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Sunday, 09 October 2016 16:22

Drake Magazine

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  • Returning From War

    Featured Content Aug 5, 2019 | 01:52 am

    Returning From War Why flyfishing works for traumatically wounded combat veteransThe two pairs of boots sit next to each other on my closet floor: old, waterproof, knee-high LaCrosse Alphas, and the tan combat boots that I wore as a paratrooper fighting in Afghanistan. I'm attached to them both, but for very different reasons. I enlisted in 2008, at 41 years of age, during "The Surge"—when the Army was sending an increasing number of warm bodies to our country's ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. Imagine a strong riptide pulling surfers out to sea, sucking in the occasional beachcomber. That was me—feet in the water, thinking that I might want to surf too. Four years and two combat tours later, on leave from the 82nd Airborne Division, I was standing in New York's Cohocton River in my rubber boots, thankful to still be alive.

  • Video Dayz: The Mend

    Featured Content Jul 20, 2019 | 20:34 pm

    Video Dayz: The Mend "The Mend" is a heartfelt story about a promising high-school football coach, who's star player is also his son. After losing the championship game to crosstown rivals, a rift forms in the family dynamic. Years later the father-son duo, with the help of a river, find a way to reconnect. Directed by Broc J. Isabelle.

  • Madison Blues

    Featured Content Jul 2, 2019 | 15:47 pm

    Madison Blues A winter of discontent in EnnisIf your summer plans include a tailwater weekend along Montana's Madison River, you won't be alone. In early April 2018, after years of surveys, public meetings, and citizen advisory committees, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) released its draft Recreational Management Plan for the Madison, which included some alarming data. From 2013 to 2017, the number of angler days on the upper Madison doubled, from 88,000 to 179,000. Data also showed that commercial outfitter use had increased 72 percent from 2008 to 2017.

  • Unemployed Fishing

    Featured Content Jul 2, 2019 | 15:46 pm

    Unemployed Fishing Coming to terms with a new realityThis past December, I received an unwelcome holiday surprise. Our corporate overlords rounded up the staff at the magazine where I've worked since its inception, twenty-three and a half years prior, to announce our new direction. The upshot: We could still pursue exciting careers in magazine journalism, a vocation now rivaling that of lamplighters or bowling-alley pinsetters for growth potential. Just not at our magazine. They were shutting it down. We were all sacked. As Christmas bonuses go, I'd have preferred a Cabela's gift card.

  • Cue the Banjos

    Featured Content Jul 2, 2019 | 15:45 pm

    Cue the Banjos Horseshoes & Hand Grenades' Russell Pedersen releases fishy solo albumDeliverance references notwithstanding, a drive to the river is always made better with banjo music. Good banjo tunes, like good trout streams or musky rivers, find just the right pace, yet still flow and wind toward unexpected places. Few people understand that better than Russell Pedersen, part-time guide and full-time banjo player for the critically acclaimed, Midwest-based bluegrass band, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades. In February, Pedersen released a solo album titled, Steal from the Rushes, a record written specifically with anglers in mind. "It's a time capsule of things I've seen and felt on the water," Pedersen says. "A musical collection of fishing memories."


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