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Sunday, 09 October 2016 16:22

Drake Magazine

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  • 10 Trout Guys and Their Flies

    Featured Content Oct 19, 2017 | 09:49 am

    10 Trout Guys and Their Flies Truths will be revealed, inside your boxRiverbound anglers of earth, no doubt, love their flies. This is especially true for trout guys, who have more than most. The origins of this obsession can be traced back to the caddis hatch on River X. Around dark, the wriggling tent-winged insects begin to take flight. Around the same time, the trout in the river begin to get hungry. This isn’t a casual affair. Those rainbows and browns are generally well-fed, making them particularly particular; they want their caddis served just the right size, and delivered in just the right shade of smoky-whole-wheat. In order to procure a strike from the bastards, the savvy angler produces a box of highly-considered magic.

  • The DrakeCast Episode #16 - Denver's Dirty Secret / A Yellowstone River Retrospective

    Featured Content Oct 12, 2017 | 18:10 pm

    The DrakeCast Episode #16 - Denver's Dirty Secret / A Yellowstone River Retrospective After a long journey through the islands of the North Atlantic, we're finally back in the United States - smack dab in the middle of the states actually. Both parts of this episode take us through the Rocky Mountains. In the first part of the episode, we visit a fishy hideout in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado and then after the break, we hear about the whitefish kill of August 2016 on Montana's Yellowstone River. Make sure to stick around until the end to get the entire story.

  • Video Daze: Andy

    Featured Content Oct 12, 2017 | 13:29 pm

    Video Daze: Andy Andy Anderson's photography goes well beyond the flyfishing microcosm. And all of it is well worth a look. Here the lens is reversed and the renowned shooter shares some of his thoughts and philosophies about the art form to which he's dedicated his life. Presented by: YETI and Orvis.

  • Chasing the Yellowstone River Fish Kill

    Featured Content Oct 7, 2017 | 11:01 am

    Chasing the Yellowstone River Fish Kill A reporter's notebookTHE RED LIGHT ON MY DESK PHONE WAS BLINKING. I hate when it blinks first thing in the morning. It usually means somebody has called to tell me I’m stupid. People love to hate their local newspaper, and they love to call reporters and tell them about it. My voicemail is rarely good.

  • The DrakeCast Episode #15 - EuroTrip Ch. 3, Iceland

    Featured Content Oct 6, 2017 | 01:01 am

    The DrakeCast Episode #15 - EuroTrip Ch. 3, Iceland This week's episode of The DrakeCast takes us to a volcanic island unchanged by time. The hills, mountains, and rivers of Iceland are largely the same as they were when the last Ice Age receded. I was there to continue my quest for the illusive Atlantic Salmon. But while there, I stumbled into so much more. Brown Trout, Sea Run Arctic Char, $12 beers, and ilicit substances that I had accidentally brought into the country made this an unforgettable experience. During my stay, I also learned about the local fishing practices and considered their implications on the environment, anglers, and the fish.


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