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California Fly Fishing Reports

  • NATIVE SONS TOUR in Truckee

    California Fly Fishing Apr 21, 2017 | 11:52 am

    NATIVE SONS TOUR in Truckee The CONCEPT: Through many years of guiding fly anglers in the Tahoe-Truckee and Graeagle areas; both Jon Baiocchi of Baiocchi’s Troutfitters and Frank R. Pisciotta have noticed a trend. Many of their experienced fly angling clients visiting for the first time or having previously fished the area expressed an interest in becoming more familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the local “wild trout” fisheries; hoping to minimize their “prospecting” time. They engaged Jon or Frank’s services with their prime focus being an orientation to local waters; being guided and catching trout being secondary. These fly anglers want to be briefed about:1—Most productive techniques 2—Local bugs and respective fly patterns 3—Seasonally ideal angling times 4—Key access points of selected watersThe SPECIFICS: The Tour is designed to give fly anglers what they need to know to be successful when venturing on selected special regulation sectors of the Big Truckee, from the town of Truckee to Hirschdale, and the Little Truckee below Stampede dam. Fly fishers will learn of access points, equipment, tactics, techniques, flies, entomology, and local inside knowledge. The Tour entails a “meet & greet” and PowerPoint presentation on Friday evening. Attendees receive a Tour Packet consisting of a map, essays on[…]


    California Fly Fishing Apr 16, 2017 | 10:01 am

    E-QUICKIE FISHING REORT # 19 Today: "...BT is high, but those who move around looking for soft-water along the banks are getting decent fish and occasionally numbers. Seems that when you locate one, there will be several others in a pod.…Best method is high-stick/tight-lining; your forte. Last week fished the LT inlet at Boca. In three, 2-hour sessions I netted healthy/thick 16”-18” RB’s...#8 Pat’s Rubberleg/SJ Worm tandem rig, under an indicator and lead. Expect crowds. Inflatables & drift-boats there. Speaking of which, I’m buying a drift-boat (15’ Hyde) to fish the inlets and Milton Lake. Anyone is welcome to fish with me; providing they row this old man (eventually will get motor) and tow boat/trailer. The inlets will be productive ALL season!"

  • TRUCKEE TRIVIA #30...Answer

    California Fly Fishing Mar 31, 2017 | 10:44 am

    ...was thinking this was another easy one similar to TT #28...Got to make things easier?Answer:Horner's Corner is  located 6 miles east of the town of Truckee via interstate #80. One first passes the "West Bridge" and after a 1/4 mile one crosses the "East Bridge", This area is known as "The Loop".The big pool at the apex of "The Loop" (below the dripping/water stained sandstone cliff) is named after Jack Horner who originated the Deer Hair Horner fly ...alternately known as the Goofus Bug or the Humpy.

  • Throw-Back PR #2...Early Season: May & June

    California Fly Fishing Mar 31, 2017 | 10:19 am

    Below is a loooong-ago, throw-back from Thy Rod & Staff's first, printed, 8-panel brochure; circa 1984. It was part of the brochure's The Seasons section entitled Early Season: May & June."Spring brings volumes of snow run-off. The main Truckee River, flowing out of Lake Tahoe, is an 'iffy' proposition. Consequently, the small tributary creeks and streams become a primary target. They host unselective, but wary, trout that can be readily taken on attractor dries or suggestive nymphs. Opportunity for performing a 'hat trick' of rainbows, brooks and browns is a likely proposition. A 14" fish would be considered a trophy. The Little Trucke River sustains a larger population of trout. 18"-20" browns are known to inhabit some of the meadow sections below the headwaters of Weber Lake. They show themselves at dusk; about the only time they are vulnerable to a well-placed fly.The lakes are prime during this period. After a wintry season of marginal sustenance, browns and rainbows are taken by determined float-tubers. On Milton Lake (2-limit; single, barbless artificials only; maximum 12") imitations of all stages of the Callibaetis, damsel and dragonfly nymphs produce quarry in the 1-3 pound range. If you are fortunate, you may witness a flying-ant migration; Milton[…]

  • Musing About Spring 2017

    California Fly Fishing Mar 19, 2017 | 17:06 pm

    Musing About Spring 2017 Let'em Breathe!"With some initial reluctance, we were hesitant to write this article on spring-time fly fishing strategies on California’s moving waters. Then on second thought, considering the below precipitation and the dreaded D-word, fly anglers should envision thinking tactics 6-8 weeks earlier than a “normal” season; as in late-April and May, replicating June and early-July conditions"Such was the opening paragraph of an article I authored entitled "Musing About Spring" which appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of Sierra Fisherman magazine....that got me thinking; the Spring of 2017 in the Truckee area will be the REVERSE of Spring of 2014. Angling and/or water conditions will be a minimum of  four (4) weeks later than a "normal" season...possibly even 6-8 weeks later.   My prognosis is that we'll have plenty of water this season in the Truckee area. The big Truckee should fish well throughout August into September...essentially no "dog days of summer". The only caveat being water temperatures.


    California Fly Fishing Mar 18, 2017 | 15:01 pm

    Question:Where is Horner's Corner?


    California Fly Fishing Mar 4, 2017 | 22:23 pm

    Question:Locally, what is the infamous "hatch of 1996"? Where did it occur?

  • Wintertime Fly Anling Advice

    California Fly Fishing Mar 3, 2017 | 14:14 pm

    Wintertime Fly Anling Advice Below is a selected excerpt on winter angling on the big Truckee river (BT); from my essay appearing in the current February 2017 issue of California Fly Fisher entitled "Truckee River Primer"Simply, in winter...Get down where the trout are!...otherwise limited success"...Wintertime angling has been legal since the 2008 season. From mid-November through March, the savvy Truckee angler doesn’t appear on-stream until midday, when the water is warmest. Access in the snow is always an issue. As needed, I strap on snowshoes to reach my preferred water. Their use prevents “postholing” — punching through the snow crust — which can result in ankle sprains and hyperextended knees. In lieu of the snowshoes, rubber or plastic-soled wading shoes are better than felt soles, which collect big clumps of snow.Winter trout inhabit soft water — mild currents, shoreline edges, and quiet, deep pools. There are only limited times when you can present a dry fly to surface-feeding trout, so the most productive ploy is to probe subsurface, methodically, "low and slow", because the trout will not move much to intercept your offering. Whichever load-and-lob method you use, be it tight-lining, indicator fishing, or the currently fashionable, “Euro” nymphing, get the fly down. The fish are at[…]

  • Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show

    California Fly Fishing Feb 19, 2017 | 13:49 pm

    Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show I'll be in my long-time Truckee Guide NetWork booth during the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show (www.flyfishingshow.com); February 24-26. Please come-by and introduce yourselves. 2017 marks my 34th year  guiding and instructing exclusively in  the Truckee area via my guide service Thy Rod & Staff. As always, I'll be presenting in the Destination Theater.   This year's PP presentation is entitled Truckee Area Fly Angling Options. I'll be presenting at 1PM on Friday and 10AM on Saturday.This year marks the 5th year of the best "bang-for-your-buck", Native Sons Tours. Both Jon Baiocchi and I have been guiding thousands on our "home-waters", the Truckee and Graeagle areas for a cumulative 54 years! We are energized in sharing our knowledge, local lore and fly fishing history; no revisionism. Don't Be Fooled...Get Schooled! 

  • Throw-Back PR #1...Angling for Good Times

    California Fly Fishing Feb 17, 2017 | 18:18 pm

    "Angling for Good Times" appeared on the cover of Our Town, Truckee magazine, April-May 1994. The Healing Art of Fly Fishing was in the issue; authored by Patrick Mooney.  Below are comments I contributed during a phone interview."...'Fishing is an excuse to take a walk in nature, cleanse your mind and recharge your thinking...'a total experience' in freestone and freshwater fly angling in the Truckee River...Pisciotta strives to get people 'to relax , have  a great time and enjoy the mountain angling experience'...has recommended the sublime art as a therapeutic tool for one of his clients---a psychiatrist. 'It does wonders for the mental health of harried urbanites'...'enjoy the camaraderie'It would seem, though, that the real joy Pisciotta gets out of his guide service is not necessarily providing opportunities to people---its the friendships he builds from it. 'I'm a people person basically, and enjoy the challenge of spending a day fishing with people I've never met before'. They may have been strangers when they hired him , but many of  Frank's clients have become friends because of the shared experience of fly fishing the Sierra together. 'As a mater of fact, I'm having dinner tonight with a couple I guided back in the mid-80''s'  "