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Northern California Trout

  • Statistics Update

    Northern California Trout Oct 19, 2018 | 09:22 am

    Forgot to add these yesterday.Posts: More than 1100Page Views: more than 600,000That's, That's, That's all folks.

  • A Lot Of Updates

    Northern California Trout Oct 18, 2018 | 16:32 pm

    A Lot Of Updates Since I last update about the whole Genealogy thing, this photo showed up from a "new" cousin. The last update (August 16th) I showed you the picture of my Great Uncle Christoph and his family.  Then this photo showed up. I believe this to be a "family" photo taken at the turn of the century (1900) and it was a "knock your socks off" photo. We know for sure that the man, center-rear is Christoph. Based on birth dates the one to his left would be my Grandfather Michael. To Christoph's right we believe is my Great-Aunt Louise. In the front on the right we believe is my Great-Uncle Georg. The young man we believe is my 1st cousin 1 x removed Herman (son of Christoph), AND the man that everyone is touching is my Great-Grandfather Gottlieb.  With that part zeroed in, I've traced, via DNA matches on Ancestry.com to one Gottlieb Martin Kautz who I believe is the man in the picture.Now a medical update. I saw the Orthopedic Surgeon on Tuesday. He looked at the X-Rays and the diagnosis from them. Here's what he had to say. Good news - I don't need a hip replacement. Bad news,[…]

  • Success On Many Fronts

    Northern California Trout Oct 13, 2018 | 19:14 pm

    Success On Many Fronts Today we had the maiden voyages of the His & Hers kayaks.Since we are running out of warm weather, we thought today being about 85 degrees would probably be our last chance to have my wife try hers out before it started getting chilly.A couple things to note about our "sit-on" kayaks. One they are 10' long and 31" wide. I mention this because if you'll recall the "Yuki" incident so many years ago, the kayak he was in was only 28" wide. These are much more stable and my wife felt safer in a wider one. One would ask how a mere couple inches would make a difference, but it definitely makes a much more stable kayak.Second and more of a problem is that "sit-on" kayaks have scupper holes. If you're not familiar, they are designed to let water drain while you're out paddling around. The ones we rented a while back had scupper holes and the water came in as fast as it drained. Your butt end gets exceedingly wet as the water sloshes in and out. Ergo (I love that word) I purchased, via Amazon Prime, scupper plugs. They work like a dream AND if you get[…]

  • His & Her's

    Northern California Trout Oct 6, 2018 | 14:10 pm

    His & Her's Need I say more?Lifetime Tamarack Angler 10'

  • Weather Guessers Strike Again

    Northern California Trout Oct 4, 2018 | 11:43 am

    Got up this morning, leg was not hurting, hip was not hurting, didn't need the cane. Next step was to check the weather since it rained most of yesterday.Weather Guessers said intermittent showers and by definition: "Stopping for a time and then beginning again". OK, I can live with that. Check the DFW planting schedule. Last place planted was Upper and Lower Blue Lakes last week. Target >>>>> Upper Blue Lake. Loaded the truck and apparently it's been a while since I went because first I forgot the chair, then my warmer hoodie, then water and granola bars, but remembered all before I left. Wife left for work at 8:15 and I followed her out just as it started sprinkling. No problem, intermittent showers, remember.The further up the hill I went, the harder it rained. By the time I got to Pine Grove (just 8 miles up the road) it was full on wiper blades. Between Pine Grove and the beginning of Pioneer (a scant 4 miles) it was raining so hard the gutters were full and water was running across the highway. Doesn't strike me as "intermittent showers". How about you?Lastly let me explain a little about Highway 88 between Jackson and Carson[…]

  • The Light Is Still On, But On Hold For Now

    Northern California Trout Sep 28, 2018 | 09:47 am

    Approached the Orthopedic Surgeon for a consult. No consult without a referral from my primary doctor even though my insurance says I don't need a referral they wouldn't even talk to me without one.SO, back to my primary. Told him what the chiropractor said. He suggested a hip X-Ray. Gee, wonder why this wasn't done before since I've been saying my hip hurts all the way down to my foot.Hip X-Ray said wear and tear (I am 72 after all), but not to a point of replacement. Might only need a steroid shot.Told him I wanted a referral to the Orthopedic Surgeon for a consult anyway. Soonest I can get in is the 16th of next month.In the mean time they stocked Upper Blue Lake this week. I've never caught less that 4 any time up there. I almost went yesterday. I was walking without the cane, but sure as hell if I went up there and walked over the uneven terrain I'd be hobbling today.I guess just thinking about the uneven terrain was enough that I'm hobbling with the cane this morning again. Could have been the 10 x 16 retaining wall blocks I put in place yesterday. Could[…]

  • There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

    Northern California Trout Sep 16, 2018 | 11:45 am

    Well, the leg problem. Where to start.The first doctor who did the spinal X-Ray, I find missed the problem. I was sent to physical therapy who said he could hurt me for 6 sessions, but it really wouldn't fix the problem. I think not.  My regular doctor who had me do the MRI, missed the problem. When  I asked for the results of the MRI, the response was that it showed the same as the X-Ray. "That's it" I asked, "That's it" was the response. So we tried the float tube. You know the last post. That didn't work very well. It took almost three weeks until I felt confident enough to put the cane away.Enter the chiropractor earlier this week. No, I'm not sitting around, I'm doing. Push, hurt, pull, hurt, bend, hurt, results............... Not my back, but probably a hip replacement. Makes sense, kneel down and pressure on the hip. Walk on uneven ground and pressure on the hip. Duh!Did I mention both the doctors missed this even though I said left side hip to foot?Prognosis, possible hip replacement although getting my current doctor on board (he knows everything) might be a small problem, BUT let it be known[…]

  • Upper Lake, The Rest Of The Story

    Northern California Trout Aug 30, 2018 | 21:48 pm

    Upper Lake, The Rest Of The Story Here's how it went.Day one, Sunday.Left about 10:30 with a four hour drive to Upper Lake. Stopped half way for a Mexican food lunch (I had a burrito and Katherine had quesadillas) and this little guy joined us, but on the outside of the window.Praying MantisGot to the lake around 2:30/3:00 and after setting up the trailer only had time to throw a few Kastmasters off the dock. No fish to be found.Day two, Monday. Awoke to winds around 10 mph coming straight across the lake. Too fast to put either the float tube or the inflate-a-yak in the water. So I went up to the office and got a carton of crawlers. I put one out on a slip sinker rig with a couple white floaty things to keep the crawler off the bottom and on the other rod hung one about 3 feet below a bobber. No fish to be found.    Worm drowning The afternoon produced more wind and more waves.While I was waiting around for the bite that never came, I snapped a couple shots of the previously green hillside across the road from the RV park. The next three photo's are the result of the Ranch[…]

  • Now We'll Find Out About Float Tubing

    Northern California Trout Aug 22, 2018 | 09:45 am

    Now We'll Find Out About Float Tubing I called the RV resort at Upper Lake yesterday to see how they fared during the Mendocino Complex Fire. They are fine, open, and ready for us on Sunday.We have 4 nights planned this year and the weather is forecast to be much better than last year when we had cold, wind, and rain for the 3 nights we were there. Actually only 2 nights. We left early.    Our usual spotThe fishing dockAcross the lakeView out the front doorI'm taking the Float Tube Cumberland and the Inflate-A-Yak with fly rods and spinning rods. I WILL fish this coming week.I don't suspect I'll report until we get back on Friday because I don't want to haul everything necessary to operate my laptop (OK, it's old and requires a lot of extras) and my phone isn't so smart.The DFW hasn't stocked trout since April and May earlier this year so I guess I'll probably concentrate on warm water species. Stay tuned.  

  • OK, It's About Genealogy

    Northern California Trout Aug 16, 2018 | 10:31 am

    OK, It's About Genealogy You all know I've been digging into my family. Started a year ago December. Actually December 25, 2016.I had a little bit of knowledge of my family. From what I've found, a very little bit of knowledge. Most of it wrong.Then when I contacted my cousin in Georgia, she sent copies of what she had. The biggest piece of information was a copy of a translated letter (from German) from a Great Aunt Adina who lived in Siberia. Her living in Siberia is a whole nuther story of how she got there and why she was there since everybody was supposed to live in the Volga River Valley.So I searched and searched for my Great Grandfather Gottlieb, his children Christof and wife Amalge, my Grandfather & Grandmother Michael & Emily and the other four.I could never find anything on Christof (1865) & Amalge (1870). I had an approx date of birth for both, but there was just nothing out there.Then one day, out on MyHeritage.com (you know the 23 & me site) I came across them. There was one tree that suddenly appeared with Christoph (dob 12/24/1864) and Amalie (dob 4/12/1868), their daughter Elsa (who I found earlier) down to[…]