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Dustin Rocksvold

Dustin Rocksvold

Dennis Larson and Bill DeWalt joined Cindy and I for an outing to Crowley Lake (8/7-8/9).  We stayed in the condo in Mammoth Lakes that was auctioned off at the Annual Dinner last December.

Dennis and Bill fished Crowley on Friday and reported catching six fish each while pre-fishing prior to the Crowley Classic.  Dennis took some pictures, but managed to delete them from his camera on accident.  Saturday they fished the Crowley Classic and did not have a repeat performance.  Bill caught one fish, Dennis caught none.  The winners of the Classic apparrently caught 13 Sacramento Perch to take the victory.


Cindy and I forgot our pump for our float tubes.  The weather was also acting weird.  It snowed on us on Thursday morning on the way over Carson Pass.  We stopped in at a shop called Performance Anglers on our way to the condo.  The gentleman that we spoke with mentioned fishing the Middle Fork San Joaquin River near Devil's Postpile.  The best tip he gave us was to arrive at the gate prior to 7:00 AM to be able to drive into the park and not have to take the shuttle bus.  We got there around 6:30 on Friday morning and checked out Agnew Meadows, before heading down to Red's Meadow and having breakfast at the restaurant there.  After a good, albeit expensive, breakfast we headed back up to the parking area near the Ranger's Station at Devil's Postpile.


MF San Joaquin near parking area



Rich Lobrovich, Cindy and I joined other volunteers from Trout Unlimited and other fly fishing clubs to assist the Heritage and Wild Trout Program with their electro-shocking of Caples Creek 9/8-9/10.  They split the group into 3 smaller groups and broke the creek down into three sections.  Unlike the shocking in November of last year we only did a single pass this time, though we covered a lot more water.  The flows were too high for the block nets to stay in the stream.  The flow was at ~30 CFS compared to 3 last November.

Tuesday Gathering


Whew, what a week! It seems as though the time just flew by. Cindy and I went to Lake Tahoe for Labor Day weekend and watched an excellent Chickenfoot concert. We drove home on Labor Day to grab our fishing and camping supplies before heading back up to Blue Lakes. What is normally an hour and a half, maximum, took nearly three hours. We grabbed our stuff, checked our email and then headed up to the cabin at Lower Blue Lake. Rich Lobrovich joined us for that first night and we enjoyed a nice dinner of bar-b-qued ribs and pasta salad. We enjoyed our evening getting settled into a very unique cabin. The cabin had three bedrooms downstairs along with the bathroom and kitchen/dining room. Judging from the PG&E building number the cabin was probably built in the late 1800's or early 1900's. It was still very nice, and definitely beat sleeping in a tent.



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