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Owens River and McGee Creek

Wednesday Cindy and I had a lazy morning and finally made up our minds to hit the Owens River.  After obtaining a map and some intel earlier in the week I was actually able to find a spot to hit what I thought was the Owens.  What I found must have been a side channel because there was barely any water flowing in it and only a few dinks rising.  

After moving farther upstream to avoid some other anglers that showed up we found what must have been the main channel because there was a lot more water in it.  Unfortunately we didn't see any fish here either.  High sun and barely a clound in the sky makes for wary fish.  Throwing only dry flies did not help much either.  After an uneventful hour and a half and plenty of lost flies later we bailed.  Maybe next time we will hit the water earlier, or later.  I was not overly impressed with dodging cow pies.

Owens River Casting Practice


I decided to head south to check out McGee Creek.  I ended up driving all the way up past the McGee Creek Pack Station to the trailhead.  McGee Creek runs right along side the parking area and it looked really pretty.  So pretty in fact that I went right back to the truck and grabbed by rod and hit the creek.  Silly me I forgot to grab my pack and my bling with all the tools on it, so when I hooked up with a pretty little brown trout on the third cast I had no hemostats to help remove the hook with.  I had to send Cindy back to the truck for my tools, while I let the fish swim around for a while.  Thanks honey!  She then snapped a quick picture and I released the little guy.

McGee Creek

McGee Creek

I ended up fishing McGee Creek for about 4 hours and in all I landed somewhere around 13 fish, lost a bunch more.  They were a mixture of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout up to about 13-14".  A definite spot to add to the list for the next visit.