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California Fly Fishing Reports


    California Fly Fishing Nov 29, 2018 | 15:21 pm

    FRANKISMS #2 A cast laid…is a cast madeThis Frankism is more appropriate when dryfly/emerger fishing to a steadily, surface/in-the-film, feeding trout. So please quit slapping the water or immediately pick-up an errant cast.Before making your presentation, when casting upstream, calibrate the correct distance…AWAY from the targeted fish. Then, make the cast. Your first, good cast affords you the highest percentage of a take. AVOID "lining" the trout with the fly line; leader only, ideally off to one-side of the trout's window (aka cone of vision)*...Unless you are a proficient curve or hook caster.Measuring the cast also applies while casting downstream. When making a "fly-first" presentation REMEMBER to strip enough line off the reel and lay at your feet so the you can effectively present the fly via "bump-feeding"...past the targeted feeder if there is no take on the first drift.When casting from the side, do a reach cast, it will extend your drift and minimize your mending.*The window's circumference is relative to the depth of the water; the shallower the water the smaller the window...the deeper the water the larger the window.Let'em Breath!

  • Sage Words from the Icons #14

    California Fly Fishing Nov 23, 2018 | 14:33 pm

    Sage Words from the Icons #14 "If fishing is like religion, then fly-fishing is high church."TOM BROKAW

  • Still Waiting....

    California Fly Fishing Nov 9, 2018 | 11:32 am

    Still Waiting.... Let'em Breathe!...for the big Browns bulking-up for winter. Thus far no luck nor success. Mornings have been in the single-digits. We need some cloud-cover and mild, wet  precipitation; snow nada.

  • Late Fall

    California Fly Fishing Oct 30, 2018 | 21:41 pm

    Late Fall Well, still haven't used the eggs that I featured in my last post...Both my targeted, egg-eating Browns & RainBows are not migrating upstream from the local reservoirs in good numbers...yet. HINT: fish the inlets where their staging. In the interim were having some fun fishing for the local Kokanee. Stay clear of the Kokanee's needle-sharp teeth!During the last few days, gusting winds have severely impacted our casting; whether angling local still-waters or streams. These strong winds occur early-afternoons. Seems like the weather is in a cusp period; late-fall into an early winter.The past six weeks we've been blessed with classic Fall weather; soft-breezes, cirrus-laden clouds, blue sky and clear, cooling waters. During the period we've encountered surface feeders confidently ingesting the occasional hopper (...the remaining few are active during the warmth of mid-day) and "slurpers" sipping the minutest of BWO's, PsuedoCleons; spinners and emergers. Personally I've not observed the fabled, humongus October Caddis; locally very sparse, unlike the immense numbers on NorCal's McCloud and Upper Sacramento rivers.BT dry/dropping the pockets...along "Glenshire"Thus far were netting Browns and RainBows to 20"...waiting for the big guys to appear. As aforementioned, dry flies are working. The most effective tactics on the BT remain dry/dropper fishing[…]

  • Egg-Time!

    California Fly Fishing Oct 1, 2018 | 15:14 pm

    Egg-Time! While many anglers are currently obsessed with the huge Lahontan Cutthroat at Pyramid Lake; now is the time some Truckee anglers start thinking about fishing for the big Browns of fall-time. Our "fly" of choice is that of an egg imitation.  Personally I do not "peg" a plastic ovum pattern. I use yarn, egg imitations; many anglers call them "Glo-Bugs". I will experiment fishing with different colors, in  light and dark shades; finding-out which produces best.Tactically, we do not fish on/in spawning redds...unethical! We look for that first riffle and/or vertex of currents below the redds. I always trail a smallish fly pattern (midge larva or BWO nymph) behind my egg fly. You'll be surprised what may eat the trailer...could be a big brown. About 10 years ago I netted a 24" Brown which ate a #20 Black Midge emerger...a unique occurrence for inclusion into the "20-20" club.ince I ...they do not always ingest the egg      Recently I received an egg-tying lesson from long-time Truckee guide and expert fly-tyer "JR" (John Roberts). I was enlightened as to how the circular, yarn patterns were made. I had envisioned the tyer meticulously scissor-cutting/trimming the yarn into a perfectly round globe...I[…]

  • Sage Words from the Icons #13

    California Fly Fishing Sep 27, 2018 | 17:29 pm

    Sage Words from the Icons #13 Let'em Breathe!"Rivers and the inhabitants of the watery elements are made for wise men to contemplate and for fools to pass without consideration."ISSAC WALTON

  • FRANKISMS...#1

    California Fly Fishing Aug 27, 2018 | 22:58 pm

    FRANKISMS...#1 Rio Simpson...southern Chilean Patagonia...circa 2006There came a point in time after numerous years of guiding and instructing experienced, semi-skilled and novice fly anglers that I realized I was espousing recurring themes and concepts. These aphorisms; simple, concise and truthful sayings, I've coined FRANKISMS. These  are exceedingly useful when I want to instill a concept that is beneficial and easily understood; an idea that I am emphasizing for a client, with the intent being that the concept/s will be subconsciously imbedded into their angling psyche.My selective use of the Frankisms is based on its appropriateness when instructing beginners with core insights or useful and adaptable to the existing skills of experienced fly anglers...taking them to another level.During my last few excursions in the Truckee area; fishing over finicky surface-feeders, I have reinforced one of my ingrained Frankisms:"Observe More...Cast Less"There are two things the fly angler has to consider when they have sighted a surface-feeding trout...before making that first cast! 1----What are the lateral perimeters of the trout's feeding lane?....One's  fly presentation has to be within those precise boundaries.2----What is the rhythm of the trout's feeding?....Time the feeding behavior of the trout  and make your cast at what you perceive as the appropriate[…]

  • "Old Timers" Perspective

    California Fly Fishing Aug 19, 2018 | 00:34 am

    "Old Timers" Perspective Let'em Breath!As I note in my previous July 17 post..."Somethings change..." Below are two commentaries/observations from a couple of "old timers".#1---An excerpt from AMERICAN ANGLER,  July-August 2018: "The kid certainly looked the part; expensive sunglasses dangling from his neck, even though we were inside on a cloudy day; fashional  fishing shirt from one of the more prestigious makers of fashionable fishing shirts.; trendy stubble on his face (I've had a beard since 1966, but have never figured out how to keep it permanently frozen at one-week length); and a look that announced to me and all the world that he he knew more about fly fishing than I ever would...--Back in the 50's my father and I used to float blue-ribbon Montana trout streams all day without seeing another angler......things have changed. Several years ago I realized that everyone in southwest Montana between the ages of 14 and 50 was or had been a fly fishing guide...No longer an obscure pastime practiced by the eccentrics, fly fishing had become a Scene...Then there was the "The Stuff"---the high-end shades...clothes...Spey rods longer than the creeks are  wide...I just couldn't understand how so many new guides could learn more after six months on the water[…]

  • Throw-Back Truckee Fly Angling

    California Fly Fishing Jul 22, 2018 | 09:13 am

    Throw-Back Truckee Fly Angling Somethings change, somethings do not...a reprint:                                                                                Paul Dillon ImageCurrently PMD emerger patterns are the most effective for surface-feeders                      ANGLING UPDATE: 17 JULY 1997*My apologies for this long delay. I was unaware how many cyber-surfers bookmarked this UPDATE, and actually read my comments! Thanks for the vote of confidence on the reliability of my written word. I will  attempt to be more timely for the rest of the season.We are now experiencing above-normal warm, mountain weather in the High Sierra. During the last four weeks we've had a mixed bag of climatic conditions; sunny and clear skies, endured rain, hail, snow in the higher slopes, blistering winds that at times made it almost impossible to cast or even lob a cast to showing fish or suspected lies. To compound matters relative to fly fishing; regulated federal flows out of Lake Tahoe into the main Truckee had been erratic and unpredictable, maxing-out to[…]

  • Summertime

    California Fly Fishing Jul 10, 2018 | 01:22 am

    Summertime Green Drakes here for 6-Weeks!...first BT then LTWell, still mobile, having pulled a calf-muscle...Nevertheless, been busy enjoying and gratified by mid-June into early July's guiding, clinics, tours and both TTFF's ( www.ttff.net) Cliff Frazier Memorial Youth program and Novice Clinic. While not "working" I made every opportunity for personal angling.The "Big Bugs Of June" all made an appearance on the BT. The Winged Blacked Carpenter Ant were first during an intense 3-4 day period. The trout were aware, creating a great surface "searching" pattern on all moving waters and lake inlets; beyond the ant's short availability.Winged Black Carpenter Ant dries also produced in creeks......and at stream inflows at lakes...best accessed via boatsMid-morning to noon emergences of PMD's and March Browns made for happy sight-fishing to rising trout.Pancho bent during the predictable late-morning PMD hatchThe trout were very selective; so we increased the odds of a grab by tailing soft-hackles or generic bead-head nymphs behind our flush-floating dries. Little Yellow Stonefly adults were and will continue to be a bug to imitate for the next 4 weeks; most especially at dusk. Also, nice adult imitation to use as your indicator fly when dry/dropper fishing while  methodically "prospecting" pocket-water. As usual the phantom[…]