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11-14-09 Trip Report

Bill Heger and I fished a certain tailwater on Saturday 11-14-09.  I had tried to persuade Bill to head upcountry and hit some waters that are due to close tomorrow, but he talked me into going down the hill.

He stated that flows in a certain tailwater had been consistent all week and that it should be fishing real well.  Something appeared to have happened overnight as the water level had recently receded about 6" in some places.  The fish seemed to be a little put off by the flow change.  We fished from noon until just before dark.  We started out working our way downstream swinging streamers on sink tips.  We both picked up fish with Bill landing a beautiful rainbow that looked to be about 18".

After a few hours of fishing downstream we switched over to floating lines and used nymphs under an indicator to work our way back upstream.  I ended up getting ahead of Bill and fished farther upstream than he thought I had.  I picked up a bunch of small rainbows up to about 8-9".  Bill said that he had gotten into fish in some of the spots that I had   fished through rather quickly and kept wondering when he was going to run into me.  It was only after I came back downstream and started shouting for him that we ended up finding each other.  By that time it was getting close to dark and it was time to head for the truck.

Here are some pictures from the trip: