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Dustin Rocksvold

Dustin Rocksvold

Trout Unlimited is a conservation group dedicated to helping protect and preserve cold water fisheries nation wide. This is a public outreach video to show what Trout Unlimited does and why it is so important.

Liquid Gold is an adventure into the High Sierra in search of California Golden Trout.

Open the full article to see the video attachment.

This winter I am focusing on filling my fly boxes for the upcoming season. One of the patterns I have been working on recently is the Chromie Buzzer Chironomid pattern It is a very effective early season Chironomid fly that I use quite frequently. Enjoy.

The Callibaetis Spinner Mayfly imitation is a go to pattern during the spinner fall on many of our local lakes in Central Oregon.

The Lion's Mane Damsel is a great fly for the damsel hatch in our Central Oregon Lakes.

The Sunriver Anglers Fly Tying Corner features a Cripple Callibaetis this month, modeled after a Quigly Cripple. I have updated this pattern to use a Biot for the abdomen and a mix of dubbing with UV fibers blended into a pale olive dubbing.

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