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Dustin Rocksvold

Dustin Rocksvold

Lance Gray and Company have developed some really cool handbooks for some of Northern California's best waters.  

Their American River Shad Handbook is packed with handy information regarding access points, flies, techniques, resources and guides.  Along with the great information they have also included some spectacular photography.  Check out their handbooks today.


Gary once again dragged me away from my retaining wall project (kicking and screaming) to spend another day traipsing around the high Sierras in search of wild trout.  This time I convinced Cindy to bring Katy the wonder dog along for the adventure.  We parked at the lot just east of the Kirkwood Inn and made our way over the hill and through the woods to meadow below.  The flows were running at 50 CFS, apparently in the effort to draw down Caples Lake to make room for the spring runoff, assuming we actually get a winter that is.  We had some luck fairly quickly, with Brook Trout that were eager to take our flies.  

My friend Gary and I took a trip up Highway 88 on Friday 8/15 in search of some fishable water.  We had heard that the flow in Blue Creek was around 8 CFS, shich sounded a little skinny to us.  We decided to stop and take a look at Red Lake Creek in the meadow by the red corral.  What we found was water that was very off-color with algae, apparently coming from Red Lake itself.  We tried our usual suspect flies and did not have that much luck.  We did not have a rise until just before 10:00.  

Saturday May 31 found several members of the Amador Flyfishers on the West Carson in Hope Valley teaching the on the water portion of our introduction to fly fishing class.  After lunch the group broke up and headed off to fish separate areas.  Ron Calvert and I headed over to Red Lake Creek to check it ot.  At our last meeting we had heard reports of beaver dams all over the creek and we wanted to check them out.

We found lots of beaver dams, no disappointment there.  The creek had changed quite a bit since the last time I fished it, a lot of that change coming from the beaver dams.  The fish seemed to be spookier than I remember, but after a few lessons learned by spooking a whole pool of fish we figured out how to be more stealthy.  Once that lesson was learned, we started to hook into some of the feisty brook trout that were inhabiting the beaver ponds.  They did not seem to have a preference for mayflies or caddis flies as they attacked both with abandon.  We both managed to hook up with over twenty fish in about 3 hours of fishing.

Senator Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley) introduced the Mokelumne Wild and Scenic bill (SB 1199) in April. This is an opportune time for TU to come in and rally support to protect the proposed 37 miles of river between Salt Springs and Pardee.

The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors recently unanimously voted in support of the bill, and now efforts are focused on getting the support of EBMUD.

There is an upcoming meeting at EBMUD Tuesday May 13th at 1 pm in Oakland. I know it's in the middle of the day, but if any of you or anyone from your chapters could attend and perhaps speak as a representative of the the "sportsmens" voice, that would be great!

Amador Flyfishers and Sac-Sierra Trout Unlimited members completed a cleanup day along the Mokelumne River.  Read more about it.

After completing the Mokelumne River Cleanup with Sac-Sierra Trout Unlimited and Amador Flyfishers on Saturday May 3rd, Reese Orlander decided to take me up on my invitation to fish one of the tributaries to the North Fork of the Mokelumne River.  We headed by my house to drop off the cleanup supplies and then ventured farther up the hill in search of a little excitement.  We got on the water a little after 3:00 and found quite a bit of insect activity for the small body of water we were fishing.  There were stoneflies, caddis flies and mayflies in abundance.  

I took Katy the Wonder Dog out for her first fishing adventure today.  I decided that I would take her to one of my favorite local spots, the NF Mokelumne below Tiger Creek Afterbay.    I got in some casting practice to help knock off the cobwebs on my bad casting.

Katy had a blast running around throught he bushes exploring.  Why did I call her Katy the Wonder Dog?  Every time I turned around I was wondering where she had taken off to.  Luckily for me the dam halts upstream progress and it was easier to figure out where she was.

I managed to hook one little rainbow on an EC Caddis, had it on briefly before losing it, before the fishing cooled off.  I was concentrating so hard on where my casts were falling and how the fly was drifting that I did not notice that Katy the Wonder Dog had come out to see what I was doing.  I guess I should call her the Wonder Dog because I was wondering why I wasn't having any luck.  I turned and looked upstream and this is what I found...

She was intently watching me fish the run and pacing back ad forth on top of this rock.

Fished the north fork of the Mokelumne River below Salt Springs Reservoir on Friday May 24.

I got on the water about 1:00 PM.  I fished until 4:00 before heading home.  I lost track of the number of fish hooked versus landed.  All of the fish I landed this trip were Rainbow Trout.  The biggest was about 8".  Most of the fish were hooked and landed on a size 12 or 14 Tan Elk Hair Caddis.  I also had a few fish interested in a grey EC Caddis.  

All in all it was a fun afternoon.  I fished water that I had not fished in the last trip.  Cindy came along this time, but did not fish a whole lot as her back has been bothering her.  Since she was out of sight, she did not get any pictures of my fish.  I had left my camera in the truck thinking that she had hers and would be fishing with me...  Such is the luck.

Fished the north fork of the Mokelumne River below Salt Springs Reservoir on Saturday May 10.

I got on the water just before noon. I landed 4 browns and 3 rainbows and lost 5 more. I fished until 4:30 before heading home.  Fishing was definitely better below Cole Creek than above.  

Most of the fish were hooked and landed on a size 12 Tan Elk Hair Caddis.  One fish was hooked and lost on a size 12 red Copper John.

North Fork Mokelumne River