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Lost Coast Outfitters

  • Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 22, 2018 | 14:21 pm

    Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report Anthony Carruesco reports on 3.22.18Lower SacThe Lower Sac has been a little fickle recently. With that being said we’ve had two consecutive days of “lights out good” fishin’ in the dark, wet weather. Don’t get your feelings hurt if you don’t have a bunch of fish to the net before lunch right now. Be patient for a little later bite. Fish have gotten very quick to grab and drop the fly over the past week or so - especially on the sunny/clear days. This means you have to have an ultra quick hammer to get em to stick. Not ideal for beginners when the fish get this quick.. they get a lot more picky about the perfect drift, fly placement, and ninja-quick grabs. There is always some very good fishing to be had if you bring your “A game.” Wet weather ahead for the week. This should add a little color to the water and make the fish a lot more comfortable to hang on to the fly. Caddis and Peemers remain on the menu. March Browns have been flying around on some days too. Dry fly fishing has been a thing each day out too… The hatches will only thicken[…]

  • Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 22, 2018 | 14:17 pm

    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report John Fochetti reports on 3.22.18Pyramid LakeThe Lake continues to be inconsistent, one day it’s good the next it’s really slow. It is also being strange, on cloudy windy choppy days with low pressure it won’t fish well, then on high-pressure days with the sun out and no wind the fish are in the mood.The water temps are still very cold, and I believe the fish want some warmer temps to get them into the spawn mode and into shallower water.     However, with all that said over the past week, we have had some solid days mixed in with the slow ones. My best advice right now is to fish hard, on most days there is still a good window where they come in and start chowing.I have been mostly nymphing lately and they seem to want smaller midges with little or no flash. Mix up your colors and change flies and depths until you find what’s working.

  • Upper Rogue, Upper Klamath, Upper Sac Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 22, 2018 | 14:12 pm

    Upper Rogue, Upper Klamath, Upper Sac Fly Fishing Report Rick Cox reports on 3.22.18The CoastThe theme the last couple of weeks around here has been excellent fishing for Wild Waters Fly Fishing. We have been finding steelhead at the coast, the Upper Rogue, Upper Klamath and even trout in our own backyard here on the Upper Sac. Last night the skies opened up with pounding rain and lightning, it has let up but more is forecast including snow through Saturday. This however should not affect our steelhead fishing trips …. yes our steelhead fishing is still in full throttle mode and should remain so for a couple more weeks. The long range forecast is showing dry and warmer weather beginning next week so all rivers we are targeting should be in great shape. Cheers

  • San Francisco Bay Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 22, 2018 | 14:08 pm

    San Francisco Bay Fly Fishing Report Kevin DeGulis and Ben Engle reports on 3.22.18San Francisco BaySurf fishing in the bay is continuing to pick up, areas around the golden gate seem to be the most productive. Ben and I went up to Bolinas, California Sunday in hopes of finding leopard sharks. As we kept on getting stuck in mud we decided to ditch the leopard shark hunt and go towards the Golden Gate. We had some luck Ben was able to bring in a Halibut, a couple Surf Perch, a mini striper, and a crab. Ben stuck in the mud (Bolinas Lagoon)  searching for leopard sharks. These sharks species swim with a strong undulating motion, the leopard shark is commonly spotted cruising in or just beyond the surf. It is more active at night than during the day and sometimes lies still on the bottom. In Tomales Bay and Bolinas Lagoon, the leopard shark follows the tide onto mudflats to forage for food, retreating just fast enough to prevent being stranded or trapped as the water recedes.Crab on the fly!Thank you, Emily Gribble, for the pictures. 

  • Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 22, 2018 | 13:15 pm

    Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report Jim Stimson reports on 3.22.18Whoa! The Eastside is getting some major rain and snow. The Town has received over a foot of heavy, gloppy snow just overnight. The ski area has over two feet and is expecting another two feet today. My wife is a teacher at the elementary school in Mammoth and they have called for a Red Day. The roads in Mammoth are a mess. We have not turned the corner on winter yet.I would avoid the Upper Owens completely until these fronts move through and the roads have some time to dry out. The main north-south road will probably be passable but you will have to brave some deep, standing pools in the roadway. Do NOT attempt any of the laterals heading out to the river. Even high clearance 4WD’s will sink to the floorboards and it is super expensive to have your vehicle extricated….Later!East WalkerThe flows have been rocketing upward day by day. A couple of weeks ago I was stoked to see the dribbly winter flows of 27 cfs jump up to 85. I packed up my gear and headed north and had a great day on the water. The following day the flows jumped[…]

  • Delta Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 22, 2018 | 12:59 pm

    Delta Fly Fishing Report Steve Santucci reports on 3.22.18Delta fishing is rated good.  New fish have arrived and are well distributed thru out the system.  Catching them on large flies and the water conditions are excellent with water temps in the high 50’s.  Let me know if you want to fish as I have good availability thru April.

  • Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 22, 2018 | 12:54 pm

    Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report Rob Russell reports on 3.22.18It’s been nothing short of a festival at Putah Creek!  Henna-tattooers, face painters, and hula-hoopers;  partying glitter-faced people in costumes with glow-in-the-dark everything;  interpretive fly fishing happens at Putah Creek.  Fishing is great!     Nymphing, with or without an indicator, will result in consistent hook-ups.  Streamer fishing has been as good as it gets here.   Leeches and crayfish in dark colors are good choices.  Use heavier tippet when fishing streamers, so you don’t break off the fish of a lifetime.  Cover as much water as possible when fishing streamers.  This will increase your odds of finding players (streamer-eaters).     Guests have had pleasant wading conditions, with lower than average flows this Spring.  As the weather warms and seasonal agricultural demands begin;  flows will increase.       Water temperature has been near 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Per usual, midges have been the most prominent bug.  Small mayflies have begun to emerge on warmer days as well.  A worm attractor followed by a small midge or mayfly is a standard nymph rig.  High-stick the pockets, and dead-drift the runs with an indicator.  It’s a good idea to thoroughly cover all water to find the greatest concentration[…]

  • Florida Keys Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 21, 2018 | 19:06 pm

    Florida Keys Fly Fishing Report Rob Kramarz reports on 3.21.18Florida Keys March in the Florida keys is certainly an interesting time for fly fishing. Rotating wind patterns has made the fishing inconsistent, usually, the wind that comes from the east is best for feeding fish. A mild cold front has come in last week but tarpon has started to show up in the backcountry. Due to the high winds, we have been able to have permit 6 feet from the skiff without the spooky fish knowing, but with high winds and rotating winds, it can be very challenging to land. As April rolls around the fishing become a lot more consistent as does the weather. Make sure to check out the golden gate casting ponds if you are planning a trip to this tropical fly fishing destination.

  • Lower Yuba Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 21, 2018 | 15:23 pm

    Lower Yuba Fly Fishing Report Jon Baiocchi reports on 3.21.18Lower YubaThe Lower Yuba River was fishing really well with the continued success that I have been getting my guests into for the last few months, then heavy rain slammed the northern California region and the river blew out big time. On the 14th the Yuba got up to 7,627 cubes, while Deer creek reached 2,859 CFS adding a whole bunch of muddy water. Typical of this type of storm, Englebright spilled over and the river has been running high ever since and currently flowing at 4,493 cubes. Just like last year, I’m rescheduling a bunch of trips, I just want to thank my guests for understanding that Mother Nature has full control of the situation.So let’s recap the conditions on the Lower Yuba River just before the blowout. Skwala stoneflies were in the phase of waning, there were still adults in the drift during the late afternoon, and of course, the fish were still aware of them. Strong hatches of PMD’s and the trout were on them. A few March Browns, seemed like there was more the first week of March, but you know how every day is different. Little green stones were out a[…]

  • Russian River Fly Fishing Report

    Lost Coast Outfitters - The San Francisco Fly Shop Mar 21, 2018 | 14:51 pm

    Russian River Fly Fishing Report Rob Russell reports on 3.21.18Russian River1.22 inches of rain at the Sonoma County Airport in the last 24 hours has the Russian River rising fast.    The steelhead season is all but over.  With this storm putting the Russian out of shape until April.  Although fresh fish are occasionally caught, the low returns this year don’t hold much promise for a late season fish.    By the middle of next month, and definitely by May 1st, shad will enter the river.  Fishing should be fantastic for shad this year!        Smallmouth will be spawning now through April.  By the end of April, smallmouth will have finished spawning and will begin feeding very aggressively.  This is my favorite time to target them;  walking the banks looking for fish chasing bait on the surface.  Fishing can be lights out for the first few weeks after the spawn, as the fish leave their nests and feed aggressively.     In summary, the Russian is not your best bet in the coming few weeks.  However, if you are looking for another option, Putah Creek is fishing as well as I have seen in at least 10 years.  It is awesome!  Many fish caught with[…]