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Northern California Trout

  • All Right, I Know It's Been More Than A Month

    Northern California Trout Apr 6, 2019 | 11:05 am

    It's been more than a month since I posted, but I'm still here. Yes, I've been fishing a couple times during that month, but when NO ONE catches anything, I tend to not waste your time reading about:Both timesOn the other hand, every day that I've not had something to do, it's been raining. It's going to rain today. It's going to rain on Tuesday. It's going to rain on Thursday. OK, I'll quit whining.It's a good thing my wife thought I needed another hobby (genealogy). Gives me something to do when it's RAINING. Oops, sorry, more whining. One of these days very soon Yuki and I are going out to Lake Amador and fly fish the spillway and where ever else I can access the lake. So the only thing I can say for now is, stay tuned.

  • I Made It

    Northern California Trout Mar 4, 2019 | 15:29 pm

    I Made It OK, so I said I was going to go fishing on Friday. I lied. Actually I wasn't able to go because of something stupid I did on Thursday.I'm not going to explain stupid, but what I will say is that when I do stupid, the next day I have a lot of trouble walking. You know, the hip and back arthritis thing. Friday was one of those days. So I rested over the weekend and went this morning. My first thought was to go out to Lake Amador and see if I could negotiate the side of the lake. It's fairly steep and mostly slippery shale.When I got out there, wouldn't matter if I could negotiate it or not. The lake (due to the recent rains) was full of debris and the water was so dirty that if a fish would wander by your bait, it would probably miss it anyway. Besides, nobody seemed to be catching anything.I took the picture below of the spillway. It had more water going over it than I think I've ever seen. Down stream the road to the dam runs right next to the drainage creek which was so high it was right next to[…]

  • El Niño

    Northern California Trout Feb 28, 2019 | 09:53 am

    El Niño If you've been watching the news, then you know Northern California has been getting hammered with rain and snow since, seems like forever.We are in the grips of another El NiƱo. Lots of rain, lots of snow, and lots of flooding. The interesting part is that although Sacramento and points North are pounded, we (in beautiful downtown Jackson, about an hour South of Sacramento), have gotten very little rain.Our Chief Weather Guesser drew a picture on a map about a week ago and put two lines on it. One just below Sacramento and the other about 50 miles North. That was where the rain was supposed to hit and hit it did.As of yesterday the Russian River up in Sonoma County is over it's banks. Guerneville has been evacuated. Cache Creek is over it's banks. Closer to Sacramento, Dry Creek (North of town), Acrade Creek (in town), and that ever present flooding of Deer Creek when ever we get a little rain is happening.GuernevilleFear not, La Casa Kautz is high and dry.The mountains, that's another story.South Lake TahoeHere's the story behind this picture:This Feb. 17, 2019 photo provided by City of South Lake Tahoe shows a car buried in snow in[…]

  • That darn fish finder doesn't work.

    Northern California Trout Feb 16, 2019 | 11:01 am

    I mentioned last post that I got a Garmin Striker 4, 3.5" screen  fish finder.Fish finderWell, I got it put together. I contemplated mounting it on the side of my kayak, but you still need space for the battery. So I did it the portable way. You have a little tray about 10 inches in diameter that the fish finder attaches to, a little slot for the 12v battery, and a place to wind up the cord that goes to the transducer. So I put the fish finder in the kayak, opened the access hole in front of the seat, and suction cupped the transducer to the bottom of the kayak. I turned it on and nothing. Oh, it came on all right, but didn't show any depth or fish that I could see. So I called Garmin and told them the problem. Ran through all that I had done and what was showing on the screen. The Customer Service Rep that I was talking to then asked the definitive question. "Was the kayak in the water?"Thought you might need a little chuckle this morning.   

  • I May Never Be Warm Again

    Northern California Trout Feb 8, 2019 | 10:31 am

    I May Never Be Warm Again A week in a nutshell.Monday morning we had snow.Monday MorningTuesday and Wednesday morning we had frost.Tuesday & WednesdayThursday (Yesterday) I decided to take a chance and run out to Lake Camanche and soak some Power bait.Thursday MorningAfter I got my wife off to work, I headed out. Did I mention it was 25 degrees? Got to the lake about 9:00 and was set up with one rod and rainbow Power Bait, the other with white Power Eggs. When I got to the lake it was 39 degrees. Now I know y'all back in the mid-West think 39 degrees is almost Summer, but out here, it's cold. Just as I parked, there were a couple guys getting ready to launch their kayaks. I heard one guy yelling as he sat in his yak. "Little nippy?" I asked. He had stepped into the 50 degree water getting into his yak. I told him that's why I'm fishing on shore and not in my kayak. About 10:00 the guys at the end of the peninsula left fishless. About the same time one guy way out toward the island left fishless. That left me and a new friend named Peter from Sacramento. We chatted and I discovered[…]

  • The Irony Of Genealogy

    Northern California Trout Feb 4, 2019 | 10:00 am

    When I started this journey into my past, they (I don't know who "they" are) said that if you don't want to know the answer, don't do a DNA test.You know, because you follow this blog, that I write about fish, in this blog I wrote about fish for the local paper, I wrote stories for Sport Fishing Weekly. I recently did an article for Fishing.com, and I chase fish,I mentioned, back on November 1, 2017 the name of my paternal Grand-father. After 72 years, thinking this guy named Joseph Dory was my Grand-father, I find out my "real" Grand-father is Henry Joseph Fish. Yup, I'm a Fish . Yup, that;s meI also know this to be true because I have several cousins that I'm DNA linked to that have him for a Grand-father. Ironic huh.OK, mentioned my fish finder for my kayak. I got a Garmin Striker 4, 3.5" screen with all kinds of good stuff (I guess) like GPS, Chirp, and ipx7 what ever that is. I've put it together as a portable unit (I could have mounted it to the kayak, but you still need  place for the 12v battery) so I thought portable was the way to[…]

  • A Little Bit Of Humor

    Northern California Trout Jan 30, 2019 | 09:12 am

    I went fishing last week. Wasn't worth posting about.Humor, I saw a tweet on National News this morning I thought you might appreciate.Crime Cancelled For Cold.We simply can not have criminals putting themselves in harms way at those temperatures. If we didn't speak out against this, it is simply not fair to the criminals and I'm not willing to risk it. From the Green Bay, Wisconsin Police Chief.9:09 am Green Bay time. Temperature -18 degrees. I like this guy.Hope you got a laugh from this.Going to rain the rest of the week. Fishing next week.I got a new fish finder for the kayak. Once I figure out how it works, I'll show you. Stay tuned.

  • Sneaking Out Between Storms

    Northern California Trout Jan 10, 2019 | 18:07 pm

    Sneaking Out Between Storms I mentioned, in the last post, that we were in for some rain. Actually I mentioned we were going to get "pounded". Well, we got "pounded". Last Sunday we had 25 to 35 mile per hour winds (with the rain) and gusts close to 50 mph. So bad, in fact that Yuki had the roof blown off one of his lean-to's.Since we're due to get more such weather starting tomorrow I thought it good to get out today. Probably my last chance for another week or so.Earlier this week, Yuki sent me a Facebook link about trout being caught at Lake Camanche on grubs. I took that to mean Meal Worms or Wax Worms. So when I left the house this morning, after a coffee stop at Java Drive I stopped by Walmart and picked up a container of both.Several years ago a guy at Bear River Reservoir introduced me to the "slip bobber" rig. It works well with Meal Worms and would seem to work well with Wax Worms too. The nice thing about the slip bobber rig is that you can adjust the depth of the worm by moving the green thread thing in the picture below up[…]

  • First Of The Year, Last For A While

    Northern California Trout Jan 4, 2019 | 15:17 pm

    First Of The Year, Last For A While Not to worry, I'll still be fishing.This was the first trip for 2019 out to North Shore Lake Camanche. The place where I usually fish was a bit crowded.Can you say "Combat Fishing"?So I bypassed that spot for one a little farther out the North Shore peninsula.My spot for the dayI set up one rod with rainbow Power Bait, as if you didn't already know that. On the other rod I put 3 green/clear with speckles Power Eggs.I let that soak for an hour and then changed the green to white ones with the clear speckles. I put on fresh rainbow PB on the other one just in case.An hour later I reeled in the Power Eggs and started throwing Kastmasters. Silver, silver/green, pink, silver/blue, and then the green Magic Bullet. Nope, nothing.  Changed the white eggs to brown/clear with speckles and rainbow PB on the other.Took another picture to show how far out on the peninsula I was. That's the very end just beyond my truck. The whole peninsula is only about 100 yards.Well, it was a bust for the first day fishing in 2019. Actually, I didn't see anyone catch anything so I don't feel bad getting skunked.Now,[…]

  • Happy New Year

    Northern California Trout Jan 1, 2019 | 12:15 pm

    Happy New Year Mike over at Troutrageous! mentioned we should do a recap of 2018.OK, here it is in a nutshell.Fishing wise, it pretty much sucked. I don't think (without going back and counting) that I caught 10 fish this year.Health wise, it pretty much sucked. Four doctors, Two X-Rays, one MRI and all they could tell me is that "until your hip tells you it's time for a replacement", you're going to hurt.I'm going to fish anyway whether I hurt or not. Actually I don't hurt when I'm fishing, it's the next day that I pay the price.Now the good part.......After a week at windy Upper Lake my wife was convinced that the Inflate-A-Yak just wouldn't cut it. We got His & Hers Kayaks. You saw the picture. We've only been out once since we got them, but can't wait for it to warm up to get back on a lake.The family welcomed my Great-Granddaughter Mavis Ranae Bonnie. We were over to my sons last Sunday and Mavis is just about as cute a baby as you can get.MavisLet see, what else?Oh yea. The genealogy thing. Found out my Great Grandmother's name. Apparently none of my Great Grandfather's children knew their mother's name except[…]


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