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Dustin Rocksvold

Dustin Rocksvold

  • Guilty as Charged

    andyguibord Feb 1, 2012 | 04:38 am

     This is a bad, wrongly focused photo of a beautiful fish. Chrome bright, fresh in – this American River Steelhead, born of hatchery. She took the fly a rod and a half length from me in one and a half … Continue reading →

  • A Welcome Stench

    andyguibord Jan 24, 2012 | 02:09 am

    I smell it long before I see it , the mush of salmon flesh rotting afloat in the river’s eddy, and hundreds more of them expired, their muscle melting onto stones. The stench curls my lip and flares the nose. … Continue reading →

  • 1/2 pounders, part 2…

    andyguibord Sep 22, 2011 | 15:41 pm

    Swinging a fly taught me the basics of fly casting. I learned how to efficiently , effortlessly  lift the line off the water without splashing. I watch a lot of beginners ripping the line from the surface. It took me … Continue reading →

  • 1/2 pounders… part one…

    andyguibord Sep 22, 2011 | 04:32 am

    Half pounders, I cut my fly fishing teeth on them. I am not talking about some greasy ground up beef paddy between two tastless buns hanging on some golden arches.What’s a half pounder? That is the very question I asked Bill … Continue reading →

  • Spoonful of thought…

    andyguibord Sep 19, 2011 | 07:14 am

    I just finished standing over the hot stove, reducing my neighbors gift of orange and yellow pear tomatoes into a concentrated sauce of evaporated juice-essence, a mingling of curry, cardamon pods, and honey bubbling with a little bit of sweet … Continue reading →

  • Surprise , surprise.

    andyguibord Sep 3, 2011 | 07:19 am

    One can never be sure what a river will offer up to you while on your quest for cold blooded fin. I have landed beer cans with crayfish claws waving in my face; once reeled in a slimy braw, T-shirts, … Continue reading →

  • Impotency

    andyguibord Sep 2, 2011 | 15:46 pm

    Lately I have  been feeling rather impudent as a  guide. The stripers have been for the most part, rather illusive for myself and my clients. The fish are there… we see them. The river gods have thrown in a fish … Continue reading →

  • Fools Gold

    andyguibord Sep 2, 2011 | 07:41 am

    September first, it is midnight. The year is flying by. I look in the mirror and see the heavy line creeping along the corners of my blue eyes. My hair is white, bleached with age and the sun like a … Continue reading →

  • August Moon

    andyguibord Aug 13, 2011 | 06:15 am

    Blame it on the full moon, but this evening , my casting Sucked! Let me back up… I just spent two weeks recouping from a lower back injury. One day I was walking tall like a normal homo sapien, King … Continue reading →

  • American River report: 7-18-11… happy birthday!

    andyguibord Jul 18, 2011 | 17:59 pm

    It is hard to beleave that the shad are still here in the upper, Lower American River in good numbers. It’s July 18, my birthday – I am 51… it is good to be alive!   Shad fishing is still … Continue reading →


  • Summer Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Jul 26, 2019 | 18:14 pm

    Summer Fishing Report Hello Fellow Anglers,Hope everyone is doing well, and out enjoying some of the good to great fishing we are seeing these summer days. With shad season at its end we now time to turn our efforts towards summer steelhead, stripers and trout for the next few months till the fall season hits us with a bang. The water flows and temps are really good right now, the fishing is good to great, so what are you waiting for, time to get out, make those presentation right and get those lines tight.Speaking of shad, what a season we had this year, the busiest for me yet. For some that got to experience the Yuba for shad it was absolutely epic, for others unfortunately I was fully booked up and we couldnt get out on the water together this year, hopefully we will in 2020. My first shad trip this season was May 5th and my last June 27th, prime days were May 15th to June 15th. The best day on the water we landed 148 shad between 2 anglers while the average day was between 60-70 shad to hand for 2 anglers. The pressure from boats and anglers was very low[…]

  • 2019 New Years Report and ISE SHOW SPECIAL

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Jan 15, 2019 | 23:44 pm

    2019 New Years Report and ISE SHOW SPECIAL Happy New Years EverybodyI hope that everyone had a fun and safe New Years as well as a very Merry Christmas.With the recent Xmas and New Years rains, they have brought new life to our Nor Cal rivers and the winter fishing is something to write home about, and its only gonna get better on each and everyone of them.Before we get into the fishing report, Id like to let everyone know that I will be at the ISE Show on Thursday and Saturday, and will be hanging out at the Fly Fishing Specialties booth in Building C. If you are deciding to go, come in and say hi. Ill also be offering a show special for anyone looking to book a trip, or several at the show with me. Book at the show and receive $50 off on any full day guided trip. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.Trinity RiverFlows: 300cfs Lewiston, 400cfs Steelhead Bridge, 475 DC, 700 JCRiver Clarity: 8ft very slight greenFishing: Good to greatI have been spending a good amount of time here over the past 2 months and for good reason, the fishing is good on all fronts. The rains have[…]

  • Winter 2018 Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Nov 29, 2018 | 22:09 pm

    Winter 2018 Fishing Report Hello Fellow AnglersThis fishing report is a bit overdue, however this was my busiest fall to date, with only 6 days off between Sept 20th and Nov 20th. So I didnt have much time to get a report out to you all, and Im not a big fan of rushing my reports either . So my apologies for not getting one out sooner, but better late than never.Besides being the busiest fall to date, it was one of the better fishing seasons in the past few years as well, I hope you all were able to get out and enjoy the great fishing conditions. The water was higher than normal, colder than normal and the fish down right loved it. If you missed out this year with booking your trip with me, I highly recommend booking your fall trip now, dates are already filling up.Now that we are finally getting some well needed rain, the fishing is really starting to heat up and our winter season is just starting. If you are looking to chase some big winter chrome now's the time to either get on the water and hammerdown or booking your trip while some prime dates remain.TRINITYThe Trinity[…]

  • July Summer Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Jul 6, 2018 | 23:37 pm

    July Summer Fishing Report Hello Fellow AnglersWhile the dog days of summer are biting at our heals, the fishing in Nor Cal is as good as it gets, and will continue for months to come.Lets just get straight to the report:YubaFlows Upper Lower Yuba 1700cfsFlows Lower Lower Yuba 950cfsClarity Gin ClearFishing U.L Yuba FairFishing L.L Yuba Good to GreatAbove the WeirTrout fishing has been fair, there are fish to be had, but you are having to work for them. I have only done one trip over the past month, and while we landed some quality fish, it was slower than what I expected. The river has changed a lot, and finding where those fish are holding will be challenging. With lower flows in the future the fishing should get better, and fishing a hopper dropping should work out great. If going out now, try nymphing the deeper runs, and throw dries in the tailouts, also throwing streamers is always a great idea.Nymphs: Caddis, Stones (goldens, yellow sallys), mayfliesStreamers: Olive woolly buggers, tan soft hacklesDries: Pink Alberts, Caddis, HoppersBelow the WeirWhat a site for sore eyes this year with the new boat. Up till this year I dreaded shad fishing on the American due to[…]

  • June Fishing Report.......SHAD & STRIPERS

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report May 16, 2018 | 17:52 pm

    June Fishing Report.......SHAD & STRIPERS Hello fellow anglers,What an interesting spring, one minute the faucet wouldnt turn off, then we started to see those nice spring days, and then out of nowhere she dipped back down to late winter early spring temps. Its like our typical spring weather kept seeing its own shadow, crazy. Well now that the weather has settled, its truly time to get out and chase some fish. SHAD, STRIPER and Trout ohhhhh myyyyyy.YUBAFlows 2700cfs Upper Lower YubaFlows 2000cfs Lower Lower YubaClarity Gin ClearFishing Good to GreatThe Yuba is fishing really well right now above the weir. Plenty of fish being taken on dries, the swing and nymphing too. The caddis are definitely out and about, the fish looking up, and the eat has been very aggressive as of late. Oh and dont forget out you noses eating those hatches of mayflies, nothing cooler than that. Swinging has been a ton of fun and only getting better. If all else fails the trusty nymph stick is getting some quality fish as well, but only when needed, hahahaha. The Yuba is going to continue to fish well for the next few months, and if your looking for some quality fishing but dont want to[…]

  • Spring Fishing Report and a bit more....

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Apr 2, 2018 | 03:12 am

    Spring Fishing Report and a bit more.... Hello EveryoneFinally the weather is looking up after the crazy Miracle March we experienced, but now with this steady weather we are having the fishing has really picked up for the better. Rivers are clearing up, fish are showing up and there have been many bent rods in the air to boot. Now's the time to get out and enjoy the fishing in Nor Cal.Before I get to the report, there are a few new additions to the Nor Cal Fly Guides services that I will be providing this year and years to come. Some of you know some of you don't, so here we go. Starting July 15th I will be offering Salmon trips on the Feather for catch and keep, it wont be your normal charter trip that you see out there, still the same trips as I am doing now, but on these trips you will be able to keep the fish. Starting this Shad season I will be targeting them on different rivers, not just the American. The will include the well known Yuba River, Feather River and Lower Sac. Shad season is just around the corner, so book those trips ASAP. Lastly I will be[…]

  • January 2018 Fishing Report

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Jan 17, 2018 | 20:53 pm

    January 2018 Fishing Report Happy New Years Everyone,What a crazy end of 2017 with the driest December on record and then to start the 2018 season out with a bang on the American, Yuba, Feather and Trinity Rivers. With spats of rain here and there things are slowly getting better, and with more rain in the near future fishing will only get better. Personally Im really looking forward to late winter early spring.TrinityFishing: Winter steelhead fishingClarity: clearFlows: Lewiston 300, DC 400, JC 530, Del Loma 930 flows on the dropDespite the lack of rain there is still some fishing be had. The fall fish are still swimming around, and are taking a bit longer than normal to make their way to the hatchery, while this is going on, the winter fish are slowly trickling in as well. We are seeing a few more wild winter fish over the last week, which is a site for sore eyes and with more rain over the next few weeks, they will continue to be in. The fishing is tough, hooking 2-5 fish a day, but this is your typical winter steelhead fishing conditions, but if you willing to work hard you will be rewarded with a few[…]

  • Nov Fishing Report, Special Treat......and a bit more

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Nov 14, 2017 | 01:22 am

    Nov Fishing Report, Special Treat......and a bit more Hello Ladies and GentsWell its been a while since my last report, my sincerest apologies, this was by far the busiest fall I have had since I started guiding in Feb 2009. From mid August to now its been non stop guiding all throughout Nor Cal, and the fishing this fall was the best we have seen in years. What I am hoping is that most of you were able to get out on the water and enjoy the fishing as much as we did. It was one to definitely remember and I really hope to see you on the water next fall, just remember to book well in advance if you are looking to book between August and Nov, this year I had nothing available in Oct starting the beginning of Sept.As I type the rain is coming down and with that bringing more fish (winter steelhead) into the system. Fishing continues to be fair to good across the North State and with small amounts of rain in the future forecast the winter fishing is going to be pretty darn good. The ReportFeatherFishing - GoodClarity - Low flow 3ft slightly brown High flow 6ft milky clearFlows- Low flow  High flow[…]

  • August Fishing Report ..... Its Almost Fall.....

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Aug 12, 2017 | 00:15 am

    August Fishing Report ..... Its Almost Fall..... Hello Fellow AnglersWow, what a crazy fishing season we have had this year, between crazy high flows and the above normal high temps, its been an interested one when getting out on the water, ones with an open mind and willing to put in the time, seem to be the ones into fish. Even now the flows on some Sac Valley rivers are making it tough for wading, but despite the temps and flows the fishing has been fair to good, and with fall knocking at our door the fishing is and will only get better. With that said, fall will be here sooner than you think, and if you are thinking of booking a fall trip, I still have some prime dates remaining for the "EGG BITE" as well as dates for some great fall swinging, if to swing is your thing.Here is your Nor Cal Fly Guides Fishing ReportAmerican River:Flows - 3600cfsClarity - ClearFishing - Fair to GoodThe shad are finally gone, YYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! This means that its time for striper fishing again, and it has been getting better over the past few weeks. We are seeing the typically shakers, but a few bigger fish from 3-7lbs have been[…]

  • Spring Fishing Report and a bit more...(BAJA)

    Nor Cal Fly Guides Fly Fishing Report Apr 26, 2017 | 19:40 pm

    Spring Fishing Report and a bit more...(BAJA) Hello Everyone,WOW, what a start to the 2017 fishing season. All we can say is water, water and more water. Oh and more water to come. Hopefully the rainy season is behind us, and only good fishing to come.This year has been a bit challenging, especially on local water. The opener on the American was the worst in years, the Feather was brown due to the damage to the dam, the Yuba was high and brown as well, everything was high and brown, even the Lower Sac. The only fishable water that kept me busy was the Trinity, but even that is now flowing to high. So you may be asking, is there anything fishable right now, and  the answer is yes and thats soon to come. For those that typically book fall/winter trips, I would highly recommend booking well in advance, the sooner the better. This fall is going to be one to remember, and I hope to be able to experience it with you. With the amount of water that we have, with plenty more to come, we will have plenty of water for fall fishing, and the water temps are going to be very favorable for the fish.[…]


  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report Sept 20, 2019

    Fly Fishing Specialties Sep 20, 2019 | 16:42 pm

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report Sept 20, 2019 Fall has arrived in Northern California and with it some of the very best fly fishing of the year!From trout and bass to striper and steelhead there is plenty of action for what ever your skills and preferences are. It's go time!!!Best bets; Putah Creek, Lower Sacramento, Upper Sacramento, Pit River, McCloud River or Truckee - Trout,  Trinity and Feather River - Steelhead, Delta, S.F. Bay Striper and Napa River - StriperLake Almanor - Trout and Smallmouth Bass Rating: Poor to Fair but improving soonFlows: NaWater Temps: 56-63 DegClarity: 8 to 12 ftFishing Report: Fishing conditions are tough right now for trout. The Hex fishing is long gone but it was a good season for sure with lots of nice browns, bows and smalleys in the net and happy guests! Things have definitely slowed after the Hex hatch ended. Best fishing has been targeting smallmouth in 15 to 20 ft of water off rocky points and rock ledges. Trout fishing has been very challenging but getting ready to change. Currently fish are swimming around deep (205 to 30 ft) cruising around gorging on tiny Daphnia Zooplankton. Since they are like a size 34 to 40 it is impossible to mimic these almost microinvertibrates. By early[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report July 12, 2019

    Fly Fishing Specialties Jul 13, 2019 | 02:19 am

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report July 12, 2019 Happy Summer everyone. From fireworks and Bar-B-Q to High Sierra trout fishing and topwater Bass fishing...this time of year sure is a blast. Lots of water is making for a great season. Get out and play everyone!Best bets; Lower Sacramento, Fall River, Pit River, McCloud River or Truckee - Trout,  Feather River - Steelehead, American River - Shad, Lake Almanor - Trout and Bass. Lake Almanor - Trout and Smallmouth Bass Rating:Great Flows: NaWater Temps: 61-67 DegClarity: 8 to 12 ftFishing Report: Fishing has been good on most days as long as wind cooperates. Now is the time to catch both trout and bass in good numbers on Almanor. The hex hatch will start to taper off soon so now is the time to go. This sought after hatch is something you don't want to miss. Best flies: Hex nymphs, Tan or gray Leaches(simulate hex nymphs emerging) Hex dries a last light.Guide Tip: Start at 25ft and work to 10ft over muddy Bottom. Channels and drops can be very productive. Throwing a seductive looking leach can elicit some hard strikes from Smallmouth as well as browns and bows. American River - Shad - Fair, Striper - Fair to Good, Steelhead - PoorRating: GoodFlows: 4,000 CFSVisibility : GoodFishing Report:  Shad are still lurking around in the[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report May 16, 2019

    Fly Fishing Specialties May 17, 2019 | 00:18 am

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report May 16, 2019 Water water everywhere...Good fishing to be had despite higher than normal flows. It is going to be a great Summer and Fall as a result. Time to get out and take advantage of all the opportunities. Best bets; Lower Sac, Pit River or McCloud, Fall River - Trout,  American and Yuba River - Shad, Lake Berryessa, Oroville and Clear Lake - Bass. Lake Almanor - Trout and Smallmouth Bass - Good to GreatRating:Good to greatFlows: NaWater Temps: 55 to 60 DegClarity: 8 to 20 ftFishing Report: It is finally warming up!! Smallmouth are on a tear!! there are lots of reds already but plenty of pre-spawn bass. Please stay away from those spawning fish. Clouser minnows and crawdad patterns have been best. The Chironomid hatch is also in full swing. Rainbows are taking them in open water. Lots of rising fish in areas where the hatch is heaviest. Best flies have been #14 to 16 Mercury Midge however just about any midge will do.Guide Tip: Look for the Rising Bows when you're looking for Trout the Pre-Spawn Bass have been Hanging near the areas there planning on Spawning. If you see Spawning Bass just go to the nearest Drop off.American River - Shad -[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report - April 12, 2019

    Fly Fishing Specialties Apr 12, 2019 | 20:29 pm

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report - April 12, 2019 Spring seems to have finally arrived here in Northern California. With it some much needed fishing time for us and our guests. Several waters are still closed however the general trout season opener is right around the corner! For now there are a few good year round trout options to go with good striper and red hot bass fishing!Best bets; Delta - Striper, Lake Berryessa, Clear Lake - Bass, Truckee - Trout, Trinity -Steelhead, Pyramid - CutthroatsAmerican River- SteelheadRating: FairFlows: 10kClarity: Gin on the rocksAnglers are surprisingly catching a fair number of steelhead.  Fresh chrome fish are still entering the system.  This is abnormal but no one is complaining about steelhead fishing in April. The fish are reacted well to swung flies.  Classic flies have been producing.  Try a Anderson’s Euphoria or a Thalken's Tiny Dancer. Shad season is just around the corner.  The end of the month the river should be full of fish.  High water years make really good shad runs.  On their tails are the stripers.  This is going to one heck of a shad/striper year in the Sacramento valley.Guide Tip: Make sure to be in a boat at 10k. There isn’t a lot of on foot access right[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report - Dec 1, 2018

    Fly Fishing Specialties Dec 6, 2018 | 20:51 pm

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report - Dec 1, 2018 Winter arrived this last week and with it some much needed rain fall and snow in the high country. This new moisture is sure to get our anadromous friends moving in our Northern California rivers. After reading the report if anything hits your hot button, give us a call at (530)242-4122 or (707)287-2939. We will be happy to help set up some productive winter fishing. Click here to see what some of our recent guests have said... Our gift certificates for guided trips make great Christmas presents. Perhaps a not so subtle hint is in order? For more info on giving and receiving the gift of fly fishing click here...We want to say thank you to those of you who fished with us this year. We are already looking forward to 2019. There is still some good fishing to be had between now and then. Wishing you all the best.Merry Christmas from our Family to yours!Best Bets: Trinity, Klamath, Upper and Lower Sac, Yuba, Feather and Pyramid Lake NVAmerican River Steelhead - Poor to Fair. Striper - Poor. Shad - Poor Water Temps - mid 50's.  Flows 1,900 at Fair Oaks. Clarity - FairStill not much to report here. Some half pounders and adult fish pushed up into the hatchery[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report Sept 28, 2018

    Fly Fishing Specialties Oct 3, 2018 | 01:37 am

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report Sept 28, 2018 Fall is already "in the air" in the Northern California high country. This signals the approach of our favorite time of year. From trout and bass to steelhead and striper. The best fishing of the year is knocking on the door. We are really looking forward to making some great memories this Fall with you. After reading the report if anything hits your hot button give us a call at (530)242-4122 or (707)287-2939. Click here to see what some of our recent guests have said...Best Bets: McCloud River, Pit River, Putah Creek, Upper and Lower Sac - Trout, Lower Yuba River - Trout, Lake Almanor - Trout and Bass, Delta and Napa River - StriperAmerican River Striper - Poor, Steelhead - Fair to Poor. Striper - Fair. Water Temps - High 50's to low 60's.  Flows fluctuating daily from1,800 to 2,200 cfs from Lake Natoma. Clarity - Good (10 to 12 ft)Still not much to report here. Some half pounder action and a few adults along with a few straggler few striper around. Our sights will be set on Steelhead going into Fall and Winter. It is nice to have this fishery in our back yards during Fall and upcoming holiday season. Steehead Nymphs: Birds Nests 10 -14,[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report August 17, 2018

    Fly Fishing Specialties Aug 18, 2018 | 15:49 pm

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report August 17, 2018 Summer isn't even quite over yet but we are already thinking about great Fall fishing. From trout and bass to steelhead and striper. Great fishing awaits.Best Bets: McCloud River, Putah Creek, Upper and Lower Sac - Trout, Lower Yuba River - Trout and Striper, Sierra Foothill Lakes and Clear Lake - Bass, Lake Almanor - Trout and Bass, Napa River - StriperAmerican River Striper - Fair. Steelhead -  Poor Shad - Poor. Flows - 5,500 cfs at Natoma. Water Temps - Mid 50's. Clarity - 12 ft. visibility.The AR had a great push of shad this year and the fishing was pretty darn good. recently after the shad left striper fishing was really good. Currently the shad are all gone and striper fishing has slowed a bit in correlation. Don't get this wrong fishing is still decent, but it is mostly about trophy hunting. We are getting mostly 3 to 6 lb fish with a few to 10 or 12 lbs but this is not the numbers game that we are finding here earlier or are experiencing now the Western Delta and Napa River. For now you will want to start at first light and things have slowed by noon so we are often off the water by 1:00[…]

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report July 27, 2018

    Fly Fishing Specialties Jul 29, 2018 | 14:44 pm

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report July 27, 2018 Summer is here full blast and along with it good fishing and the dreaded California fire season. There are some specific areas that are affected but the vast majority of the state is experiencing good fishing right now. Keep reading for the skinny on what is going on.Best Bets: McCloud River,  Putah Creek - Trout, Lower Yuba River - Trout and Striper. American River - Striper, Sierra Foothill Lakes and Clear Lake - Bass. - Bass, Lake Almanor - Trout and Bass. American River Striper - Fair to good. Steelhead -  Good Shad - Fair. Flows - 5,500 cfs at Natoma. Water Temps - Mid 50's. Clarity - 12 ft. visibility.The AR had a great push of shad this year and the fishing was pretty darn good. Currently the fishing continues and while you can still get out and hook a good number of them, things are on the down hill slope. We expect the shad fishing to hold out for another 2 maybe 3 weeks and then it will be all but over.Striper fishing has been good on several Nor Cal waters, and we are seeing larger than average fish to the boat as of late. The AR stripers are best chased from sun up till about noon,[…]

  • Fly Fishing Specialties: Northern California Fly Fishing Report June 21, 20...

    Fly Fishing Specialties Jun 25, 2018 | 22:24 pm

    Fly Fishing Specialties: Northern California Fly Fishing Report June 21, 20...: Summer is here in Northern California and with it some warmer weather but also some great fishing opportunities. Time to take advanta...

  • Northern California Fly Fishing Report June 21, 2018

    Fly Fishing Specialties Jun 23, 2018 | 15:12 pm

    Northern California Fly Fishing Report June 21, 2018 Summer is here in Northern California and with it some warmer weather but also some great fishing opportunities. Time to take advantage of all the variety that the Golden State offers.Best Bets: Upper Sacramento, McCloud River,  Putah Creek - Trout, Lower Yuba River -Shad. American River - Shad and Striper, Sierra Foothill Lakes - Bass, Lake Almanor - Trout and Bass. Clear Lake Bass, Yosemite - TroutAmerican River Striper - Good. Steelhead -  Poor. Shad - GREAT!. Flows - 3,500 cfs at Natomas. Water Temps - Mid 50's Clarity - 5 to 6 ft. visibility.Not much has changed recently on the American. Flows are hovering around 3,500 and should remain around this level throughout the Summer. A few straggler Spring run steelhead and half pounders are around and are being taken on the swing as well as nymphing but our attention is now shifted to two perennial returnees to the American, Striper and Shad. Striper or Morone Saxatilis have moved up out of the San Joaquin River Delta and are here in the river to spawn. As opportunists and ambush predators they are more than happy to pounce on smaller baitfish that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Subsequently they will also waylay[…]



    Pyramid Lake Guides Oct 2, 2019 | 05:13 am

    The season is now open on Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Reports are limited, but some boat anglers have been able to locate some Lahontans. Early storms and lower temps might mean a cold season, which is a good thing!  

  • NOW BOOKING FOR 2019-2020

    Pyramid Lake Guides Aug 19, 2019 | 20:44 pm

    The time is almost upon us! Just 6 weeks away! The opener on October 1 is usually busy on the lake, and the fishing is decent. The water temps are still warm but float tubers and boaters tend to do well. Bait balls can usually be seen at this time. We usually watch for the … Continue reading NOW BOOKING FOR 2019-2020 →


    Pyramid Lake Guides Jul 2, 2019 | 20:18 pm

    Way to close out the season Anglers! These beauties were landed by White River Zig Jig Creator Richard Cross’ customer Bill Balasi of Nevada. They were landed on the amazing Zig Jig in a very heavy weight. We swear these jigs can catch fish in any body of water worldwide, tried-and-true! See you at the … Continue reading SEASON CLOSED JUNE 30 →


    Pyramid Lake Guides Mar 25, 2019 | 16:50 pm

    As usual the beaches are full! Anglers are anxious to get good fishing spots super early in the morning. Crosby Lodge is pretty much booked up, and the nightly dinner specials are in full swing. The fishing is good!


    Pyramid Lake Guides Mar 5, 2019 | 20:25 pm

    We are headed into spring and the temps are ideal for fishing Pyramid. We’ve seen some quality fish lately!


    Pyramid Lake Guides Feb 22, 2019 | 06:57 am

    We had a great day out on Pyramid with the crew from Tahoe Resources. Most of the group came in from Canada and had their first experience with fly fishing. We had a few 10 pounders to the net!


    Pyramid Lake Guides Feb 20, 2019 | 06:03 am

    Van and Hutch out from Boise had a great couple of days on Pyramid Lake, NV! We are starting to see spring conditions for fishing the alkaline lake. Streamer and indicator techniques are both producing; pick your poison!


    Pyramid Lake Guides Feb 11, 2019 | 06:27 am

    February fishing on Pyramid Lake has been similar to December and January, with quality in size being at the forefront rather than numbers; although when a storm blows in we do see the numbers jump up. It’s been cold so bundle up!


    Pyramid Lake Guides Jan 27, 2019 | 05:14 am

    The quality continues this January! Local anglers caught these beauties this week…


    Pyramid Lake Guides Jan 16, 2019 | 03:41 am

    This January has fished well! In January 2018 we saw mild weather with warm temps making the fishing slow. January 2017 we had flooding resulting in lake closure for 6 weeks. This year the storms have been consistent making for decent fishing. Similar to December daily numbers are not at their highest but quality by … Continue reading JANUARY FISHING REPORT →


  • Fishing Report June 11th 2019

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Jun 12, 2019 | 04:51 am

    The lake closes for the summer at the end of June. Normally by this time of year we have forgotten about Pyramid and have moved on to other area waters. This season with all the high water on the area streams we have spent way more time on Pyramid later in the spring. WOW have [...]

  • April 22 2019

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Apr 22, 2019 | 23:42 pm

    The lake continues to produce some huge Cutthroat Trout. Like we said in our February event at the Nugget, the numbers this year would be down which has been the case almost all season. This is due to the new stocking format of more Pilot Peak strain fish and less Summit Lake strain fish. There [...]

  • Pyramid Lake February Fishing Report

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Feb 5, 2019 | 19:47 pm

    Pyramid Lake Report 2/5/19: The Lake has been fishing really well with the mild winter we are having. Lake surface temps are around 43-45*F. But look for it to slow down with the cold snap that is hitting this week and the possibility of the lake turning over when temps hits 41*F on the surface. [...]

  • Pyramid Lake Celebration Update 2-5-19

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Feb 5, 2019 | 19:12 pm

    February 15th Pyramid Lake Celebration Update Hey Folks, Rob Anderson here. I just got back from a month in Brazil to find the event in really good shape. Prizes are rolling in, we have a great guest speaker and signups are going well for both the Friday night free Celebration at the Nugget and the [...]

  • Fishing Report December 9th 2018

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Dec 10, 2018 | 05:45 am

    The recent cold weather has started to change the conditions at Pyramid. The fishing is starting to slow down for numbers but there are quite a few big fish still being caught. The colder water which is now in the mid to high 40’s has sent a lot of the fish into deeper warmer water. [...]

  • Fishing Report November 26th 2018

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Nov 26, 2018 | 15:02 pm

      Pyramid continues to put out some big fish. This time of year, is maybe the best for a chance to catch that “Fish of a Lifetime”. The fish are very “Hot” right now as well. Fish in the 5-8-pound range are probably the most aggressive and it is not uncommon to have a fish [...]

  • Fishing Report November 11 2018

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Nov 12, 2018 | 03:33 am

    Pyramid is on fire after a few weeks of flow fishing. The water temperatures have cooled enough to bring fish back in close to shore. There have been quite a few big fish caught in the last week. It is still day to day but it is worth doing for sure. This week is going [...]

  • July News and Fall Forecast including Float Tube Outing

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Jul 31, 2018 | 23:11 pm

    Pyramid is closed until October 1st. There have been more fires in the lake basin and the South West side of the lake is still dealing with a fairly large fire. The road between Nixon and Sutcliff has been closed a few times as well. If you are traveling out to the lake for some [...]

  • Fishing Report June 25th 2018

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Jun 26, 2018 | 00:26 am

    With only 4 days left in the season, the report is going to be short. The lake water temperatures are climbing fast now with summer setting in and most of the fish are in deeper cooler water. If you are looking to get in one last trip, fish areas that have access to deeper water [...]

  • Fishing Report May 1st 2017

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing May 1, 2017 | 21:29 pm

    Well May is here and it feels more like Mid-April. The water temperatures are 5-7 degrees colder than normal and the weather has been colder than normal most of the last month. Add the Truckee River flowing into the lake at over 5000 CFS and you have the makings for an extended season. The lake [...]