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Topic-iconTrip to Burney

5 years 3 months ago #8 by drocksvold
Trip to Burney was created by drocksvold
I had to take a trip up to Burney this last week for work. I figured while I was there I would check out some of the water in the area.
I found that the fire that had burned the area in August had done a number on the upper end of Hat Creek. There was severe burn damage to the area along highway 89 near the town of Hat Creek. We stopped and fished for a little while at the Bridge picnic area without much luck. I headed back north and picked up fuel in Johnson Park.
We then headed to Burney Falls to try and fish Burney Creek. Cindy had come with me on the trip and brought Katy with us as well. When we got out of the truck and started into the park we were greeted by a no dogs on trail sign. Why this sign was not put near the parking area I cannot fathom. Instead they let you walk 20 yards down the trail before seeing the sign. Government!
So we packed the dog and the gear back up and headed down to check out the Pit River in the Pit 3 reach. It had been a long time since I had fished the Pit and I can see that the base flows would make it very difficult to fish and definitely not safe to do alone. I managed a few minutes of nymphing at the Rock Creek access without much luck. It sucks when you get out into the river and realize that all of your split shot is in the truck. DOH!
On our way home we decided to head through Lassen National Park and check out the water there. We bypassed Manzanita Lake in favor of checking out the moving water. What little there was. Hat Creek looked to be the only water that was fishable and it was skinny as well.

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