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Dustin Rocksvold

Dustin Rocksvold

  • Match the Hatch Talk at the Reel Anglers Fly Shop

    Fly Fishing Traditions Mar 18, 2016 | 23:37 pm

    A Fly Fishing Traditions and Reel Anglers  Partnership Event   Fly Fishing Traditions – Match the Hatch Class Blue Wing Olive & Pale Morning Dun Mayflies April 2nd – 10:00 to 1:00 I have been working with Tom Page of the Reel Anglers Fly Shop for years and have come to an agreement for me to help the shop with ...The post Match the Hatch Talk at the Reel Anglers Fly Shop appeared first on Fly Fishing Traditions.

  • Drift Boat Repair Project

    Fly Fishing Traditions Dec 28, 2015 | 19:17 pm

    I’ve been helping a new fishing buddy, Mark Ruef, repair his drift boat. It is an older Clackacraft that he picked up for about $1200, including a trailer that is in good working condition. A pretty good deal I thought until I took a good look at it. When I asked Mark how much he’d paid for it I said, ...The post Drift Boat Repair Project appeared first on Fly Fishing Traditions.

  • Cam Covers Adele’s “Hello” Live on the Bobby Bones Show

    Fly Fishing Traditions Dec 17, 2015 | 03:46 am

    I am a fan of pure vocal, traditional, alternate country music. This video of Cam covering the latest Adele “Hello” is outstanding. Put on some headphones and give it a listen.The post Cam Covers Adele’s “Hello” Live on the Bobby Bones Show appeared first on Fly Fishing Traditions.

  • Spey Casting Practice On the Grass

    Fly Fishing Traditions Dec 8, 2015 | 04:29 am

    For those getting started with spey casting and really for just about everyone for that matter, it is a very good idea to practice spey casting on the grass or turf. Why? Casting on the grass is convenient. Most everyone has grass nearby. It may be your lawn, a park or a nearby school. For most people the grass in ...The post Spey Casting Practice On the Grass appeared first on Fly Fishing Traditions.

  • Fishing in Drought Conditions

    Fly Fishing Traditions Dec 5, 2015 | 02:16 am

    On the Lower Yuba River as well as many Northern California rivers, we have been dealing with drought conditions for most of the summer and into this fall. The rivers are running low and gin clear. The trout are obviously nervous during full sunlight hours and have often moved to aerated sections of the river or deeper holding water in ...The post Fishing in Drought Conditions appeared first on Fly Fishing Traditions.

  • Tale of Two Days

    Fly Fishing Traditions Dec 3, 2015 | 04:41 am

    The Lower Yuba river above the Parks Bar Bridge opened up on December 1st after being closed for 3 months. The river above the bridge is closed to protect spawning Chinook Salmon. The “Opener” is a much anticipated event that most local fishers have blocked out on their calendars, called in sick or just plain played hooky from whatever they ...The post Tale of Two Days appeared first on Fly Fishing Traditions.

  • Updated Fly Fishing Traditions Website

    Fly Fishing Traditions Nov 22, 2015 | 15:28 pm

    After about 2 years of wanting to update the Fly Fishing Traditions website I finally hooked up with Linda and Mike of Sundial Design which is located in Redding, California. They designed a website for my friend and mentor, Mike Hibbard. I saw that Linda and Mike designed his website and did what I think was one hell of a ...The post Updated Fly Fishing Traditions Website appeared first on Fly Fishing Traditions.

  • Trinity River Steelheading

    Fly Fishing Traditions Oct 24, 2015 | 17:27 pm

    I had the chance to fish the Trinity River a while back with my long time friend Blake Larsen and another old friend and guide Mike Hibbard. Mike typically guides the Trinity from mid September through January or February every year. He is one of the most respected guides on the Trinity River. We had a great couple of days ...The post Trinity River Steelheading appeared first on Fly Fishing Traditions.

  • Airflo Rage Compact Review

    Fly Fishing Traditions Oct 23, 2015 | 18:26 pm

    I met with Jason Lozano, the Airflo rep, a while back and he said that the new Rage Compact is really taking off.  I was a little confused as the new Rage Compact is considered a Skagit head so what’s the difference between the Rage and the standard Skagit Compact? I did some research at Deneki.com and came up with ...The post Airflo Rage Compact Review appeared first on Fly Fishing Traditions.

  • The Airflo Skagit Switch Line Review

    Fly Fishing Traditions Oct 22, 2015 | 17:03 pm

    Whoever came up with the idea of Switch Rods was had his head on straight. Someone came up with the idea to build a rod that can do everything from Spey casting to overhead casting. It would be the perfect rod for small and medium sized rivers. For those of us that have purchased one we’ve had a heck of ...The post The Airflo Skagit Switch Line Review appeared first on Fly Fishing Traditions.


  • Montana's "Wide Missouri"...a 2020 option

    California Fly Fishing Jan 1, 2020 | 22:29 pm

    Montana's "Wide Missouri"...a 2020 option                    Big Sky MontanaI again returned the Missouri River in  Montana for a few days of drift-fishing during late-summer/early fall of 2019. The guiding and bedding was provided by Wolf Creek Anglers; 2-3 miles from Holter Dam. I'll return in 2020; August 29 to September 6. Below you'll find my journal entries...roughly UNEDITED. So please enjoy the gist of the fly angling we experienced and disregard the grammar, absence of sentence structure and my obsessive dots. Generally, I'm not a compulsive "fish-counter" but I include numbers in these entries to give a perspective of the tempo and "drift" of the fly angling.9/11---Our nation's "NEVER FORGET" dayHolter Dam to Craig: We indo-fished in the rain from 9AM-1PM; not really comfy, but we were prepared with the right clothing and stayed warm. It cleared to over-cast/drizzle in the afternoon. The productive fly pattern was a #18 or 20 Black Zebra Midge (silver bead), with a  6' drop to one BB shot. We netted good-sized RainBows in the 16"-18" range; strong, deep-bodied...some with 3-4 high aerials, others with long, first runs. There was one 12" Brown and a 15"-16" Whitey. No numbers  but enough to keep[…]

  • A Truckee White Christmas

    California Fly Fishing Dec 27, 2019 | 02:43 am

    A Truckee White Christmas As the song says "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...". Except, I don't dream it, I live it. Today the winter solstice is officially here. We wish everyone a pleasant Christmas and a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year.Thus far we've had a very busy,  social holiday season with a bit more until the arrival of  2020. From here on it is snow-shoveling, blowing and pushing snow...my major winter cardio/muscle-toning exercise.Generally, the snow accumulation is minimal and manageable...On right, our front- entry...before the heavy snowsback patio decks, upper cleared , lower not...before moving BBQ under the extended/sky-light eavesthen the snowfall and pack gets serious...Such is the time when I manually clear our back-patio decks in a TIMELY fashion; if not, ice forms making for difficult clearing. I do not do the lower deck, but make sure I clear the upper-deck section to assure our windows are clear and free of snow. If not, we'll live in snow-cave since all the other windows on our 1st floor,  we're we do 95% of our living, around our 6500' elevation home are covered in snow from the sloping roofs' constantly "unloading".After a "big dump"  After my shoveling/pushing...beautiful mountain snow & sunshine!In the front drive-way we[…]

  • Tahoe-Truckee Region...Fall Journal 2019

    California Fly Fishing Nov 24, 2019 | 05:28 am

    Tahoe-Truckee Region...Fall Journal 2019 Let'em Breathe!9/29---SCOUTING:I was looking for signs of early, migrating Browns...too early.About 1330 I fished in intermittent sleet and snow....everything was damp. Regardless, for the next 1-1/2 hours I saw steadily rising, in-the-film or just below, slurping trout.I believe the heavy rain/sleet/snow prevented any emerging aquatic bug breaking through the meniscus with the heavy pelting of sleet and wet-snow....amazing that the trout could pick-out a food item.Worked a disperse pod at Papa's.. Unbeknownst to me, during about 15" of casting to the working feeders, I realized that I been fishing...fly-less!  a #18 BWO, foam-top-emerger fly I'd had attached to my 5X tippet must have popped-off on my back-cast because of my inattention to the high willows behind me....duh.It was getting nasty; so I decided to make a hasty retreat from the weather. On the way-out I observed a minimum of 1/2 dozen upper-water-column feeders at both the 610 and Richard's Pool.9/30---SCOUTING:Snowing again! Hope it melts soon and I'll have an opportunity to get my drift-boat "off the mountain"...Where? I haven't decided yet, favoring Greg's place in Auburn, so it will be in close proximity for drifting the Yuba.I'm guessing the Boca dam's re-enforcement work for the season is finished or on[…]

  • Sage Words from the Icons #18

    California Fly Fishing Oct 15, 2019 | 16:50 pm

    Sage Words from the Icons #18 Fishing a side-channel...noticed this quote on FaceBook recently:"Fishing has a dignity, a simplicity, a ruggedness and honesty...little dreamed about in this materialistic world"ZANE GREYSolid hook-up...tiny fly...in the nib

  • Truckee Angling, Last Century Throwback PART # 3

    California Fly Fishing Sep 20, 2019 | 00:56 am

    Truckee Angling, Last Century Throwback PART # 3 Let'em Breathe! Circa mid-80's Thy Rod & Staff's 8-panel brochure Inside Panel #3: LATE SEASON: LATE SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER & EARLY NOVEMBERIf fortunate, the autumn angler experiences a glorious Indian Summer with only an occasional, shot-lived thundershower. Crowds are gone, nights become brisk, and the aspens and alders turn golden. It is a special time of year. Stealth become a prime tactic.Fall...Crowds are goneSolitude is the rule at Milton. If action is slow. one  can vacate the belly-boat and start prospecting for fall spawners leaving the lake and ascending the short stretch of the Yuba River's Middle  Fork. The same regulations apply.In October, the Truckee basin lakes will produce the largest trout of the season. The migrating 6-10 pound Browns are encountered in Stampede, Boca, and Prosser impoundments. Fly-rodders are starting to get their share.JR with an inlet BrownEx-Truckeeite Stan McCleod with fall-time Truckee River RainBow 

  • Native Sons Tour of Truckee & Little Truckee

    California Fly Fishing Sep 4, 2019 | 19:22 pm

    Native Sons Tour of Truckee & Little Truckee Currently there is space available for the Native Sons Tour scheduled for September 20-21.  If you can't attend this tour get on the e-list and we'll send you future schedule tours. 2020 will be our 6th year conducting this unique angling event and the quality of the experience is spreading throughout the fly fishing community.Details: www.cyberfly.com/native-sons-tours/Friday night's "meet & greet" snacks prior to PowerPoint talk The Big Truckee's "Willow Run"JB Hooked-Up at the Little Truckee's  "Sweeper #1"2019 had Green Drakes present in Truckee area for 9 weeks! 

  • E-Quicky #22...mid-July-late August

    California Fly Fishing Aug 30, 2019 | 02:22 am

    ...Or, a selective, 5-week peek into the e-life of CyberFly7/16---Inquiry on Angling Conditions:The BT in the Glenshire stretch has been fishing well via dry dropper rigs in the pocket water. Bring your thermometer because the water is warming...I leave the water at 67 degrees. The PMD hatch on the LT has been really good for surface feeding trout...progressively getting fickle because of the crowds; most especially the upper area. The flows are currently at 126 cfs; decent. 7/18---An e-note on the passing of a longtime local fly angler, John Lim:Thanks for the update on John...we'll all miss him. He was a fixture at the LT inlet at Boca. If you wanted to know what was happening there; he was the man. I'm planning on attending his "celebration" in Auburn.7/18---An inquiry about a recent blog post:…stillwaters other than Boca; too crowded now with the summer crowds. I’m talking Inlets into Prosser and Stampede; best accessibility is via boats.For sure, I can provide info as needed.7/20---A request for angling info:...didn't do the BT on Friday; doing an early start on the LT...recently bumped-up to a nice 140cfs. At 8 AM there were 10 vehicles in the upper parking area!...walking all the way down to[…]

  • Sage Words from the Icons #17

    California Fly Fishing Aug 14, 2019 | 05:01 am

    Sage Words from the Icons #17 Let'em Breathe!"Most fishermen use the double-haul to throw their casting mistakes further"LEFTY KREH

  • Massive ButterFly Hatch in Tahoe!

    California Fly Fishing Aug 9, 2019 | 18:14 pm

    Massive ButterFly Hatch in Tahoe! There has been thick flights of TortiseShell butterflies in the Truckee & Tahoe area....the most I've personally witnessed  since building my first home in Truckee in 1979. I'm not seeing them along the streams or lakes though...so not a fly angling pattern to imitate...thus far.California TortiseShell ButterflyNymphalis Californica Here is an article from the SF Gate:Massive butterfly swarms becoming the talk of TahoeThere aren't enough to block out the sun, but social media posts out of the Lake Tahoe area show enough swarming butterflies to get just about anyone who encounters them to pull over and start taking pictures.While some think the butterflies are migrating monarchs — which have been declining at an alarming rate in California — the Reno Gazette-Journal identifies them as California tortoiseshell butterflies that are visiting the Sierra in search of the remnant of our winter snow pack.The butterflies are known to frequent beaches and puddles in search of salt from the soil, according to the newspaper.The bugs can be identified by their orange and red wings, and social media posts show them swarming in a few locations around the region".https://www.sfgate.com/local/article/butterfly-swarms-Lake-Tahoe-monarch-tortoiseshell-14291637.php

  • Truckee Angling...Last Century ThrowBack...PART #2

    California Fly Fishing Aug 2, 2019 | 01:50 am

    Truckee Angling...Last Century ThrowBack...PART #2 Let'em Breathe!Circa mid-80's Thy Rod & Staff  8-panel brochure, Panel 2, Inside:MID-SEASON: JULY, AUGUST & EARLY SEPTEMBER*notes present-day changes"The water warms and the runoff subsides. Up to the end of July, an angler can spend pleasant mornings at Martis Lake* casting to sighted "cruisers" along the wees edges. These "gulpers" leisurely inhale Callibaetis duns and spinners. Timing their rises and tracking their movement pattern is a challenging and contemplative game.Mid-day angling on the Truckee Rivers is relaxing. Access is easy and the wading is non-threatening on the upper "Wild Trout" section. About six miles** of it have special regulations of interest to the fly rodder: 2-limit,; single, barbless artificials only; minimum 15". A freestoner, the Truckee has a balanced mix of riffles, runs, pools and pocket-water. Large fish are in residence. Keeping things in perspective, the median trout size in the Truckee River is within the 10"-12" range. They are all well-finned and stream born.During the evening  sessions, entailing late-afternoon to dusk. the Truckee becomes intriguing. During the period, the river confirms its well earned reputation as a "night-stream". There are opportunities for double-digit hook-up during the even rise."* The lake's fishery and angling experience declined in the mid-90's. Nowadays[…]


  • Happy Holidays and Fishing

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Dec 26, 2019 | 19:39 pm

    Rain and snow have made for great recipes for fishing on the Klamath and Upper Sac lately. It’s winter fishing time folks! The Klamath crowds have gone and our guides have been having outstanding days on it. The upper river above I-5 is starting to get some of the bigger winter runs that we always […]

  • Winter Has Arrived

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Dec 11, 2019 | 19:12 pm

    Upper Sacramento, Klamath and Lower Sacramento River Report  The recent storms have not prevented our Wild Waters guides from getting out on our nearby rivers and finding fish. The Upper Sac has got snow on it from Ney Springs down to Shasta Lake. Access is more difficult but if you are willing to put in […]

  • Fantastic Fall Fishing!

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Nov 8, 2019 | 19:22 pm

    Our Wild Waters Fly Fishing guides have been super busy burning the miles and taking advantage of all the current opportunities that are presenting themselves. Fall is such a great opportunistic time to sample the many rivers near us. The Rogue River has had an excellent return of summer steelhead and the fall/winter fish are […]

  • Fall Season Is On!

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Oct 17, 2019 | 18:21 pm

    McCloud, Upper Sacramento, Lower Sacramento, Rogue and Klamath Rivers ReportWell kids we are right in the middle of another great Fall season here in the north state. Our guides are in full throttle mode covering the McCloud, Upper Sacramento, Lower Sacramento, Rogue and Klamath Rivers chasing and finding some awesome fishing. The McCloud River has […]

  • Moving Into Fall Season

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Sep 25, 2019 | 17:47 pm

    Upper Sacramento River and McCloud River Report Both rivers are starting to shake their lazy dog daze of summer and we are seeing the meter up ticking on fish beginning to put the chow bag on. Cooler days and nights along with some rain lately have flipped the switch for Mr. Trout. Squaw Creek runs […]

  • Summer Wrapping Up

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Aug 30, 2019 | 00:11 am

    August fishing has actually been pretty good considering it’s usually the slowest month here. Given we are still experiencing the last of the snow melt and cooler water temps it has been a good time the last few weeks on both the McCloud, Upper Sac, Lower Sac and McCloud Reservoir for clients. It looks like […]

  • Summer Fishing Has Been Excellent

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Aug 8, 2019 | 18:27 pm

    Upper Sacramento and McCloud Rivers It’s the Daze of the Dog time. July and August are always hot and the bug activity is pretty much on siesta. One nice thing though is the rivers are still experiencing runoff, not high flows but colder than usual water temps. Wet wading is optional and for some the […]

  • Summer Fun

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Jul 10, 2019 | 19:15 pm

    Upper Sacramento River The Upper Sac is in perfect shape now. July is here but fortunately the days are very mild, we have experienced no serious heat waves yet and the water remains cold due to the continuing runoff. We are seeing the Golden Stones just about ready to leave the party but on the […]

  • Awesome Spring

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing Jun 16, 2019 | 19:30 pm

    The Upper Sacramento River The river flows are now just south of 1000 cfs. These flows allow added access locations and as the river continues to drop additional spots will open up. It has been a crazy spring for the river but we are starting to see a shift to normalcy and it will continue […]

  • Rain Is About Gone…Almost

    Wild Waters Fly Fishing May 23, 2019 | 17:12 pm

    It’s been quite the dance this past week with all the rain and even a bit of snow. However we have been making things work . It’s been about putting on the raincoat and dealing with the increased flows. We’ve seen some spectacular fish come to the net and even the dry fly has been […]


  • The Skwala Stonefly ~ Identification, Behavior, Fly Patterns, and Presentations

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jan 21, 2020 | 00:29 am

    The Skwala Stonefly ~ Identification, Behavior, Fly Patterns, and Presentations As fly anglers, we all look forward to dry fly opportunities. It truly is the epitome of fly fishing, and why I relocated from Graeagle to Nevada City to be able to fish and guide the best winter dry fly fishery in the state – The Lower Yuba River. After spending 27 years living above 5,000 feet with 6 of those years at 10,000 feet, I can truly appreciate the milder temps of the foothills of the Sierra. The Lower Yuba River is well known for its winter hatches, where BWOs, PMDs, and Brown Duns make a daily appearance along with a special stonefly too. Enter the Skwala. Unlike a tiny winter stonefly, the Skwala is much larger and the first big meal of the new year for trout. It’s an overrated hatch for sure with promises of stellar action on the surface, but to me it is one of the most intriguing hatches that grace our tail waters and freestone river systems of the Northern Sierra. This family of stonefly, Perlodidae, is same as the Yellow Sally stonefly, and a very important species inhabiting most watersheds in the North American continent. They are often mistaken for early instars of[…]

  • BUFF Product Review ~ Fly Fishing Gear

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jan 15, 2020 | 18:35 pm

    BUFF Product Review ~ Fly Fishing Gear https://flyfishingwithcattoy.blogspot.com/Decades ago when I was a younger man, mountaineering and snowboarding were my main two passports to an adventurous life. I can remember ordering a balaclava from an REI catalog, you know, the black all-in-one model. It was a god send on those stormy pushes to the summit, and a welcomed companion protecting my face with knee deep powder face shots. I never gave it much thought back then to protecting myself from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Now that I'm on the water 200+ days a year, protection from all the elements is a must. A buff is just a buff right? Not entirely. When BUFF USA sent me my first package to test and wear, I noticed small differences in both the manufacturing process, designs, and the awesome prints they came in. I'm huge on details, so I can really appreciate the little differences that make for a top shelf quality product.As a company, BUFF USA produces the original multifuncitional headwear, and so much more. Besides buffs they make headbands, arm sleeves, gloves, hoodies, hats, beanies, finger guards, balaclavas, scarves, masks, neck warmers, arm warmers, and even buffs for your dog! (preferably a Queensland Heeler) Plus there are[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 1/13/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jan 14, 2020 | 00:33 am

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 1/13/2020 It’s been fun fishing on the Lower Yuba River the past couple of weeks. I really enjoy sharing the rhythms of the river with my guests and improving their skill set. If you want to catch more fish on the Yuba, hire a drift guide as you will cover more water, learn the go to flies, and the indicator rigs that constantly produce. That’s great and all, but what are you really learning to be successful on your own? My approach to guiding the Lower Yuba River is so much different as it is from a walk and wade perspective, where deciphering hatches and the clues that Mother Nature provides to usable information for the common fly angler. Reading water, proper presentations, casting, the best access, river history, local flora and fauna, flies, fish handling, the best flows, hook sets, fighting fish, and special leader formulas for every application known. I take pride in my trips, and not once in the last 23 years of guiding have I woken up at 4am and said “I don’t want to go to work today”. I really do love it.Flows have been stable, right around 1,370 cubes, which is good as the trout[…]

  • Fly Fishing Pro Tips ~ Foam Lines

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jan 10, 2020 | 17:01 pm

    Fly Fishing Pro Tips ~ Foam Lines We’ve all heard the saying “Foam is Home” when fly fishing our favorite waters in reference to making presentations among the foam and bubble lines that flow downstream with the currents. Natural floating foam on the surface of the water is the accumulation of leaves, twigs or other organic substances that make their way into the water and begin decaying. They release compounds known as surfacants. This interaction breaks the surface tension, which in turn allows air to more easily mix with water and creates bubbles. These bubbles congregate to form a fly angler’s friend – foam lines within the feeding lanes.Yuba River Pink Albert - Two Tail IdentificationAs with most liquids, water molecules are normally attracted to each other. This attraction creates tension at the surface of the water, often referred to as the meniscus, or a thin "skin," which allows most aquatic adult insects to glide across it. What’s really cool about foam lines next to the bank is it allows an angler to be able to sit and observe and see exactly what bug (or bugs, think masking hatch here) are floating in the drift and what the trout are keying on, in real time.Merry-Go-Rounds: Swirling patches of[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 12/31/2019 ~ The Skwalas Have Arrived!

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jan 1, 2020 | 00:22 am

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 12/31/2019 ~ The Skwalas Have Arrived! It sure is nice to be guiding in temperatures that are a little more warmer than that of the Yampa River in Co. The Yampa report from Cat Toy (https://flyfishingwithcattoy.blogspot.com/) and yesterday’s session was brutal, low of -1, and a high of 15. It’s been chilly during the morning hours here in Nevada City, and unlike Colorado, the air is much moister which you tend to feel in your bones more. I’ll take it for now. Fishing on the Lower Yuba has been good if you can find the areas that are holding heavier concentrations of fish, which in turn will result in higher catch rates – If the planets are aligned. I have an acquaintance that works for CA DFW, and in his early years working for the department, he snorkeled the Lower Yuba River studying macroinvertibrates and fish behavior. During these studies he told me that there would be sections of the river that were devoid of trout, while other areas were bountiful. Turns out it’s all about the most abundant food source for that given time, plus the resident trout on this river move around a lot depending on where those significant food sources are.Flows have been stable at[…]

  • Colorado Winter Fly Fishing ~ Christmas Holiday Vacation ~ 12/27/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Dec 28, 2019 | 03:17 am

    Colorado Winter Fly Fishing ~ Christmas Holiday Vacation ~ 12/27/2019 Back to the summit of the US of A, and back to the roots of my youth. Pretty weird how knowledgeable of Colorado fisheries I am, yet so many waters I'm still learning out there. If you haven't figured out why my quest to return to "Colorful Colorado" is in the past mix, you soon will after this post. It's a special state to me, so many close friends that truly know me there, and support me, makes it SO pleasing to be immersed in. I'm proud and honored to be a native Northern Californian, and to have been fly fishing the northern state since 1972, but as I age, there are more important factors in life - Thus the future looms. Yep, back to CBC, the most ultimate base camp ever, and "Mission 1" was in the works - Recuperating from the long drive, making a big pot of Cat's Hearty Beef Base Camp soup, and tying flies. Tying is so special to me, I wish I had more time to do so. I'm not not a commercial tier, or a superior speed tier. I tie for myself, my friends, and my guests. Payed signature tier of patterns? Not likely,[…]

  • Baiocchi's Troutfitters ~ 2019 Year in Review

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Dec 18, 2019 | 18:07 pm

    Baiocchi's Troutfitters ~ 2019 Year in Review Another year in the books comes to a close, and I'm here at CBC (Cat's Base Camp) reflecting on all the highlights that went down over the course of a very busy and productive season of fishing, guiding, and glorious adventures. It's also that time of the year with Christmas music in background emitting the oldies, Bing, Burl, and Judy belting out the songs that are timeless. Gifts are wrapped, and some have already been opened because we need that new gear for some upcoming missions starting tomorrow. The Christmas spirit is a little louder than normal for me this year, when life is good and you're happy, it's that feel good spirit that pours over the rim of the cup into your everyday life. I'm grateful for my current place in the universe. Let's start off with January on the Lower Yuba River where the fishing was so good I never put a nymphing rig on my guest's rods, it was all swinging and dry flies. A few storms came through without too much of a negative effect on the fishing, even with the river coming close to blowing out. Late December saw some very large steelhead caught, and it had[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report~ 12/11/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Dec 12, 2019 | 02:06 am

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report~ 12/11/2019 Finally, the whirlwind of being extremely busy since last early spring has died down and settled into the winter rhythms. The last month has been mostly touring around Southern California to fly clubs and speaking, and I must say the Delta Fly Fishers Northern Sierra Stillwater Seminar was SO much fun! I’m hoping more clubs go with that style of a program because of the overload of knowledge shared, and the value to those attending. It’s a win/win for everyone involved!It’s nice to be back on the water, and during the winter season is when I really get to fish on my own time. Love it. The Lower Yuba River has been fishing well, but the same old story, you got to find where the fish are holding, and put in the work – which at times is not easy unless you have some Intel on specific locations. Boats are getting more numbers than walk and wade anglers due to the simple fact that they can cover more water. Walk and wade anglers have an advantage too, as they can study the runs and riffles longer, and dissect their surroundings for the clues being offered to them by Mother Nature[…]

  • Baiocchi's Troutfitters Fly Fishing Gift Certificates ~ 12-11-2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Dec 11, 2019 | 16:45 pm

    Baiocchi's Troutfitters Fly Fishing Gift Certificates ~ 12-11-2019 Looking for the perfect gift for your special fly angler? Look no further! The Baiocchi's Troutfitters Gift Certificate is the answer! Recipients of the gift certificate can use it for guided trips, specific instruction on a technique, regional fly fishing tours, and specialized workshops all through the 2020 year. Obtaining the gift certificate is one of the easiest in the industry:1) Click here to pay for a full to half day trip, or leave a deposit for a special event: http://www.baiocchistroutfitters.com/baiocchis-troutfitters-book-my-trip/2) Download the Gift Certificate here: http://www.baiocchistroutfitters.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/BT-Gift-certificate.jpg3) Email me at , or call 530.228.0487 to receive the special authorization code.4) Write the code on the back, fill out the "To" and "From", wrap it up, then place under the Christmas tree - That's it!Guided trips include these venues - Lower Yuba River, Middle Fork Feather River, Lake Davis, Truckee River, North Fork Yuba River, Little Truckee River, Frenchman Lake, and the creeks of the Lost Sierra. Instructional sessions include; Fly Tying, Casting, Rigging, and specific techniques like Tight Line Nymphing, Streamers, Dry Flies, and Stillwaters. Lastly, Fly Fishing Tours in the Truckee Area, Middle Fork Feather, and the Lower Yuba just to name a few.Don't hesitate and act now! You don't even have to[…]

  • Fly Fishing, Being Thankful, and Gratitude ~ 11/28/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Nov 28, 2019 | 22:05 pm

    Fly Fishing, Being Thankful, and Gratitude ~ 11/28/2019 This won't be the typical blog post of a fishing report, a fly pattern, or notes from a trip from me today. Gonna be freestyle, something that I'm very familiar with. I'm taking a suggestion from long time native Northern Californian fly angler/guide/artist Hogan Brown and just share something totally different, AND my special friend from Arvada, Co who has the most inspiring posts on social media platforms - The Cat! Today I write about thoughts of the past, present and the future. Just random flashes of thoughts, the ones that keep me up at night, or wake me up in the morning - The good ones. Like, do you realize I get to fish with Hogan this spring on a scheduled payed trip to Lake Oroville for bass, a lake I lived right up the hill from growing up in Paradise. My dad was a master on that lake, and I was lucky enough to have him take me fishing there when I was very young. Funny thing is, back then, there were no bass. We fished for rainbows, browns, and Cohos. Lime Saddle Marina, the arms of the North Fork and West Branch Feather, Goat Ranch, Parish Cove,[…]


  • California sues to block Trump administration fracking plans


    California increased its efforts Friday to keep the federalgovernment from allowing oil and gas drilling on more than 1million acres of public land, suing to block the Trumpadministration from issuing new permits in the central part ofthe state.Related article:KQED Science: California sues federal government over CentralValley drilling proposalSacramento Bee: Trump administration opened California land tofracking. Now the state is suingBakersfield Californian: California, again targeting Kern oil production, suesfederal government over fracking reviewUSA Today: California sues over Trump plan to open land tofrackingView Original Articleread more

  • Blog: Women In Water Conference showcases career opportunities


    More than 200 people explored career opportunities in the waterand wastewater industry at the third annual Women in WaterSymposium Thursday at Cuyamaca College. The conference’s goalthis year was to create a community of people with the interestand aptitude to take on what were previously considerednon-traditional careers.View Original Article

  • NorCal’s Shasta and Scott River salmon runs below sustainable levels


    The number of Coho salmon in Northern California’s Shasta andScott rivers in 2019 was too low to sustain a viablepopulation. That’s according to a just-released report from theCalifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife. The most recentcount identified only 334 Coho on the Scott, and 61 on theShasta.View Original Article

  • Opinion: Nuts getting a bad rap for sinking the California Aqueduct


    State water officials are blaming almond and pistachio orchardsfor sinking the California Aqueduct before all the evidence isin, according to one western Kern County water districtmanager.View Original Article

  • Trump hails WOTUS overhaul as critics call for investigation


    President Trump yesterday touted his repeal of key Clean WaterAct regulations as more than three dozen current and formergovernment officials called for an investigation into thescientific basis of his forthcoming replacement rule.Related article:The Hill: Trump withdraws water supply rule amid environmentalrollbacksView Original Articleread more

  • New assistant GM named at Indio Water Authority


    The City of Indio is pleased to welcome Reymundo Trejo, P.E., aseasoned water and engineering industry leader as its firstAssistant General Manager for the Indio Water Authorityeffective January 6, 2020.View Original Article

  • ‘All risk and no reward’: Patterson group fights back against proposed dam


    Dozens of families in Stanislaus County are fighting against aproposed dam just west of Patterson. The 800-acre reservoirwould mean a portion of Del Puerto Canyon would be underwater.… Volunteers and organizers with the Patterson ProgressiveAlliance have been working to save Del Puerto Canyon.Related article:Modesto Bee: ‘The dam must be moved.’ Speakers cite flood risk in opposingStanislaus reservoir projectModesto Bee: Opinion: Former Patterson mayor warns of disasterwith Del Puerto Canyon ReservoirView Original Articleread more

  • Climate change puts spotlight on the drought resistance of marijuana


    Mediterranean climates include California, and dry-farming ofcannabis is catching on in the Emerald Triangle as a part ofthe general trend toward sun-grown and organic product.View Original Article

  • Opinion: Gov. Newsom must stand up to Trump on latest attack on Delta


    Now Trump’s team is set to impose new environmentally damagingBay-Delta water diversion and pumping rules. … These newrules would wipe out salmon and other wildlife by allowingwholesale siphoning of water from Northern California rivers toa few agriculture operators in the western San JoaquinValley. Related article:Natural Resources Defense Council: Blog: Why is DWR helping Trump weaken Bay-Deltaprotections?View Original Articleread more

  • Opinion: Beavers more than cute creatures for Sonoma Creek


    The Sonoma Index-Tribune recently published a couple ofarticles about beavers and otters in Sonoma Creek… It’s agood sign, not just because it’s nice to know that SonomaValley’s main waterway is actually clean enough to supportwildlife, but also because beavers can actually improve lifefor other critters, including my favorite, rainbow trout.View Original Article