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Sunday, 09 October 2016 16:10

Fly Fish Food

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  • Tubing Midge

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Apr 18, 2017 | 21:10 pm

    Tubing Midge The Easiest Fly in the WorldWhen it comes to fly tying, it's always a bonus to have a few flies in your arsenal that are both super effective, and easy to tie.  The tubing midge is probably the easiest fly in the world to tie, and it looks a bit more realistic than a good old Zebra Midge.  For me, the best part of this fly is that there are tons of different colors so you can get a really good match for your local bugs.  Another cool technique that isn't shown on this video is that you can use different colors of thread and see through colors of tubing to give it a cool effect.   Check out the colors of Micro Tubing here.  You can also use this tubing technique to make several other types of flies like caddis pupae, mayfly nymphs, and chironomids. ~ CheechMaterial ListsBuckskin Add to Cart   View in storeHook: Daiichi 1120 - Heavy Wire Scud Hook - 20     Thread: UTC Ultrathread 70 Denier - Cream     Bead: Plummeting Tungsten Beads - Gold - 1/16" (1.5mm)     Body: Body & Rib Tubing - Buckskin - Micro (small)     Brown Olive Add to Cart   View in storeHook: Daiichi 1120 -[…]

  • Tactical Purple Haze

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Apr 13, 2017 | 21:48 pm

    Tactical Purple Haze Another Phase of Purple HazeThe Purple Haze is no secret anymore, and it's becoming more and more popular in fly boxes across the country.  The Parachute Adams is arguably the most versatile fly on the planet, but in certain situations, a few little highlights of purple make all the difference.  On this fly, I really didn't do anything different other than sparse up the tail, make a more realistic post that looks more like a mayfly wing, and change the color of the hackle ever so slightly. Oh yeah...  I also added a razor sharp Fulling Mill dry fly hook for maximum fish hookiness. The fly really doesn't need a lot of introduction other than explaining those changes.  Just make sure that you watch how I tie off the hackle and whip finish because those are two techniques you can use on any parachute fly.Tips:Hackle: I listed the high and dry hackle on this one, but Whiting (Red Label) and Hebert Miner are great bets too. Rest assured - If we sell it, it's going to be great dry fly hackle.Body: Change it up and tie these in various colors.  Try burnt orange, and brown...Thorax: I use a blend of[…]

  • Early Season Chironomid Fishing Tips

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Apr 11, 2017 | 16:57 pm

    Early Season Chironomid Fishing Tips Big Fish Small BugsColorado Cutthroat on a ChironomidI'm often surprised by the reaction I get from people who haven't either fished chironomids on stillwaters or who didn't realize you can catch big fish on these little-ish bug imitations when they see the efficacy and size-producing results of fishing them.With that said, I typically get right down to business busting out the chironomid boxes as soon as the ice comes off. That usually coincides with the first movement of the chironomid larva (blood worms) from the bottom of the lake as they look to migrate to the surface.In this little clip, I explain a few tactics to handle these early season chironomid situations. Here's a summary of those tips:1. Fish blood worms closer to the bottom to start off: If you don't see any actively hatching chironomids, keep in mind that at the larval stage, the bugs can still be quite active down in the mud and muck. I fish bloodworm patterns deeper to start off.Pupating Chironomid2. Rig Droppers to test depth and pattern types: If you fish just one pattern at a time, you're severely handicapping yourself. Rig a bloodworm as point fly and then you can rig one or[…]

  • Chironomid Clinic

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Apr 4, 2017 | 05:23 am

    Chironomid Clinic Come Hang and Fish!Chironomid RainbowWe're excited to announce an exciting opportunity coming up: We're holding a special Chironomid clinic at Falcon's Ledge in Altamont Utah on April 14th and 15th. This is a must-attend event for a few reasons. First, which may or may not be all that attractive, you'll be listening to Cheech and I spill the beans on chironomid patterns, techniques and gear. Second, you'll have on-the-water fishing time on some of the most productive chironomid waters we know to put into practice what you learn. This time of year offers some of the most consistent fishing and we anticipate great chironomid hatches and lots of great fish!And lastly, you can spend the night in the very awesome Falcon's Ledge Lodge. This clinic is only $250. The normal fishing and lodging rates alone are well worth this much! If you prefer to attend only the morning session, the cost is only $150.Here's the agenda:April 14th6pm: Arrive at Falcon's Ledge.7pm: Fly patterns, gear and technique presentation.9pm: Hang out and/or retire to bedApril 15th:7am: On-the-water presentation and review8am: Fishing time with one-one-one instructor coaching11am: Departure from FalconsIf you're interested, please email me: are limited. If you'd prefer to attend only[…]

  • Double Soft Hackle

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Mar 30, 2017 | 14:55 pm

    Double Soft Hackle Multiple Colors in One FlySoft hackles appeal to me because they are the epitome of not having rules in fly tying.  Almost any feather can be used for a soft hackle, and the color range only depends on how many different colors of dubbing, tinsel and yarn you can find.  Instead of getting into a lot of specific materials, I wanted to focus on techniques for this fly.  I show how to prop up a tail, spin a tightly wound body that shows segmentation, and how to wrap two hackles at the same time.  The beauty of this one is that you can change colors and sizes to somewhat match the bugs in your water.  Let your creative juices flow with this one!Tips - The dubbing I used for this is fox squirrel that I shaved off of a pelt.  The video for the technique is found HERE.  I use plain squirrel from the back half of the animal for the body of this fly.  For the thorax, I use the material that I shaved off of the top part of the pelt (for shorter fibers) mixed with cinnamon ice dub.I used UTC 70 for this fly, but you can also use[…]

  • Dual Threat Sculpin

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Mar 28, 2017 | 16:45 pm

    Dual Threat Sculpin Add Some Meat to Your Dead Drift GameI really like sculpins - We're talking about how much Curtis likes computers, so it's kind of a big deal.  It's true that they are the bottom dwelling slimy creatures that scour the bottoms of most western trout streams, but big trout love to eat them.  I have played with a lot of different sculpin variations through the years, and there are two things that I have decided I like in a sculpin - they need to ride close to the bottom, and they need to have a fat head with a skinny body, tapering of course .  This being said, an inverted hook, and proper material selection are critical to achieve maximum bottom hugging and tapered slithering ability.  My best sculpins have been the El Sculpito and the Belly Scratcher Sculpin because they both have these characteristics of having good taper and riding low in the water column.  I usually fish those flies with a slight cast upstream, dead drift for a little bit, and then start to strip once it's directly across to slightly downstream from me.  Swinging them has been really good as well.  After fishing these for years, I[…]

  • Gray Soft Hackle

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Mar 20, 2017 | 16:28 pm

    Gray Soft Hackle A Mix of Classic and ModernGive respect to the yard birds.  Most fly tyers know that good dry fly hackle is like art to behold, and there is so much time, effort, and history that goes into those hackles that it's kind of mind blowing to think about.  But what about the common hens that seem to be populating back yards across hipster-America? What about the yard birds? Well, Those feathers tie some of the most effective fly patterns out there - soft hackles.  The beauty of a soft hackle style fly is that you can tie them out of so many different types of feathers: chickens, partridge, grouse, starling, pheasant, etc etc...  I have personally been really fond of the 4B hen capes from Whiting Farms, and they have been dominating my soft hackle efforts.This fly is really just a standard soft hackle that I added a bit of modern materials to.  The rib is made of Spanflex and the thorax is made of ice dub, but other than that, it's a pretty standard fly.  This one isn't as sparse as some people tie them (I tie those too), but I wanted to make a hackle with some depth,[…]

  • Little Neon Caddis Nymph

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Mar 16, 2017 | 15:06 pm

    Little Neon Caddis Nymph One of my "go-to" nymphsLittle NeonBack in college, I did a fair amount of guiding on a local tailwater and fished a lot of hatch-matchy type patterns depending on the time of year. There also happened to be a lot of caddis in this river and I found one caddis larva pattern, in particular, seemed to do well all year round. This pattern was originally tied relatively small (#18's and #20's) and on a straight shank nymph hook but I've since started tying them jig style -- especially for Euro style nymphing.Nothing fancy as far as materials go so it's an easy tie and will definitely drum up fish for you.Material List Add to Cart   View in storeHook: Hanak H 450 BL Jig Hook - 12     Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - 70 Denier - Black     Bead: Hareline Slotted Tungsten Beads - Black - 7/64" (2.8mm)     Weight: Lead Free Round Wire - .015     Under-Body: Veevus Holographic Tinsel - Chartreuse - Medium     Over-Body: Half Round D Rib - Chartreuse - Small     Thorax: Hare'e Ice Dub - Black     Soft Hackle: Nature's Spirit Starling Skin     Other tools from the tutorial:Tiemco Razor Scissors - Gold, Half-serrated     Tiemco Tying Brush     C&F Design Hackle[…]

  • Wiggle Whitey - Atriculated Streamer

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Mar 13, 2017 | 22:38 pm

    Wiggle Whitey - Atriculated Streamer Browns Love White MeatWiggle WhiteyI was on a solo mission to one of those spots on the river that exist on every piece of moving water in the country.  It's the hole that you have looked at time and time again but never fish it because of whatever excuse you come up with.  I had driven past this hole for years, and finally decided that it was time for me to figure out why it was taunting me so much.  It was still pretty early and the light was low, but I could still decipher some oblong slithery movement hugging the rocks beneath the main current.  On went the good old stonefly and worm rig with the Euro outfit and it didn't take long before my line was tight - super tight.  I was sure that I had hooked the biggest brown I had ever hooked on that river until I saw it.  Purplish flash on the back.  Odd head wiggles.  Yep.  It was a whitey.  I actually gained a lot of respect for Grandpa Whitey and all of his other family members that decided to fight with me that day, because of all the fish I caught in what[…]

  • Starling and Pheasant Blue Winged Olive Soft Hackle

    Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Mar 10, 2017 | 23:47 pm

    Starling and Pheasant Blue Winged Olive Soft Hackle A Hatch-Matchy SoftieI remember one time fishing on the Firehole river many years ago in Yellowstone National Park. We ran into a phenomenal PMD hatch that saw an old-timer hip-boot wearing guy above us fishing what turned out to be soft hackles. He slayed and we caught only a few fish. I was sold.Since then, I've always made it a point to have soft hackles across most of my pattern types. I've had great days fishing soft hackles with incredible success during hatches with midges, blue winged olives, green drakes, callibaetis and whatever other winged bug you can think of.This pattern is a great emerger or even drowned adult. Sylvester Nemes mentions a pheasant and starling in his famous soft hackle book which got me thinking about this one. Plus, it's hard to beat such a good natural combination as pheasant tail fibers and the very soft and supple feathers from a starling.Although this one represents a Baetis or blue winged olive, you can mix up the colors to match whatever mayfly or bug you'd like. They're easy to tie and fun to fish.Material List Add to Cart   View in storeHook: Fulling Mill 35050 Ultimate Dry Fly Hook, Barbless[…]


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