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Sunday, 09 October 2016 16:10

Fly Fish Food

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  • Ditching Work to Visit the Shop Browns

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Oct 18, 2017 | 09:23 am

    Ditching Work to Visit the Shop Browns A QUICK TRIPLance releases a "Shop Brown"For anyone that knows our fly shop and where it's located compared to the local Provo River, knows that we are lucky enough to be fishing within a few minutes from leaving the doors of the shop.So we took off from work a few days ago to pay a visit to a few of these "Shop Browns". And with Lance tossing his fancy Euro rig, it didn't take long to connect...Oh, and if you're wondering what patterns were working, you can also see those in the video. But here's a link to the Squirmy worm style pattern that stood out.

  • Palomino October Caddis

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Oct 15, 2017 | 22:23 pm

    Palomino October Caddis Another Flavor of the PalominoWhen it comes to dry flies, I caught more fish on the trusty Palomino Caddis than any other dry fly this year. So it makes sense that, when faced with some big sedge-eating Cutthroats, I would tweak the original formula and turn it into an October Caddis version.Materials are pretty much the same, but in the colors below. I'm also just reposting the latest version of the tutorial we did because the pattern is the same -- just check out the material variations below....A Fall Cutthroat who liked October CaddisMaterial List Add to Cart   View in store                                 Hook: Daiichi 1130 - Light Wire Scud Hook - 10Thread: 6/0 UNI-Thread Waxed - Rusty BrownUnder-Body: Mirage Tinsel - Opal - MediumBody: Ultra Chenille - Burnt OrangeUnder-Wing: Polish CDC - OrangeWing: Nature's Spirit Stimulator Deer Hair - GoldDubbing: Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing - Rusty BrownOther tools from the tutorial:  Renzetti Standard Hair StackerTiemco Dual Whip Finisher

  • October Caddis Soft Hackle

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Oct 11, 2017 | 12:37 pm

    October Caddis Soft Hackle A Juicy Caddis SnackOctober Caddis Soft HackleWhen the big boy sedges come out to play, it's always good to have a go-to nymph or pupa pattern to go along with your favorite October Caddis dry fly patterns. The nice thing about the October Caddis, or Dicosmoecus, is they're big enough bugs you don't have to worry about throwing on your readers like you're tying midges. Plus, this soft hackle is a super-easy tie to begin with.Here's the stuff to get started...Material List Add to Cart   View in store                                   Hook: Fulling Mill 35065 Czech Nymph, Barbless - 10Thread: 6/0 UNI-Thread Waxed - Rusty BrownTail: Plummeting Tungsten Beads - Jet Black - 7/64" (2.8mm)Body: Kiley's Nymph Skins - RustThorax: Ice Dub - UV Hot OrangeThorax 2: Ice Dub - UV BlackHackle: Whiting 4B Hen Cape - BlackOther tools from the tutorial:      C&F Design Midge Biot PliersTiemco Dual Whip FinisherStonfo Comb/Brush Tool

  • The Cold Hunt for Trophy Grayling

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Oct 11, 2017 | 10:47 am

    The Cold Hunt for Trophy Grayling Low (temps) and SlowA nice Grayling (Feather_Flinger on the stick)We fish a lot of lakes that change from year to year. Whether it's water levels, winter fish kill or other factors, we usually keep close tabs on lakes and do re-con trips to see how things are progressing. So when we have the opportunity to fish one of our nemesis lakes that had been putting out some good (like really good) sized Grayling -- and some decent Brookies -- we packed the boats and headed out.It didn't go so well. But then, it did.

  • Pat's Rubber Leg Stone Variation

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Oct 10, 2017 | 12:42 pm

    Pat's Rubber Leg Stone Variation Make it skinny!NOTE: Being that Lance is in Slovakia at the World Fly Fishing Championships, we're posting this on his behalf. And go....Pat's rubber legs is a well known stonefly nymph pattern.I think this fly has become popularized for two reasons:It's easy to tie, and it is very effective.I've tied and tried many stonefly nymphs in an effort to find a go-to pattern. Pat's Stone is it. Simple, yet very effective. This version is varied slightly to accommodate euro nymphing so it features a weighted body and a tungsten bead.This fly was featured in the video, Modern Nymphing (more info here), and uses a small size of variegated chenille that is very hard to find. We call it Stonefly Chenille.Stonefly Chenille is perfect for smallish stonefly imitations like golden and skwala stonefly nymphs. Check out all the colors we carry here.Anyway, forget all those ultra realistic imitations that take an hour to tie. Get a Pat's Stone down deep and let the fish have some lunch. Err, maybe some exercise :)Keep your Stonefly nymphs thin. They will fish better if they've been on a diet. Most patterns are way too fat. I'm confident you'll find (as I have) that stones[…]

  • Midge Tip vs. Indicator Rig

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Oct 4, 2017 | 16:46 pm

    Midge Tip vs. Indicator Rig The Ultimate Stillwater Contest!We get asked a lot what the big deal is with these new midge tip lines for stillwater. And while we're not at all saying they're the end-all be-all for stillwater lines, we definitely see them catching more fish than our (former) favorite indicator rig setup.So rather than speculate, we decided to come up with a little test on a recent trip. Lance was on midge tip duty and Cheech went with the indicator rig. It wasn't overly serious and this is, by no means, scientific but it's a fun little experiment.The results were a little surprising....(* oh and you can check out the midge tips here...)

  • The Lancer Damsel

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Sep 25, 2017 | 09:15 am

    The Lancer Damsel A Mid-Column Damsel NymphNice Brookie caught on the Lancer DamselIn the past couple of years, we've run into more and more situations where fish are feeding on damsels both in shallower waters as well as closer to the surface, so I've worked more on my weightless slower sinking damsel patterns. Besides this one, Cheech will be turning loose a tutorial on a one-inch-below-the-surface-sinking damsel in the next while that's a game changer for fish targeting damsels swimming literally just below the surface. In the meantime, this one will sink a bit faster but still not quite as fast as a bead-headed pattern.Oh, and the name...if you fish with Lance Egan, you'll learn pretty quickly that he's brokered some deal with the devil and the fish enough to make anyone feel like a noob on the water. This style pattern with the pheasant tail abdomen is a reference to his style of Frenchie nymph. More-so the theory that pheasant tail fibers possess a certain magical power for catching fish, so I've been using them a lot more lately.Case in point, the fish shown here was taken during a relatively light damsel hatch where my normal beaded patterns were sinking too quickly[…]

  • Epic Fall Fishing Trip Fail?!?

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Sep 18, 2017 | 17:18 pm

    Epic Fall Fishing Trip Fail?!? This was almost a dudBrandon on the castI think we all have those trips where you don't have a lot of time to plan and don't have a lot of recent info on the spot where you're headed but you decide to chuck caution to the wind and search up some big fish.  So Brandon and I headed out to chance it. Here's how it all ended...

  • Palomino Caddis v2.0

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Sep 11, 2017 | 12:20 pm

    Palomino Caddis v2.0 More Buoyancy and FlashThe Palomino Caddis has been one of our most popular dry fly patterns for the past several years (Palomino Caddis), but that doesn't mean that we stopped thinking of ways to improve it.  We fish the palomino caddis before, during, and after caddis hatches, and it seems to have a great hatch matching and attracting quality.  I think part of the reason for these updates to the pattern is that we have been floating our local river quite a bit, and high buoyancy is an absolute must.  We added another piece of CDC, some flash to the hook shank, and most importantly, we used the Daiichi 1130 which has a slight offset so it hooks really nicely when the fish slash at it (as they tend to do during a caddis hatch. One of my favorite ways to fish it is to cast out, and slightly skate it right when it hits the water, then I dead drift it until the end of the drift, or until it gets devoured by a fish with an appetite bigger than its brain.Tie some up and skate it, dead drift it, match the hatch, or fish it as an attractor...[…]

  • Favorite Small Lake Boat Setup

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Aug 30, 2017 | 23:26 pm

    Favorite Small Lake Boat Setup Here's the setup we use for small stillwater fly fishingOur stillwater setupWe spend a lot of time on the water. Whether it's in smaller kickboats like the ones shown here or our bigger FlyCraft we use on some rivers, the bass boat or drift boat, we end up doing a lot of floating on or through water.With each boat scenario, there's always fine tuning the gear and how to rig things. So in this video, we walk through our basic small lake stillwater setup.This includes:The small water boats we purchased are Dave Scadden Outlaw Predator kick boats. We've used a lot of these style boats and these Scaddens are the lightest weight, most durable for the weight and have ample storage. This is NOT a paid ad and we don't sell the boats directly (although we can hook you up if you are interested in getting one).Gear-wise, the saddle bags or other similar storage bags are imperative. The downside to stillwater fishing, in general, is that between different lines, fly boxes and other gear, you end up needing a lot of storage space.We usually fish two rods and have multiple spools ready with different lines. It's important you have a[…]


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