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Jon Baiocchi's Trip Reports

  • Lake Davis ~ Frenchman Lake ~ Creeks ~ Fly Fishing Report 6/17/2018

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jun 17, 2018 | 20:23 pm

    Lake Davis ~ Frenchman Lake ~ Creeks ~ Fly Fishing Report 6/17/2018 This morning I woke up at my usual time of 4:45 am next to Lake Davis, and cloudy skies hung low on the surrounding mountains. Just as predicted the rain started to fall minutes later. I proceeded to my daily routine, coffee, email and internet work, followed by my trek to Graeagle where I pick up my gourmet lunches from the Graeagle Mill Works. I streaked across the Sierra Valley with the boat in tow up to Frenchman Lake for a guide trip, and along the way thunder and lightning showed it's ugly face. Boating on open water with such conditions is a very unwise thing to do, and so the trip was cancelled. I'm quite bummed when such conditions occur, but it's out of my control, and Mother Nature always has the last word. Today I'm making the most of it by making a blog entry, paying bills, and returning trip inquiries. Life on the road has its limitations, and believe it or not I actually miss being in the office sometimes.Lake Davis - I've done a few trips on the fertile waters and the lake is full to the brim at 98 % of capacity, and surface water temps[…]

  • Northern Sierra Observations; Mother Nature Is Late

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Jun 9, 2018 | 08:37 am

    Northern Sierra Observations; Mother Nature Is Late Mid March through the end of May the weather was cold, gloomy, and with lots of precipitation. Because of such the Sierra is about 3 to 4 weeks behind schedule. Depending on the fishery, things were good to just fair. During the last week of May rainbows were still on their redds on the Little Truckee, Grizzly creek at Lake Davis, and Little Last Chance creek at Frenchman Lake. Also during that time frame most Canadian geese had yet to have their chicks. Aquatics on the stillwaters had yet to show any significant hatches as well. Warblers and songbirds showed up early in the upper elevation meadows, yet stalled their migration north.Conditions have changed in the last week and a half with normal sunny weather and warmer temperatures. I'm embarking for the next 16 days of guiding on the road and anxious to see what the current conditions hold. Keep checking in and I'll update you with what I find. See you on the water...

  • Frenchman Lake / Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report 5/23/2018

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News May 23, 2018 | 14:06 pm

    Frenchman Lake / Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report 5/23/2018 Frenchman Lake – Water temps are 58-60 degrees, the last two weeks the weather has been cooler with thunderstorms and rain. Lake capacity is at 101%. I love when Frenchman is full as there is a lot more habitat for trout. Fishing was slow yesterday and not many bugs out, just a few Callibaetis and blood midges. The lake is loaded with Lahontan Redside Shiners yet there are no fish crashing them like last fall. Western grebes are starting their courtship, and those pelicans are having a feast on the shiners often working together to herd them into a pocket on the shoreline. Fishing pressure at both lakes is very light. We need some warmer weather to get those aquatic insects going, especially the damsels. Lake Davis – Water temps are 55-58 degrees and the lake is full at 99% of capacity. I do not like it when the lake is that full, not many coves and all the points are under water. Lots of small midges about mixed with a few blood midges. I did not see any damsels actively swimming near the water’s surface. The most alarming thing I saw was how many bass are in the lake. I took[…]

  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report 4/28/2018

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Apr 30, 2018 | 23:08 pm

    Truckee River Fly Fishing Report 4/28/2018 The flows have been slowly dropping on the Truckee River the last few weeks, we’ve had some warmer days where there is more of a melt of the snowpack, and coolers days where there is not as much. Flows in the upper watershed are running at 490 cubes, east of town they are at 1,030 cfs, and down in the canyon the flows are 1,200 cfs. Water is clear for the most part, a little more color near the top end of the river. Water temperatures are 49 in the morning, and 52 in the afternoon. Fishing pressure is thick on the Glenshire stretch with anglers running down from parking access areas to the select buckets only to beat others. Etiquette is thrown right out the window with no regard to other fellow fly fishers. Fly fishing is such a scene nowadays. Hiking into remote sections further downstream will deter such actions. Overall fishing has been pretty good, some days are better than others. You’ll do better if you can present your flies early in the morning before others race down to do such. High stick nymphing, and stripping streamers remains to be the most productive techniques. For nymphs, black[…]

  • Giving Back to the Yuba River ~ SRYCL's Hammon Bar Willow Resteration Project

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Apr 30, 2018 | 21:01 pm

    Giving Back to the Yuba River ~ SRYCL's Hammon Bar Willow Resteration Project Volunteering my time is important to me on local rivers and fisheries that I guide on. For the third year in a row I’ve been a volunteer on the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) Hammon Bar Willow Restoration Project, working with staff and other volunteers. It was a beautiful day with big puffy cumulus clouds, a nice cooling breeze, and great company. The wildflowers are going nuts in the Yuba Gold Fields right now. I’ve never seen so many Lupine and California poppies down there in my life. If you appreciate nature, do yourself a favor and go check them out as soon as you can. They won’t last long.Restoration Coordinator and Team Leader Karli Foreman used advanced GPS and a detailed map to find the remaining pods of willows to be recorded. My job was a little different this year, I wrote down pod identification numbers, and how many different species of willows (Arroyo, Red, and Gooding’s) including cottonwoods that were alive or dead, and taking detailed notes. A few observations we noted was a very high activity of beaver chomping away branches. This poses a problem as many of the branches they take away have a metal ID tag[…]

  • Truckee Trout Unlimited "Fishmas Eve" 13th Annual Fundraiser

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Apr 17, 2018 | 18:55 pm

    Truckee Trout Unlimited "Fishmas Eve" 13th Annual Fundraiser Truckee Trout Unlimited presents the 13th annual “Fishmas Eve” fundraiser on April 27th at the Blue Coyote Bar & Grill located in Truckee, Ca from 7 to 9pm. There will be lots of great raffle items including guided trips, and more! $30 gets you all the beer and pizza you can handle, plus raffle tickets. This is the premier event for trout bums all over Northern California. All proceeds go straight back to the Truckee River watershed for enhancement projects like our restoration project coming this fall upstream of "Horner's Corner".  Looking forward to seeing all of you Tahoe Trout Bums - Be there!http://www.tahoetroutbum.org/

  • Lake Davis / Frenchman Lake Outings 2018

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Apr 15, 2018 | 15:32 pm

    Lake Davis / Frenchman Lake Outings 2018 For 2018 the Lake Davis / Frenchman Lake Outings have been cancelled due to the fact that my partner Rob Anderson needs to have shoulder surgery in the middle of May. These outings simply do not work unless Rob is there, it takes a team effort, and for those that have participated in the past we apologize for the inconvenience. We know how much you love the outings, and the great social atmosphere they provide.We will be back in 2019, tentatively the dates will be June 7-9, and 14-16. For next year's program we are going to give the outings an upgrade and a new format. We hope you can join us.With that being said, I now have some open dates for regular guide trips, June 16, 17, 22-24 are available at this time. To book your trip please call 530.228.0487, or email me at

  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Update 4/13/2018

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Apr 15, 2018 | 10:43 am

    Truckee River Fly Fishing Update 4/13/2018 Flows on the Truckee River increased from the last soaking of a warm storm over the Northern Sierra, and still remain high. After the atmospheric river plowed through Glenshire reached 4,500 cfs, in Hirschdale the flows were at tad bit over 6,000 cubes, While Farad came in at close to 7,000 cfs. After the deluge a quick moving series of storms left the crest with about 8 inches of new snow, and the Town of Truckee received 2 inches. Flows are still high, but the readings above have been cut in half. Flows out of Lake Tahoe were increased on the 9th, and the outflow is right around 2,000 cfs. I've said this many times before, and I'll say it again. California is the land of extremes, from drought to flooding in under a month.Fishing remains the same, and it can be good if you're experienced with fishing high flows and knowing which type of water will produce. You can check my last blog post HERE for the technical details.For those anglers who would like to learn more on High Water Tactics, I will be giving a presentation to the Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers on the 19th at the Truckee[…]

  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report 4/4/2018

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Apr 4, 2018 | 23:17 pm

    Truckee River Fly Fishing Report 4/4/2018 It’s great to be back working the Truckee River again, and with the high flows and another atmospheric river approaching, it’s amazing how productive the fishing can be there with big water. Currently the flows along Glenshire drive are at 1,940 cubes, Boca Bridge is at 3,420, and near the bottom of the canyon, Farad is running at 3,610 cfs. Water temps on Wednesday started at 45 degrees and reached 48 by the afternoon. Water clarity was not muddy, and actually had some nice color to it with about 2 feet of visibility. With big flows there are certain types of water structure to look for, deeper side slack water that has a seam of faster water on the outside is prime habitat. Water that appears to be soft yet has a churning effect with heavy up lifting hydraulics is not the best, but can also produce results. Slower current speed is the key to everything. My guest had a pretty good day today hooking a dozen and putting six in the net, not bad for a dude that only gets to fish a few times a year due to family and work. We moved around and covered lots of[…]

  • Lower Yuba River Update 4/1/2018

    Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News Apr 2, 2018 | 12:24 pm

    Lower Yuba River Update 4/1/2018 I did a scouting trip today on the Lower Yuba River, and the water is still very high and currently flowing at 4,800 cubes. Water clarity is better than I anticipated with about 2 feet of visibility, but a good color to it. Englebright dam is still spilling at 101% of capacity. At these flows you are very limited as a walk and wade angler. Hammon Grove offers very little, you will have more accessible water on Hammonton road. Above the bridge you are very limited too, especially as the canyon tightens up. I ran into a past guest of mine and he caught and released two small rainbows while indicator fishing today. Until these flows come down, you're better off doing the boat and bobber routine, if that's your thing.I'm switching gears and will be focusing my fishing and guiding on the Truckee River, the Middle Fork Feather River (opens this coming Saturday on the 7th), Lake Davis and Frenchman Lake. I've got some open dates in April and May, but June is all booked up. Weather is cherry, and the wildflowers are going bonkers down here in the foothills. See ya out there!


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