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Northern California Trout

  • Bong....Bong....Bong

    Northern California Trout Apr 3, 2020 | 17:10 pm

    Have you ever noticed that when you put labels on a post, Blogger automatically puts them in alphabetical order. Only took me 10 years to notice.That is the sound of me bouncing off the walls. We've been cooped up for 16 days (with the exception of going to the grocery store) and we have at least 27 more to go according to our Governor.But, so far only 2 cases in Amador County and one took off as soon as he or she found out they were positive. Way to go moron. Let's spread it around some more. We have approximately 5000 people in our county, but are spread out all over the place. Hopefully that will help contain it.Other than the complaint above, I have two more. You all know about the hip problem and it's a strain to just to put on socks. Ergo (I love that word. For those who don't know it, it is Latin for therefore) I have someone that trims my toenails. No not my wife. Unfortunately that shop is considered "non-essential" and has been shut down. Yesterday I had to trim my own toenails. Probably not something you'd care to hear about, but a[…]

  • Well, That Sucks

    Northern California Trout Mar 21, 2020 | 16:44 pm

    Well, That Sucks First let me say that all is well out here in Northern California, at least with our families.Second, Governor Gavin Newsome has put a "shelter in place" order for the entire state. The order lasts (for now) for a "couple weeks".So, with reservations on Friday and Saturday, we packed up the unused, new, Lance trailer for the maiden voyage. I had made reservations two months ago to do a "check it out" trip, close to home to find out what, if anything, isn't working in the trailer. Place needed full hookups per the recommendation of Trailer Life magazine.  The new trailerWith a prior trip check on Wednesday to make sure they were open, we headed out to the Lake Camanche to the Trout Pond camping area. Trout PondOh, before I go any further, the "shelter in place" order, what's the difference if you shelter at home or shelter in your home with wheels? I don't see any difference.OK, a 45 minute drive and we pulled up to the check in at the South Shore (where the Trout Pond is) and as we drove up I noticed the red light/green light on the building was RED. I know enough about Camanche that[…]

  • A little Genealogy Update Part 2

    Northern California Trout Feb 29, 2020 | 17:40 pm

    Let me start with the Quackenburg Church Register.Back in the old days when a person is born, married, or dies a record is kept by the town mayor or some official in that town. Once a year or so the traveling church representative would come by and record all the information in the church register being it Lutheran, Baptist, or Catholic etc.When my relatives moved from where ever they lived (haven't found that place yet, but I'm thinking Poland based on Great Uncle Herman speaking High German [a refined type of German] and Yiddish) to what is now Ukraine, the births of the 9 children of my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother were recorded in the Lutheran Church Book in Volhynia. Had this not been done, we (my cousin Dan and I) would still be looking for the original 5 children mentioned in Great Aunt Adina's letter from 1990.In looking at the GEDBAS database it also seems that Quackenburg was the Las Vegas of Poland. Seems most marriages took place there OR were just recorded there. At this point I don't even know if there was a ceremony or maybe they just jumped over a broom or something and were[…]

  • A little Genealogy Update Part 1

    Northern California Trout Feb 28, 2020 | 16:12 pm

    I don't know if you're interested in my past family, but I thought I'd throw this our here anyway.If I've mentioned this before, just keep reading. It'll get better.When I do a search for one specific relative, I check all the normal websites. Ancestry, MyHeritage, Family Search, etc. Back in mid-January I was looking for that specific person and couldn't find anything more than a date of birth. I have something like 25 different sites I can look at, but again when you find a person is from a particular country, that narrows down the places you can look.So, on January 15th I was looking and decided to just do a Google search. One can not expect results from a search that returns a million and a half hits. I gave it my best shot and started through the first couple pages. As usual, nothing. Then I came across an actual hit. It was on a website called GEDBAS. Turned out it was a genealogy website that was translating the Quackenburg Church Register. OK, doesn't mean anything to you, right? More on that tomorrow.Quackenburg is in Poland. Most of the Polish documentation was destroyed during WWI and WWII as well[…]

  • Not Much

    Northern California Trout Feb 24, 2020 | 16:55 pm

    Not Much Met Yuki out at Camanche North Shore last Friday the 21st.Didn't have any expectations and it's a good thing because we got SKUNKED. It wasn't just us, it was everybody out there.I would suspect they planted sometime around the 13th or 14th (Presidents Holiday weekend) and the fish had a full week to disperse into the lake.  That's OK though. Gave Yuki and I a chance to catch up since we hadn't fished together since OCTOBER. Holy Cat Chow Batman. Well, we're caught up now.In some of the previous posts I've mentioned the old arthritis problem. Having visited the Orthopedic Surgeon in December, he wants to replace the hip this year. Going to have to wait until at least September after camping season. Reservations are already made for next month at Camanche South Shore at the Trout Pond (full hookups) to do a trial run in the new trailer. Make sure everything works and we have everything we need before heading out.June will find us at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.July will find us at Hope Valley (as usual) fishing, camping, and kayaking.The end of August is our yearly trip to Upper Lake for four nights with the kids[…]

  • The Middle Isn't Always The Best Place

    Northern California Trout Feb 12, 2020 | 16:05 pm

    The Middle Isn't Always The Best Place Tuesday morning (that would be yesterday) found me at Lake Camanche North Shore at about 0900.There were already guys fishing out on the peninsula so I just pushed my way in. Does that sound like me? Not really, there was plenty of space.Set out two rods with rainbow Power Bait, one close in, the other out as far as I could cast.Was a beautiful, sunny, and eventually warm day. Hit almost 70. Nice and warm. Nice for fishing, bad for February. We're getting to a place where we really need rain. We're maybe 2/3 of average for the year.On my right was my good friend Rueben. He had one in the bag (he doesn't use a stringer) and in the picture below his second for the day.Here fishy, fishyGot himBy the way, here fishy fishy doesn't work except when it's hooked and right at the net. Then again I've lost a few "right at the net".To my left was this gentleman whom I don't know. When I got there, there were a couple other guys beyond him, but they had left by the time he hooked this one. It was about 3 pounds. I would have gotten pictures, but as[…]

  • The Night Chicago Died

    Northern California Trout Feb 2, 2020 | 18:29 pm

    The Night Chicago Died Ever have one of those songs that keep bouncing around in your head? It's called an ear worm.There is a song by a group called Paper Lace called "The Night Chicago Died". Been bouncing around in my head for about 6 days now.A lot of interesting information in this song. Let me take you through some of the lyrics and explain who and what.First two sentences. "Daddy was a cop on the East Side of Chicago". I didn't know Lake Michigan had cops. Actually there is no "East Side" of Chicago. North, South, and West yes, East Side nope."When the Town of Chicago Died, they talk about it still". More on this later."When a man named Al Capone tried to make that town his own". Yup he sure did."He called his gang to war with the forces of the law". He was always at odds with the forces of the law."And the sound of the battle rang through the streets of the old East Side". Nope, no streets in Lake Michigan.When confronted, Paper Lace just said, doesn't every city have an East Side? They had never been to Chicago. They were a band from England.So what was "The Night Chicago[…]

  • A Day Of Dead Batteries

    Northern California Trout Jan 24, 2020 | 23:03 pm

    A Day Of Dead Batteries It's Friday so I decided to head out to Lake Camanche and soak some Power Bait. What Friday has to do with it opposed to any other day, I have no idea. Just threw that in there.Got to the lake about 9:00 after stopping for coffee at Java Drive. Set up at the same spot I've been in for the last three trips out there and put out one rod with rainbow Power Bait and the other with Hatchery Pellet Power Bait.Then the waiting began.Took a few shots with my camera just to show I wasn't alone.To the pointReuben in the green jacketFar off fisherpeopleWith the way the last two trips went, I waited until 10:00 for the first bite. If you remember, the last two times I was out there the first bite came at exactly 10:00.When I left home my camera had 2/3 power. Figured that would be enough for the day. When I got the first bite, which was NOT exactly 10:00 (more like 9:45) it was a biggie. Was on the rainbow Power Bait.About 5 poundsGot the camera out for the "proof of catch" picture and the battery showed DEAD. Took the picture anyway and luckily[…]

  • Hello, Anybody There?

    Northern California Trout Jan 19, 2020 | 04:01 am

    Hello, Anybody There? Saturday morning at La Casa Kautz and I decided to give my wife a morning without me under foot.Got up early, loaded the truck with the necessary fishing accouterments and with the temperature at a nice freezing 32 degrees, headed for Lake Camanche.When I got to the lake it was a balmy 42 degrees, but temperature wasn't the problem. If I hadn't been familiar with the lake, would have completely missed it in the fog.Can you find the lake?Set up two rods with rainbow Power Bait and threw them out somewhere. Barely could see your hand in front of you face. OK, wasn't quite that bad at lake side or I probably would have parked my truck in the lake. Did I mention my wife calls me Mr. Exaggeration?In 42 degrees, I had my parka on, gloves, ball cap, ear muffs, yes ear muffs, and in my gloves, chemical had warmers and I still froze. To bolster my frozen body I also had a cup of coffee from Java Drive and a couple glazed donuts. And there I sat. I think there were other people out there, but I couldn't see them. Like fishing blind. Alright, I'll stop with the super fog stuff.[…]

  • If You're Going To Start Fishing 2020 This Is The Way To Do It

    Northern California Trout Jan 10, 2020 | 22:40 pm

    If You're Going To Start Fishing 2020 This Is The Way To Do It My wife had the day off work and was off to Folsom to a quilting class present she got for her birthday last month.I had the option of staying at the house and being a Haus Frau (that's German for house wife) or doing something else. What would you have done?I went fishing of course.You all know I have this arthritis problem in my back and hips, but I also have something called peripheral neuropathy. About 20 years ago my toes started to get numb. Doctor said I should wear more comfortable shoes. As time went on, the numbness spread through my feet and up my legs. Next doctor sent me to a Neurologist and he diagnosed it as peripheral neuropathy. He said about 40% of people that have it, don't know why.  It has currently stopped just below my knees. Some years later, in the hospital recovering from a heart attack I mentioned to a nurse about it and she asked questions.Back in the 80's I worked for an oil company.When I worked for that company, one of the processes we had was to remove writing on the drums with Acetone and re-stencil with what ever information needed to be[…]


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