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Frank R. Pisciotta is one of California's top, veteran, independent, fly fishing guides. In 2001, the host of a radio sports show inroduced him as the "Dean of Guides in the Truckee area". A native Californian, he has pursued trout within the state for over 40-plus years, from the lakes & streams of urban Marin county to the 10,000 feet plus John Muir Wilderness for the state fish...the golden trout. After graduation from the University of San Francisco, 1968-69 "on-the-ground" service in Vietnam & six months touring Europe as a civilian he had a brief  two year stint in the corporate world. He then became involved in a family craft business on the north slope of San Francisco's Telegraph Hill.  He started fly fishing in the spring of 1970...he has done such, exclusively, since.