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  • The Skwala Stonefly ~ Identification, Behavior, Fly Patterns, and Presentations

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jan 21, 2020 | 00:29 am

    The Skwala Stonefly ~ Identification, Behavior, Fly Patterns, and Presentations As fly anglers, we all look forward to dry fly opportunities. It truly is the epitome of fly fishing, and why I relocated from Graeagle to Nevada City to be able to fish and guide the best winter dry fly fishery in the state – The Lower Yuba River. After spending 27 years living above 5,000 feet with 6 of those years at 10,000 feet, I can truly appreciate the milder temps of the foothills of the Sierra. The Lower Yuba River is well known for its winter hatches, where BWOs, PMDs, and Brown Duns make a daily appearance along with a special stonefly too. Enter the Skwala. Unlike a tiny winter stonefly, the Skwala is much larger and the first big meal of the new year for trout. It’s an overrated hatch for sure with promises of stellar action on the surface, but to me it is one of the most intriguing hatches that grace our tail waters and freestone river systems of the Northern Sierra. This family of stonefly, Perlodidae, is same as the Yellow Sally stonefly, and a very important species inhabiting most watersheds in the North American continent. They are often mistaken for early instars of[…]

  • BUFF Product Review ~ Fly Fishing Gear

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jan 15, 2020 | 18:35 pm

    BUFF Product Review ~ Fly Fishing Gear https://flyfishingwithcattoy.blogspot.com/Decades ago when I was a younger man, mountaineering and snowboarding were my main two passports to an adventurous life. I can remember ordering a balaclava from an REI catalog, you know, the black all-in-one model. It was a god send on those stormy pushes to the summit, and a welcomed companion protecting my face with knee deep powder face shots. I never gave it much thought back then to protecting myself from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Now that I'm on the water 200+ days a year, protection from all the elements is a must. A buff is just a buff right? Not entirely. When BUFF USA sent me my first package to test and wear, I noticed small differences in both the manufacturing process, designs, and the awesome prints they came in. I'm huge on details, so I can really appreciate the little differences that make for a top shelf quality product.As a company, BUFF USA produces the original multifuncitional headwear, and so much more. Besides buffs they make headbands, arm sleeves, gloves, hoodies, hats, beanies, finger guards, balaclavas, scarves, masks, neck warmers, arm warmers, and even buffs for your dog! (preferably a Queensland Heeler) Plus there are[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 1/13/2020

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jan 14, 2020 | 00:33 am

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 1/13/2020 It’s been fun fishing on the Lower Yuba River the past couple of weeks. I really enjoy sharing the rhythms of the river with my guests and improving their skill set. If you want to catch more fish on the Yuba, hire a drift guide as you will cover more water, learn the go to flies, and the indicator rigs that constantly produce. That’s great and all, but what are you really learning to be successful on your own? My approach to guiding the Lower Yuba River is so much different as it is from a walk and wade perspective, where deciphering hatches and the clues that Mother Nature provides to usable information for the common fly angler. Reading water, proper presentations, casting, the best access, river history, local flora and fauna, flies, fish handling, the best flows, hook sets, fighting fish, and special leader formulas for every application known. I take pride in my trips, and not once in the last 23 years of guiding have I woken up at 4am and said “I don’t want to go to work today”. I really do love it.Flows have been stable, right around 1,370 cubes, which is good as the trout[…]

  • Fly Fishing Pro Tips ~ Foam Lines

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jan 10, 2020 | 17:01 pm

    Fly Fishing Pro Tips ~ Foam Lines We’ve all heard the saying “Foam is Home” when fly fishing our favorite waters in reference to making presentations among the foam and bubble lines that flow downstream with the currents. Natural floating foam on the surface of the water is the accumulation of leaves, twigs or other organic substances that make their way into the water and begin decaying. They release compounds known as surfacants. This interaction breaks the surface tension, which in turn allows air to more easily mix with water and creates bubbles. These bubbles congregate to form a fly angler’s friend – foam lines within the feeding lanes.Yuba River Pink Albert - Two Tail IdentificationAs with most liquids, water molecules are normally attracted to each other. This attraction creates tension at the surface of the water, often referred to as the meniscus, or a thin "skin," which allows most aquatic adult insects to glide across it. What’s really cool about foam lines next to the bank is it allows an angler to be able to sit and observe and see exactly what bug (or bugs, think masking hatch here) are floating in the drift and what the trout are keying on, in real time.Merry-Go-Rounds: Swirling patches of[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 12/31/2019 ~ The Skwalas Have Arrived!

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jan 1, 2020 | 00:22 am

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ~ 12/31/2019 ~ The Skwalas Have Arrived! It sure is nice to be guiding in temperatures that are a little more warmer than that of the Yampa River in Co. The Yampa report from Cat Toy (https://flyfishingwithcattoy.blogspot.com/) and yesterday’s session was brutal, low of -1, and a high of 15. It’s been chilly during the morning hours here in Nevada City, and unlike Colorado, the air is much moister which you tend to feel in your bones more. I’ll take it for now. Fishing on the Lower Yuba has been good if you can find the areas that are holding heavier concentrations of fish, which in turn will result in higher catch rates – If the planets are aligned. I have an acquaintance that works for CA DFW, and in his early years working for the department, he snorkeled the Lower Yuba River studying macroinvertibrates and fish behavior. During these studies he told me that there would be sections of the river that were devoid of trout, while other areas were bountiful. Turns out it’s all about the most abundant food source for that given time, plus the resident trout on this river move around a lot depending on where those significant food sources are.Flows have been stable at[…]

  • Colorado Winter Fly Fishing ~ Christmas Holiday Vacation ~ 12/27/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Dec 28, 2019 | 03:17 am

    Colorado Winter Fly Fishing ~ Christmas Holiday Vacation ~ 12/27/2019 Back to the summit of the US of A, and back to the roots of my youth. Pretty weird how knowledgeable of Colorado fisheries I am, yet so many waters I'm still learning out there. If you haven't figured out why my quest to return to "Colorful Colorado" is in the past mix, you soon will after this post. It's a special state to me, so many close friends that truly know me there, and support me, makes it SO pleasing to be immersed in. I'm proud and honored to be a native Northern Californian, and to have been fly fishing the northern state since 1972, but as I age, there are more important factors in life - Thus the future looms. Yep, back to CBC, the most ultimate base camp ever, and "Mission 1" was in the works - Recuperating from the long drive, making a big pot of Cat's Hearty Beef Base Camp soup, and tying flies. Tying is so special to me, I wish I had more time to do so. I'm not not a commercial tier, or a superior speed tier. I tie for myself, my friends, and my guests. Payed signature tier of patterns? Not likely,[…]

  • Baiocchi's Troutfitters ~ 2019 Year in Review

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Dec 18, 2019 | 18:07 pm

    Baiocchi's Troutfitters ~ 2019 Year in Review Another year in the books comes to a close, and I'm here at CBC (Cat's Base Camp) reflecting on all the highlights that went down over the course of a very busy and productive season of fishing, guiding, and glorious adventures. It's also that time of the year with Christmas music in background emitting the oldies, Bing, Burl, and Judy belting out the songs that are timeless. Gifts are wrapped, and some have already been opened because we need that new gear for some upcoming missions starting tomorrow. The Christmas spirit is a little louder than normal for me this year, when life is good and you're happy, it's that feel good spirit that pours over the rim of the cup into your everyday life. I'm grateful for my current place in the universe. Let's start off with January on the Lower Yuba River where the fishing was so good I never put a nymphing rig on my guest's rods, it was all swinging and dry flies. A few storms came through without too much of a negative effect on the fishing, even with the river coming close to blowing out. Late December saw some very large steelhead caught, and it had[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report~ 12/11/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Dec 12, 2019 | 02:06 am

    Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report~ 12/11/2019 Finally, the whirlwind of being extremely busy since last early spring has died down and settled into the winter rhythms. The last month has been mostly touring around Southern California to fly clubs and speaking, and I must say the Delta Fly Fishers Northern Sierra Stillwater Seminar was SO much fun! I’m hoping more clubs go with that style of a program because of the overload of knowledge shared, and the value to those attending. It’s a win/win for everyone involved!It’s nice to be back on the water, and during the winter season is when I really get to fish on my own time. Love it. The Lower Yuba River has been fishing well, but the same old story, you got to find where the fish are holding, and put in the work – which at times is not easy unless you have some Intel on specific locations. Boats are getting more numbers than walk and wade anglers due to the simple fact that they can cover more water. Walk and wade anglers have an advantage too, as they can study the runs and riffles longer, and dissect their surroundings for the clues being offered to them by Mother Nature[…]

  • Baiocchi's Troutfitters Fly Fishing Gift Certificates ~ 12-11-2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Dec 11, 2019 | 16:45 pm

    Baiocchi's Troutfitters Fly Fishing Gift Certificates ~ 12-11-2019 Looking for the perfect gift for your special fly angler? Look no further! The Baiocchi's Troutfitters Gift Certificate is the answer! Recipients of the gift certificate can use it for guided trips, specific instruction on a technique, regional fly fishing tours, and specialized workshops all through the 2020 year. Obtaining the gift certificate is one of the easiest in the industry:1) Click here to pay for a full to half day trip, or leave a deposit for a special event: http://www.baiocchistroutfitters.com/baiocchis-troutfitters-book-my-trip/2) Download the Gift Certificate here: http://www.baiocchistroutfitters.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/BT-Gift-certificate.jpg3) Email me at , or call 530.228.0487 to receive the special authorization code.4) Write the code on the back, fill out the "To" and "From", wrap it up, then place under the Christmas tree - That's it!Guided trips include these venues - Lower Yuba River, Middle Fork Feather River, Lake Davis, Truckee River, North Fork Yuba River, Little Truckee River, Frenchman Lake, and the creeks of the Lost Sierra. Instructional sessions include; Fly Tying, Casting, Rigging, and specific techniques like Tight Line Nymphing, Streamers, Dry Flies, and Stillwaters. Lastly, Fly Fishing Tours in the Truckee Area, Middle Fork Feather, and the Lower Yuba just to name a few.Don't hesitate and act now! You don't even have to[…]

  • Fly Fishing, Being Thankful, and Gratitude ~ 11/28/2019

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Nov 28, 2019 | 22:05 pm

    Fly Fishing, Being Thankful, and Gratitude ~ 11/28/2019 This won't be the typical blog post of a fishing report, a fly pattern, or notes from a trip from me today. Gonna be freestyle, something that I'm very familiar with. I'm taking a suggestion from long time native Northern Californian fly angler/guide/artist Hogan Brown and just share something totally different, AND my special friend from Arvada, Co who has the most inspiring posts on social media platforms - The Cat! Today I write about thoughts of the past, present and the future. Just random flashes of thoughts, the ones that keep me up at night, or wake me up in the morning - The good ones. Like, do you realize I get to fish with Hogan this spring on a scheduled payed trip to Lake Oroville for bass, a lake I lived right up the hill from growing up in Paradise. My dad was a master on that lake, and I was lucky enough to have him take me fishing there when I was very young. Funny thing is, back then, there were no bass. We fished for rainbows, browns, and Cohos. Lime Saddle Marina, the arms of the North Fork and West Branch Feather, Goat Ranch, Parish Cove,[…]


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