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Topic-iconWild Steelhead Initiative

5 years 2 weeks ago #13 by drocksvold
Yesterday was the official launch of TU’s new Wild Steelhead Initiative. The launch was orchestrated across five states, with the events in Seattle, Portland, Boise, and Moss Landing here in CA streaming a webcast of our Steelhead Science Director, John McMillan, as the main feature of the event.
All in all, the entire launch was very successful, in no small measure because we had strong attendance from TU members and grassroots leaders. At the Moss Landing event, the Steinbeck Country and Central Sierra TU chapters were well represented. We want to thank everyone who helped make the launch successful, especially by helping to spread the word, and by having committed yourselves in some cases for decades to recovering wild steelhead in your local watersheds (take a bow, TU's South Coast, North Bay, and Redwood Empire chapters).
Please help move the Wild Steelhead Initiative along by visiting the Initiative’s website -- http://www.wildsteelheaders.org/ -- and signing up as a supporter. And please circulate this to your chapter members, fishing partners, and other angling groups in your area. On the website you’ll find a really fine video by TU’s Josh Duplechian, as well as FAQs and other information to help you help Wild Steelheaders United achieve our goal: to harness the passion, experience, and know-how of steelhead anglers up and down the West Coast to restore wild steelhead runs across their native range, and to improve opportunities to fish for the “fish of a thousand casts.”
Please also visit and “Like” our Facebook page: Wild Steelheaders United

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4 years 8 months ago #18 by drocksvold
With a few clicks, you can join fellow Trout Unlimited members and anglers from across the country who want to restore wild steelhead in their native range from Alaska to California.
Join Wild Steelheaders United today!

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