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Dustin Rocksvold

Dustin Rocksvold

  • News Release: State water boards release tenth web-based Performance Report that showcases data storytelling


    The State Water Boards’ 10th annual Performance Report, the result of compiling and synthesizing massive amounts of data from fiscal year 2017-18, tells the ongoing story of water regulation throughout California and makes the information readily accessible for public scrutiny and accountability.PDF Attachmentread more

  • McKinleyville man helps save salmon — with math


    A McKinleyville man recently created an equation to better target tricky parasites linked to Klamath River salmon deaths.View Original Article

  • Commentary: ‘Trump insurance’ for the CA environment


    Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins pointedly put her imprimatur on far-reaching state environmental legislation that would serve as a hedge against any environmental roll-back by President Donald Trump.View Original Article

  • Legal Commentary: California Department of Fish and Wildlife annual CEQA document filing fee increase


    Effective Jan. 1, filing fees imposed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will increase for all CEQA Notices of Determination. The CDFW is required to adjust the fees annually. The fees are used to defray the agency’s costs related to, among other things, consulting with public agencies, reviewing environmental documents, making mitigation recommendations and developing monitoring programs, according to the agency’s website.View Original Article

  • Blog: DWR solicits project proposals for grant funding in the Central Valley


    Flooding in recent years provides a reminder of how important it is to invest in California’s flood infrastructure. The Central Valley Tributaries Program provides Proposition 1 funding for multi-benefit flood risk reduction projects on tributaries to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Funded projects will address Central Valley flood risk for urban and small communities, enhance ecosystems, and improve fish and wildlife habitat. The program is currently soliciting grant proposals, which are due February 12, 2019.View Original Article

  • Scientists are fighting for the stricken pickle against this tricky disease


    The pickle is in peril. Each summer since the mid 2000s, Florida winds carry downy mildew to cucumber fields north. By summer’s end, the disease reaches Michigan, leaving a trail of withered leaves and thwarted pickling plans.View Original Article

  • Sonoma County explores fees to pay for new groundwater management plan


    Thousands of Sonoma County residents who rely on groundwater will likely see new fees on their property tax bill next fall, helping pay for a legally required groundwater regulatory plan. Local agencies governing groundwater resources were created in 2017 following the passage of a landmark California law intended to safeguard the previously unregulated water supply.View Original Article

  • Surfrider report: California coastal management gets high marks, still needs work to face rising sea-level threats


    California has done a better job managing its coastline than most of the other beach states in the country — but needs to improve at planning for the future as sea-level rise threatens homes and infrastructure. The “2018 State of the Beach Report Card” released Thursday by San Clemente-based Surfrider Foundation gave California an “A” grade, while other areas prone to extreme weather and lacking policy to protect the coast earned lower ratings.View Original Article

  • Water districts were so close to deal. Now, lawsuits will contest ‘water grab.’


    Some water districts would like to keep negotiating with state officials over river flows. But lawsuits replaced settlements as the most likely path forward, the day after a crucial vote in Sacramento approving the “water grab.” Related Article: San Francisco Chronicle: San Francisco, other cities consider lawsuits to head off water restrictions ​Related News Releases: California State Water Resources Control Board: State Water Board adopts Bay-Delta Plan Update for the Lower San Joaquin River and Southern DeltaCalifornia Department of Water Resources: State agencies outline comprehensive plan to improve river flows for fisheries View Original Articleread more

  • Friday’s Top of the Scroll: Southwestern US states get Jan. 31 deadline for drought deal


    The head of the federal agency controlling the Colorado River said Thursday the U.S. government will impose unprecedented restrictions on water supplies to the seven Southwestern U.S. states that depend on the river unless everyone agrees by Jan. 31 on a plan to deal with an expected shortage in 2020. Related Articles: Arizona Republic: ‘Running out of time’: Federal water official sets deadline for Colorado River dealBloomberg Environment: Arizona, California race to meet drought deal deadline  Related News Release:  US Bureau of Reclamation: Reclamation releases Colorado River Basin Ten Tribes Partnership Tribal Water StudyView Original Articleread more


Start: Sat. 6 Aug, 2016 8:00 am
End: Sat. 6 Aug, 2016 2:00 pm

The first annual Catch It On A Fly Tournament will be held on Saturday, August 6th, 2016 on the East Carson River.

This is a catch and release tournament. Monitors will be on site.  

Over $2,500.00 in prizes to be given away!

Entry Fee is $75.00.

Check in time 6:30 AM, tournament start time 8:00 AM, followed by the bbq and awards presentation at 3:00 PM

Cabins, RV and tent sites available at the Carson River Resort

Proceeds from the tournament will go to Pennies for Trees to help replant areas effected by the Butte Fire and to the AFF Youth Program.

Tournament Registration. (Links to AFF Website)

Five hundred miles. That’s a pretty significant distance, right? Now, imagine swimming that far.

That’s how many river miles will re-opened to native steelhead in the Klamath River under the terms of a revised agreement between the federal government, the states of California and Oregon, and the utility company PacifiCorp.

The amended Klamath Hydropower Settlement Agreement, and the Klamath Power and Facilities Agreement were signed today at the mouth of the Klamath River by Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, NOAA Administrator Kathryn Sullivan, Gov. Edmund G. Brown, Jr., of California, Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon and PacifiCorp CEO Stefan Bird.

Under the new-and-improved KHSA, four old, unproductive hydropower dams on the Klamath River will be removed beginning in the year 2020. This action will open up 500 miles of habitat for steelhead and some 420 miles for salmon.

Read more on the TU Blog

Any Waders or Wading boots with HBP marked on them.

Any fly rods marked Bill Carnazo.

Horseshoe Bar Fish and Game Preserve is devastated to announce that thieves broke into our storage area where we house our equipment for the Wounded Warrior Event that is held the first week in October every year. Finding out that someone felt they needed to steal from these veterans is heart breaking. It is like stealing from a church or organization that helps the needy of our community. This break-in will set us back many years as the amount of equipment they stole exceeds $25,000. Much of the equipment has the initials HBP written on it. Only the veterans that attended our events or members of Horseshoe Bar Preserve would have equipment with the “HBP” letters printed on it.. Any other gear was most likely this equipment that was stolen during the break in this week. If you see this equipment being sold, please contact me immediately at 916-205-6073 or the sheriff’s department to report it. (Placer County Sheriff)

If you see this equipment being sold, do not say anything or accuse anyone. Make note of the time, location, description of the items and persons involved.

Please contact Tom Bartos, manager of Horseshoe Bar Preserve immediately at 916-205-6073 or you’re local police department and let them know you believe it may have been equipment stolen from Horseshoe Bar Preserve in Foresthill, CA.
Reference Police Report # 15-11343.

This equipment was used for a very good veterans program and its loss is huge!!

If you would like to help us replenish the equipment that was stolen, please contact us at , 916-205-6073 or go to our website: www.horseshoebarpreserve.com/ww where you can make a donation.

Thomas G.M. Bartos
President & Founder
Horseshoe Bar Preserve, Inc.

Gary and I decided to try our luck on the North Fork of the Mokelumne on the afternoon of Friday Augst 7th.  We drove up Highway 88 and then down a freshly chip-sealed Ellis Road.  I guess some of the fine PG&E paid regarding the Power Fire is being put to good use.  We found a spot to park and then started making our way down stream.

We worked downstream for an hour or so without so much as spooking a fish.  The flows were around 19 CFS.  Gary checked the water temperature and found it to be 66F.  We decided to head back to the truck and move further upstream to find cooler water.

After moving upstream to a spot that I have had good luck at in the past, we finally managed to find some fish.  We actually landed a few as well.  Gary was fishing a tan size 12 Adams and I was using a tan size 14 EC Caddis.  Gary landed more fish than I on this trip, with a final count of 7 to 4.

This was a good reminder to check the water temperatures and fish where the temperatures are more ideal.  At the second location the temps were running around 60F and there were actually fish present.

The fish were a mixture of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout, with the largest fish being about 8".