they couldn't bring them to net.  There's always next time!  

  • Pit River: Pit River fun!

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Jul 18, 2017 | 19:00 pm

    "The website makes it sound like you're going to die if you fish the Pit... let's do it."  Matt came up from San Jose to check out some fresh water and was intrigued from what he heard and read about the Pit River. Within an hour Matt landed several hard-fighting rainbows including one that filled up the net nicely (pic attached). 

  • McCloud River: No Title

    Confluence Outfitters Fishing Report Jul 16, 2017 | 19:00 pm

    I guided Martin and Ford on the McCloud the past two days.  They fished very hard and both were rewarded with some beautiful fish.  The cold water was a welcome relieve from the heat!  Bring lots of water on these hot days.


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